Should Malta Be Catholic?

By | October 20, 2019

Should Malta be Catholic? On our first night in Gozo
we went out for a pizza. And an old man was feeling chatty
at the table next to us. As per usual, we asked him if you were in charge of
our series what would you say about your island. And then after he learned that we’d been to Somalia,
he said “Okay, well, I have an idea. Why don’t you tell a story about how they
get their countries, but we don’t get ours.” And to be perfectly clear, he wasn’t talking
about race, he was talking about religion. When he was saying ‘they’ he meant Muslim,
and when he was saying ‘we’ he meant Catholic. Which I found kind of interesting. Because I’m neither Muslim nor Catholic. And I don’t really think he was talking
about religion anyway. I think what he was truly asking cuts to the core
of one of the biggest issues of the modern world. What are we doing this for? What’s the point? If we’re going to fight, who are we fighting? There is only one place on Earth that’s more
Catholic than Malta, and it’s the Vatican. These are biblical islands, and they were
first converted in 60 A.D. when Saint Paul himself was washed ashore. The constitution deems Catholicism as the
state religion, and if you walk the streets that’s no surprise. You can read it in the walls. It’s effectively been that way
for a thousand years running. On top of that, arguably the most famous thing that
ever happened here was the Great Siege of 1565, when the Crusading Knights Hospitaller held off
a Muslim invasion multiple times their size, in many ways saving Europe
from further Islamification. The church even has a feast every year
to celebrate their victory. If there’s any country that should belong
to the Catholics, it’s this one. But, that said, to claim that Catholicism is the backbone
of Maltese culture would be a vast overstatement. All cultures are amalgams, and the Maltese culture
is heavily based on a Muslim, Arab way of life. It’s rarely mentioned, but their language,
their names, the way they farm, it all stems from their time as an Arab colony. Some of their traditions even
predate Christianity completely. Times may have changed, but the people
still carry the torch. Back in Ethiopia, a man at the bar
asked Eric and I our religion. When we told him we had none,
he genuinely couldn’t believe it. He asked “how will you be buried with respect”? And when we told him that in our country respect to us
was allowing the individual to decide their own choices, he was incredulous. Us being buried differently than each other
was making him question why he wanted to be buried the Ethiopian way. And it pissed him off to think about it. And in turn, he angrily
stopped talking to us. If everyone buries their dead the same way, you can be
certain that you’re doing it the right way, too. The moment somebody changes that,
it causes ripples. Ripples that few people want. Nobody likes being pressed on their purpose. Cognitive dissonance forces us to rethink,
and rethinking can ruin everything. It isn’t just about belief in God, it’s whatever
helps you get up in the morning. Whatever allows you to trust your neighbour. Whatever group it is you think
you belong to. You need that purpose. It’s become popular today on both sides
of the fence to pretend that Western society, and the systems that go with it,
have had no purpose. But that’s not true. It’s that it threatens theirs. To those who subgroup by skin colour,
other races will always be a threat. To those who subgroup by nation,
foreigners will always be a threat. To those who subgroup by ideology,
free thought is a threat. The ability to question that is the very
essence of liberalism. Because regardless of ideology,
they often all come out in the same way. A strong leader meant to unify
the rest of us through strength. An iron fist that can make us all agree. Good Christians or good Communists or good Somali
or whatever other subgroup they feel they belong to. They believe it will make them happy. That it will keep them from fear. But I don’t really think that’s true. Personally, I don’t think Somalia’s
government should be Muslim. Obviously, I understand why it is,
and why it will remain that way. And not to say it is even remotely
the entire problem, of course, but I believe that their demand for religious governance has held
them back from creating an enviable society. They’re hanging on to an old ideology, and in turn having trouble meeting
the realities of our modern world. And despite its obvious and present failures,
liberalism has been one of the greatest gifts man has ever given itself. The enlightenment gave us incredible purpose. Egalitarianism. The education of all people. The betterment of our species. It’s not just about hard science. It’s about understanding each other. Psychology, sociology, anthropology. These are the results of liberalism. Finding the truth even when it harms our ideology. Confronting history. Not as a means of hyperbolizing one subgroup,
but to see the world as a whole. To learn from the dissonance that comes
from having to question our beliefs. And while liberalism certainly comes with
its own crosses to bear, it is working. It has worked. The world, by and large, has been getting
consistently better for hundreds of years. Not for each person,
not in every instance, but as a whole. People living in extreme poverty has dropped
from ninety percent to ten in two hundred years. Half the world now lives in democracies. Imperfect democracies, granted,
but democracies still. Since the dawn of written history humans
have never been more free. Our species is the most educated
we have ever been, in all history. Medicine, science, secularization. These are the fruits of the enlightenment. And I’m not sure that I’m willing to trade those
to hand our purpose back over to religious rule. Regardless of which one you choose. I have my own personal beliefs, but I don’t think
I’m some holy warrior fighting against anyone, because I don’t want them
to think that about me. When I was in Somaliland,
most people were wonderful. They’d been abroad and they understood themselves
as part of the international community. They didn’t want to be my enemy. But for those that did,
they always cited religion. People in the streets
followed me chanting Jew. I’m not Jewish, by the way,
but that didn’t stop them. When they did come at me physically, they always
made it clear they were doing so because of Islam. Because I wasn’t like them. Because I didn’t believe. I made them challenge their worldview,
just by existing in their space. And some people simply can’t handle that. And I for one don’t believe that that’s
something we should be emulating. I don’t think it’s something
that will benefit Malta. Nations that have taken to liberalism have
on average done better than those that haven’t. Nations that have secularized have on average
done better than those that haven’t. Democracies have done better. Nations that have brought in immigrants
have done better than those that haven’t. These are the facts. There’s a reason why we do these things. They are ultimately egalitarian. They align with our purpose. And there’s a reason why nations like
Somalia push back. But I didn’t need to make this video. Prosperity is its own driver. And as religious as it is,
Malta is not a monolith. We’re no longer unified by the crusades. And over the past twenty years,
church visitations have cut in half. Divorce has been made legal. Homosexuality is no longer a crime. Wealth is increasing all around the islands,
and the new generation are sporting a much more international identity. This is now the among the most densely
populated and urbanized nations on Earth. A city state. And entirely urban nation. And as the world comes to their doorstep,
the people of this island are adapting. Not everyone is happy about it, but the
majority are speaking clearly. They’re taking to the ideology of liberalism. They’re taking to political freedom. To international prosperity. To modern medicine and industry. To equality before the law. They certainly still see themselves as Catholic,
but what that means has started to change. It’s no longer the purpose. Now it’s just a purpose. So should Malta be Catholic? It isn’t really my place to say. But to answer that man’s question on why
they get their countries and we don’t get ours, it’s because we’re leading the way. This is the road that made us into the most prosperous, the most educated and the most free nations of all time. If people truly believe,
they’d carry the torch. This is Rare Earth. And those are some very loud buses. What you’re going to do.

