St. Joseph Catholic Church Annual Fundraiser

By | September 2, 2019

turning Acadiana it is 551 thanks again for joining us here on GMA so we have the st. Jude Catholic Church says Joseph’s I’m sorry st. Joseph’s Catholic Church in more recent you guys in heaven annual fundraiser it’s been going on for about 25 years October 6th is y’all’s first date Thursday correct that’s our annual zydeco dance and this year we’ll have a Chris Hardwick you know one of the better zydeco band area and that’ll be Saturday October 6th at the WWE Hall on West Lafayette Street or highway 92 West and he’ll start playing at 9 o’clock until 1:00 and we’ll have adult beverages beer wine and will also serve po boys okay so so what does all this go to maintenance of our church building committee insurance is the general you know upkeep of our a parish if people want to know or learn more about you know this annual fundraiser and kind of what you guys are doing and we know where things are gonna be when they’re going to be is their website they know we don’t have one unfortunately but our number is in Maurice at the church rectory is eight nine three five four to eight or my number if you need tickets our information is eight nine three one six zero one all right any time do they need to go they need to get tickets before the event to do they can get it at the dance the read the tickets are ten dollars and then after that you know it’s a little extra at the door but there’ll be door prizes also you know we have a rifle and trying to raise a little money and in the on the October 20th will have the thrift store and garage sale and that’s from 6 a.m. to 12 noon that will be held in our church hall and the following day we’ll have our dinner where we will serve either half chicken with three trimmings or we’ll have pork steak and that’ll be on the 21st so you guys got three chances or you can go all three times yeah whatever they want to do definitely to come yeah you can come and stop buying they really to go support you guys you know it’s it’s a great event you have food you have dancing you know camaraderie all that yes exactly thank you guys so much for being here this morning we appreciate it you guys if you missed any of this information we’ll go ahead and post it over on ket c-calm well the time now is 554 we’re gonna head

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