Social and Community Services Bachelor of Community Development Degree

By | September 14, 2019

(inspiring music) – The School of Social
and Community Services has over 40 years of
delivering programming in human services and social services. The Community Development
degree fits perfectly in the pathways that we’re
trying to build for students. – Students who are interested
in being social change agents, who enjoy working with other
people, who are interested in creating projects and
programs that will really make a difference would be
attracted to the program. – We have close to a
thousand community partners that work with us. The relationship with
the industry partners, firstly, it ensure that the
content that they’re learning is aligned with the industry
standards, but it’s also about bringing that learning
to life, so hands-on experiences, the work-integrated learning, that’s all directed by our partnerships with the community. – LAMP has had a long
connection with Humber through the use of students,
a lot of student placements, and of course they were
developing this program, and because of the work we
do in community development, it seemed a natural that
I would be involved. – Students will have a lot of connections with social service agencies,
government organizations, there will be service learning
and volunteer opportunities for students. We will have industry
partners coming in doing guest speakers, we’ll be doing site visits. – We also have a simulation
lab that’s great for creating opportunities for students
to be able to address issues like conflict, a crime scene
lab that can be reoriented for people to understand how
to work in different contexts. We would also involve
students in interprofessional learning, having different
industries work with each other to solve a problem. – I would say that a career
in community development is extremely rewarding. What you put in is what you kinda get out. I think if there’s credit to be given, it’s to Humber College
for recognizing the need and the value of this
program and pursuing it.

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