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  1. Bokeh Cat Post author

    Is it a belief in liberalism or is it a belief in science.?

  2. Justin Solly Post author

    I love how liberal property rights start the day after the Europeans drove the indigenous people off their land

  3. der typi1 Post author

    That video was weirdly political 🤔
    Please youtube don't destroy the channel

  4. DerOldHerr Post author

    At 7:07 Nations who have brought in immigrants… You are only partly correct here. You are correct when the immigrants are not Muslims. Where ever you import lots of muslims, you import only lots of problems. There is a reason why all muslim countries are shitholes and they wanted to kill you in somaliland.

  5. Justin Solly Post author

    The Ottomans legalized homosexuality in the 1850's, Somaliland was conquered by the classical liberal British Empire and had buggery laws instated.

  6. My name is Tim, I'm a lesser known character Post author

    "Nations that have brought in immigrants do better…" I don't see historical evidence of this. In fact, wherever I see immigration above a certain threshold, I see conflict.

  7. Diego Montoya Post author

    While burial is important, I would never argue on the semantics of my own burial at a bar. The eternal question is of course, where is your soul going to end up after one is buried. And that friends, is a very important question for any person to ponder at length.

  8. Lester Bilyou Post author

    Must be nice to live in your dream world. I see things getting far worse all over the world, mostly because of the Utopian lunacy of liberalism.

  9. Christian O. Holz Post author

    Great nuanced analysis though silly hyperbole such as the "most prosperous nation on earth" really does not fit here. There's also a significant increase in wealth inequality and such things a lack of access to affordable health care in the US and other nations. These aspects should not be so easily dismissed.

