Southside Community Health Services

By | September 5, 2019

[William H. Tendle Jr.] It is our philosophy
that people have to feel connected with an organization in order there to receive care, one. Number
two is that they have to trust that organization and have what they call cultural
competencies of the organization, like Southside does. So our value is
to respect all our patients and make sure all our patients come in and
feel comfortable. But also on top of that we want to make sure we have staff that feels
comfortable providing care to the people we serve and feels comfortable
in our organization, too. We have varied populations that we serve.
We have a very high Hispanic population, which is probably about 30
percent of our business. And then we have African and
African Americans, which is about 25 percent and then white Americans who
are 25 percent of our business also. Some of our patients need interpreters,
so we do provide interpreter services for our African patients and our
Hispanic patients and we also have bilingual staff who speak Spanish.
The mobile unit is really a unique item that we think is really a positive thing for the
community. And the the best part about it is it allows people to just walk out their door
and go into the unit. They can get their blood pressure taken. They can get their
lipids tested. Their body mass index tested and we can give
them some information on dieting and exercise and how that does. So it’s used
both as an educational unit and a preventative care unit. [Clarence Jones] It is our desire that
people within these communities have access to medical services and we
want to try to make that as easy as possible. And when they know that their community clinic, their community
health organization is working to reach out to them, it makes our
job so much easier. It helps us to create access
for people to get their medical coverage. And that’s what we’ve used. We’ve used
the idea that we want to come to them, we’re going to provide them with quality services,
we’re going to provide them with quality care, and we’re going to let them know that there
are people within their community that really care about them. And so we want to
get them connected to their own organization within
their communities. [William H. Tendle Jr.] The best thing about Minnesota
Health Care Programs is it allows us to sign people up for Medical Assistance. And that’s a really strong thing that
a lot of people don’t know that they can sign up for for Medical Assistance
or that it’s available or some of the prepaid Medical
Assistance programs. So we try to really enlighten people on how to use that
and how to sign up for it and and how they can get health care almost anywhere
that it’s offered in the Twin Cities area. We feel very proud that we can impact
somebody’s life in a positive way. And one of things about health care and
anybody that works in health care is the fact that if you can help somebody change their health
care, that is really an important thing to do.

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