St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church – Lambertville, NJ

By | August 30, 2019

somebody recommended that we come here,
actually my older son’s teacher. Said go to Saint John’s in
Lambertville there’s a catholic church there. So we went there. We came and and from that point on we knew it was
the church for us and for our family. The church is just absolutely beautiful,
the architecture, the whole setting. The ambiance, I love the old cathedral like beauty of the church. The physical structure the building and the way it’s presented and the gardens and how it is positioned in the community makes makes it a really, I think, special place. People always comment on the music. You know they love the music here, that’s a
big aspect of our worship here at St. John. Liturgies are just spectacularly
beautiful there’s been concentration on music and flowers and decorations and I think goes beyond what you see typically in a
town parish it’s more like a cathedral. If you have a wonderful place to worship
and if you have the benefit
of being able to listen to wonderful sermons and see beautiful liturgies and hear fantastic music it deepens your faith. In coming to mass regularly, reinforces those natural human tendencies to do
right from wrong. It is very important for all of us to be nourished. You know, to be nourished by the Word
of God, the Eucharist but also by being together. It’s much easier to live Christian lives with in a community. Being with people who
share the same beliefs, who share the same views and who share the same values that’s what
makes a difference. for us individually as well and that’s what makes our faith more
important to us. You know we are not afraid to live out
our faith and values. Father Robert is a dynamic force he is young, he is smart. He is a really powerful force for attracting people to the church. His homilies are wonderful and you can see
it. There are just there’s more people at Mass. There are young people at Mass. There are kids at Mass. I think it’s going to be wonderful growth path for St. John’s
I hope to see my children married here someday. I really do. I think, like I said, I
think it’s a wonderful church. I hope Father Robert is here to do the ceremony. I think, like I said, I just see the church growing even the last three and a half years that
we’ve been here. Ultimately, I’m hoping that by creating a
special place here, you know, of worship and service that people come closer to God and also will understand the value of Christian faith. You know how important it is for all of us to have the meaning in life to have the
purpose in life that comes ultimately from God.

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