St Thomas Aquinas – Preparing for Ministry to the Hispanic Community

By | August 17, 2019

learning Spanish takes me back to when I
was in high school where I first started learning Spanish and we had a great
Spanish teacher at my high school at Holy Name seminary and we also had
religious sisters there from Mexico who helped us there and sometimes on Friday
I would attend the mass with them and a priest would be able to offer Mass in
Spanish and they loved that and I could see how much joy and happiness it
brought them and I I remember sitting there thinking I think this is something
that I could learn how to do and when I’m a priest and so I continued in the
seminary and when I was taking classes at Mundelein seminary for major seminary
we had a high concentration on pastoral care and one of the departments and
pastoral cares was the Hispanic ministry and I took a lot of courses in in that
and that really helped prepare me for ministry to Hispanic people we know that
over 50 percent of Catholics in the United States speak Spanish as their
first language and we also know that the church in the United States is an
immigrant church from the very beginning we’ve always reached out and welcome to
immigrants and so I’m really happy and I’m glad that I can be a part of that in
my own ministry but also I’m very happy that our parish can be a place of
welcome for people and people who are new to our community and and people who
speak Spanish we do offer our mass in Spanish every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. and so
I invite you if you know someone who speaks Spanish you can invite them to
attend that mass and this is a great way for us to celebrate the sacraments with
people to make people feel welcome here and to bring Christ to them esperamos
que podemos encontrar ustedes en nuestra iglesia e
que todos pueden encontrar Jesus aqui in santo tomas de aquino if you’d like
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