St. Anne Catholic Church Boucheire

By | August 29, 2019

all right thanks Daniel your time right now is 546 and we’re talking to Dina Piera and Gino della Foss and it’s the lagravis re Creole de mallet yes then that’s one on st. Anne’s Catholic Church there Europe on the island 190 right Larry parish right right and we’re west of Opelousas off of 190 and we just want everybody to come out and celebrate with us we have bingo games for children will have the Bango games and food we have a to fate plate lunches we’ll have barbecue of course we’ll have boudin cracklin everything everything a taboo City you know at an original boo city and this is such a nice thing for your parish because this is your you guys go way back to the 1850s yes yes and this is our annual this is a 23rd annual blue city that we’re putting on for you know st. Anne Catholic Church in malat and we just want to invite everybody to come and have fun lots of food and fun and I’m assuming you’re gonna have we’ll have you know you know I brought Gino with me to let you guys know that Gino it’s going to be you know playing from three to six Gino did you did you just come off of a gig from last night I mean this is nothing I try to go to bed time oh yeah almost almost that we didn’t realize that we were off last night but uh as she said we like to invite everybody to come on down to the 23rd annual gonna be shooting my let we’re gonna be playing for three to six there’s gonna be a lot of fun food fun bingo music adult beverages and the best part about it is free to come in Gino della Foster’s performing for you so this is gonna be going on next Saturday night Saturday May 4th and it starts about 10:30 we’ll have a DJ that’s going to be playing music and will you know be setting up but just come and enjoy a great time that’s that Saturday it’s going on from 10:00 to 6:00 it’s over at Saint Anne’s Church west of Opelousas there off the 190 if you want some more information Holy Family st. and org is the website today yes here good to see the both of you and have a great time next weekend and visit us on Facebook all right yeah 5:48 is your time I think we’re going to probably take a break right now is that what we’re going to do we’ll be right back

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