  10. gsurfer04 Post author

    At its core, Christianity is rather "live and let live". Our one commandment on our interactions with other people is simply to "love your neighbour as you love yourself".

    It's sad how something so simple got so corrupted and manipulated over the centuries.

  11. KingBot Post author

    "how will you be burried with respect?"
    Do you think i care when im dead and am no longer capable of caring?

  12. Roger Dodger Post author

    I agree with the benefits of liberalism but as with all isms there is a sting in its tail. Liberalism up to about 50 years ago was implicitly based on a Jude- christian ethic which gave a sort of purpose and it also coexisted within and tempered the prevailing Christian culture. Now it’s success has created societies without that religious ballast and we are left with a purpose based on consumerism/careerism that means the societies can’t even reproduce themselves demographically and are prey to unstable shifting of values resulting in increasing drug addiction, narcissism and depression. I think Nietzsche said it over 100 years ago when he discussed the consequences of killing god. But still better than the hyper religious alternative not that societies seem to have a lot of choice as to how things develop.

  13. Erik Post author

    If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.

    – Noam Chomsky

  14. Diego Orozco Post author

    I think you’re giving too much importance to the idea of egalitarianism being at the center of liberalism, freedom comes at the price of equality, not everyone will end up at the same place with the freedom to choose what they do with their life. Also you seem to forget that Catholicism and Christianity as a whole made the enlightenment possible, the idea that man is a sovereign individual didn’t stem from this romanticized enlightenment you and many others speak of. The values of Christianity that are so often made a caricature of, are the foundations of the western world, and if you think secularism is the answer to the worlds problems you can see right now how the west may be improving economically but losing a sense of purpose and reverting to the tribalism you and many fear. A purpose, the purpose of Christianity, the one that it promises is the scaffold to the ideas of social justice, egalitarianism, individuality but more importantly life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Dismissing the faith that constructed the modern world seems ungrateful and short-sighted. We abandon God at our own peril, but let me tell you that’s a hole we have been trying to dig ourselves out of for the last few centuries.

  15. Apple Islander Post author

    "How will you be buried with respect?"
    Well I want to be buried in a vertical silo so that 1. it takes up less space or whatever and 2. when the Rapture (that I don't believe in) comes I'll shoot up outta my grave like a Minuteman missile

  16. Rare Earth Post author

    Hate Liberalism? Leave a dollar. Love Liberalism? Leave two:

  17. Dare Daemon Post author

    Normally I really like your videos, but this is just propaganda for one political ideology claiming the successes of unrelated things and dismissing all other ideologies while glossing over all the harms done by liberalism.

    I'm disappointed, I thought you knew better than to lower yourself to the level of ideologues.

  18. Icameto plunder Post author

    I, as a Catholic can tell you, no one should be a Catholic, even catholic philosophers prefer not religious but spiritual people free from an ideology

  19. MpowerdAPE Post author

    I want to be dissolved in a vat of acidic food coloring……..

  20. Gerdie Albers Post author

    I thought it was Roman Catholic already…?? We shouldn't fight about religions at all…..we know now that the Jesuit led Vatican church wants us devided……don't fall in that threat…..!! The NWO want us to fight each other…..!!

  21. Roman Bukins Post author

    Whilst freedom should be a cornerstone of modern society, it also important to remind the people of their heritage. As a country without tradition is but a place of residence.

  22. Conner Warren Post author

    Have you read the Open Letter to Open Minded Progressives?

  23. Louis Post author

    In the context of freedom of religon I think everyone agrees save for those that are uber religous. If you exrepolate it to lberalisim as it is practiced today I think you find disagreements. Although principally correct.

  24. Gerdie Albers Post author

    The Catholic ideology is older than the Muslim ideology……!! Wish we would throw the papacy out of the Vatican…and Malta……and open their libraries……to find our real history…that has been hidden from us for ages……MALTA COULD BE IN POSSESSION OF THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA…..I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE ACCES TO IT…..!!ALL EUROPE ROYALS ARE MEMBERS OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA….WHICH CHANGED IT'S CATHOLIC LKAWS TO ADMIT PROTESTANT ROYALS……!! Swearing to be true to Malta and thus the Pope and Jesuits makes our Royals traitors of their own people…!!
    And if stays that way….we…the ooeople should consider to disband the European Royalty….who are Nazi globalists from the beginning…!!

