St. Thomas More School Demolition

By | August 16, 2019

A long-standing catholic community on our area recently started some major reconstruction. The Parish Family of Mary, Mother of the Church began phase 1 of its master plan to update the old Saint Thomas More school building. Now that the lead and asbestos has been removed. plans are to begin demolition on the building mid-November. Construction of the proposed new Parish Hall is currently awaiting approval from the city of La Crosse. Father Konopa says that while the school building has a lot of history. the community is ready to move forward. People have told me, they say ‘Father, we understand. We hate to see the building go, but we know we have to move into the future, and we know we have to have a place where people can gather.’ Fundraising efforts have reached 2-point-25 million of the 3 and a half million dollars needed before the ground-breaking of the new Parish Hall.

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