Sri Lanka Safari – Yala National Park – Leopards, Elephants, Bears and More!

By | December 27, 2019

Well it’s an exciting day here today in Sri Lanka We’re heading out on safari at yala national park Looking for some leopards and some elephants part of the fun is looking for leopards. Yeah I don’t see anything I can see it There in the Tree Is he in the tree? It’s behind the tree oh I’m on the wrong tree i’m at the total dead tree just explain to me You keep taking photos but just explain Where in the tree I don’t see it? Things are going good I’m getting some great photographs Here in Yala. we’re here in yala national park and
having a really good day. We’ve already seen seen a giant rock python And now we see a pond heron eating a fish! So it’s pretty cool. the cinnamon wild leopard project is a
project that helps the local farmers keep their cattle safe they have they provide fences and safety
for the cattle so that leopards do not snatch the calves. Now this is really important because in the past farmers would retaliate kill the leopards But as we all know, leopards are endangered so this is a way for them to preserve the Leopards But also appease the farmers. What an amazing safari When you come to Sri Lanka make sure to go to Yala National Park .

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