  25. CybershamanX Post author

    (0:00) Has Evan found an area of the planet where gravity is being tilted somehow? Perhaps Malta is actually a giant alien spaceship and its gravity drive has shifted over the eons and is now in danger of toppling everything into the sea? I'm not sure we'll ever find out… I, for one, welcome our new Maltese alien overlords. heheheh 😉
    EDIT: Seriously though, I wonder if there was "heated discussion" about whether to shoot that scene "straight" or level out the camera to be perpendicular to gravity. Evan? What say you? 😉

  26. Stu Saville Post author

    I'm curious about the statue at 7:03
    Is that a First World War Australian soldier?

  27. Mateo Valenzuela Rodriguez Post author

    "nations that have taken to liberalism have on average done better than those that haven't" China has changed that paradigm and now many countries around the world believe it's possible to remain an autocracy be it religious or not and develop as a wealthy nation, also I would argue that immigrants are not necessary for economic development, case in point, China.

  28. Ghoulz Post author

    (I welcome everyone to a civil debate on the subject matter!)

    I guess the question is, does a strong sense of ethnic or religious identity inherently conflict with egalitarianism? I feel, this would be insinuating that liberalism is inherently egalitarian, which I personally disagree with. I feel radical liberalism is just as dangerous as radical conservatism. Where there are places of both strong religious and cultural identity and places with a the lack there of, radical liberalism would, just as conservatism, enforce a set perspective of how one must view the world. Communism for example is something I heavily affiliate with liberalism, a lack of cultural identity enforced by progressive ideological idealism, and with much of my extended family being slaughtered in the Cambodian killing fields, I can confidentially say there's nothing inherently good about liberalism, just as there's nothing inherently good about conservatism. Just two different perspectives, based on culturally reinforced ideological preferences.

  29. Thiago Assunção Post author

    No one is going to read this but here it goes: the speech was almost perfect. However, he made it sounds like the central value of Liberalism is equality instead of liberty (it is in the name…). Egalitarianism may have emerged about the same time as Liberalism, but those are two different doctrines: each founded on a central value, respectively equality and liberty. This confusion is understandable though. In North America's political vocabulary the word "liberal" had its meaning changed and became a synonym of leftist. Furthermore egalitarianism is traditionally spoused by leftists worldwide. Which explains why he associated equality with Liberalism — it is correct only if we take the North American's corrupted meaning of Liberalism. It was a beautiful speech though; technically imprecise on this specific point. Still beautiful nevertheless.

    It may look silly to quarrel over this distinction, but it is more important than it appears. Liberalism was born as a doctrine that defines the legitime limits for usage of the irresistible power of the State beyond which the Government would be abusing its prerogatives. We are talking here about LIBERTY FROM COERCION OF THE STATE (which is the only politically relevant acception of this term for this discussion). Now notice that some leftists would be quite pissed off if I said that the central value of Egalitarianism was liberty from coercion of the State. Why would they be pissed off? Because most egalitarian public policies require a certain dose of coercion in order to be effective. Lets take any kind of "affirmative action", for instance: which is using the power of the state to coerce people into a egalitarian arrangement. "Affirmative action", requiring coercion to be effective, is a flagrant infringement to liberty from coercion. Most people probably think it is a good thing to do, however, this entails that in order to do good, most people would accept restrictions to liberty. Which is another discussion altogether: should liberty always be unbounded? How would we select adequate criteria to restrict liberty? And how to evaluate when these restrictions become abusive? To restrict liberty is a very dangerous business, and we shouldn't accept it lightly — even if it is to promote good, we should thread cautiously whenever talking about restrictions to liberty.

    Anyways, Liberty (from coercion of the State) and Equality (imposed through coercion by the State) are two VERY different values. Thus Liberalism and Egalitarianism often find themselves in odds with each other. Therefore they shouldn't be confused with each other. This is imprecise political language: it creates confusion. And politics is already confuse enough by itself.

  30. Detham Post author

    Most Americans have no idea what liberalism is. Traditional liberalism is actually closer to modern day conservatism than anything else. Neoliberalism is where the problems begin.

