St. Clement Catholic Church

By | October 19, 2019

(Interviewer: You been involved in St. Clement Catholic Church for many, many years since probably the nineteen sixties
through current times. Maybe you could talk about the ethic changes that occurred at St. Clements.) Currently St. Clement is predominantly people from the Philippines originally, many of them grew up here I think. When we first came here I think most people were white…if I remember
correctly. (Interviewer: Portuguese and Italians…I guess that’s white) Yeah, right Portuguese, Italian, Irish, German I
mean all the Europeans…right… There weren’t too many blacks. Now
there’s a lot of Spanish speaking to Mexican Probably South American, I guess. Yeah so it’s changed, all of Hayward has
changed I guess. I remember when I first was here I was on some kind of commission
and the man, one of the men on it was here all his life. And he said Hayward
was just a little town downtown when he’s started out. But then WWII changed it
and it constantly changes. (Interviewer: Can you tell me about your experience at St. Clement’s? You told me that you go to church pretty much every day. Talk a
little bit about like what that’s like. Well, I treasure my faith because it’s
something that keeps me hoping for a good ending for eternity. And so it’s a
good way to wake up in the morning to go and meet my few acquaintances
that also go. And greet each other and lift our hearts to God. And then we can go on with the day with him. And it’s a good, good feeling. (Interviewer: From my perspective it seems like you’re religious and spiritual life has made you a good citizen of Hayward.
You’ve done a lot of great things for Hayward. I think it probably is the
origin of the nuns influence in my early life I guess. My grandmother and my
mother were both religious. My mother was a nurse. My grandmother had five sons and three daughters. They had these five boys and three daughters and they became
various things like nurses, teachers….One was a chief of police of Sacramento at
one point. So they were a good influence. My mom was a very caring nurse. She had a
great reputation in Woodland. She stayed home for a long time until WWII and then she went back to nursing because of the great need.

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