  31. HebaruSan Post author

    When our Maltese tour guide mentioned that there were some Muslims on Malta now, he sounded weirdly apologetic, like the island had wavered in its grand historical mission

  32. Mister Itchy Post author

    This one is quite moving! I think it is one of my favorites so far.

  33. Korakys Post author

    You ask one of the most important questions: "what are we doing this for; what's the point?"
    But then I think you fail to adequately address it. The very essence of liberalism is that it has no point or goal, it is about letting people make their own choices. For the most part this has been pretty good but now I feel we (in the west) have developed such an atomisation of society that it is now more harmful than good.
    Developed societies desperately need a unifying purpose and if a good one is not put forward then bad ones will fill the vacuum, this is process that is already starting.

  34. N B Post author

    Bringing in immigrants has historically "done a country good" as a source of cheap and exploitable labor. This catapults the economy into prosperity…for the already prosperous. Only once the descendants of immigrants fight back do they share in it

  35. Chris Cortes Post author

    I've often wondered what GOD commanded us to kill each other for the simple reason of a differing viewpoint.
    I still don't know the answer.. but I have a feeling "he's" no god at all.. perhaps more likely… well I'm sure you know.

    Oops.. BTW.. another wonderful VDO… Khob Khun Krup !

  36. Señor Sirowatko Post author

    I get a lot of your points. And agree with some. If America were a Puritan Protestant Theocracy, I’d be taking my Russian lessons a LOT more seriously, if I weren’t sleeping on the street, if I existed, as if my ancestors would have converged here. Enforcing sameness with violence and the like is way too far.

    However, there’s some problems with, for example, the idea of “Nations that take immigrants do better.” In GDP, yes that’s more customers, more hospital visits, more marriages, funerals, divorces, more people paying the expenses of life in your borders. I would argue that a values-sharing high-trust society with less money and state services will produce happier people, if you can manage making one without being a genocidal architect of misery. In addition, if quality of life is high in your country already, and your state apparatus dishes out the welfare, then it will attract immigrants 100% of the time. Most countries don’t get offers for tons of immigrants, because they are where the immigrants come from, and without a source how will we know if this is accounted for? Particularly, the boldest and smartest come, whom it is irresponsible in some ways to pluck from their homelands unless they are forced out by persecution themselves.

    Also, and I should preface that this isn’t an attack or an angry gotcha, but you say you don’t believe in anything, but here you are proselytizing, even with slogan phrases like this that can be easily demonstrated uncertain. You have ideas that you won’t force on anyone BUT wish everyone else just had too. You have things you revere so deeply that their glory would bring you to tears. You are a human being. We’re like that. This again isn’t an attack. I am the same. Just a point I think is worth considering.

  37. Stephen Morrissey Post author

    I would be terrified being followed through the streets because the people around me thought I was a danger to their belief.

    This is just me.

  38. chickensguys Post author

    The enlightenment pretty much said, you know these important questions, we are not going to ask them anymore.

  39. Brick Immortar Post author

    You and your channel have been SUCH an inspiration man… an inspiration in general and yes, especially an inspiration for our channel as well. Thanks for what you do!

  40. Bob Robert Post author

    its because there religion is still much alive because the lack of education, they come to canada to flee wars we welcome them with open arms but they dont want to live like us we are making condos from christian church, we where getting out of it… 🙁 (i live in quebec)

  41. Beskamir Post author

    I think there is a more fundamental issue here. Liberalism probably is not as good as this video makes it out to be and many of the benefits it offers could also have probably existed under Christianity. I mean 1st Corinthians 9 basically states that we are free to do as we please but that not everything is beneficial to us so with that in mind we should be okay with most (if not all) of the things associated with liberalism so long as we recognize that some of those might not be beneficial.

    But the main thing I want to get at is the idea that we should always be ready to betray our beliefs. Ready to turn on them should we find something better and to constantly call them into question. Not only does it demonstrate you're comfortably in your beliefs but it also helps protect you from acting irrationally because the belief you've bought into dictates it. It's what lets you judge traditions, religions, cultures, etc on their own merits rather than cause that was the way things always were or cause you were raised a certain way.

    Unfortunately, it's incredibly difficult to actually be rational in making decisions and later rationally calling them into question. Self-justification theory states that once we make a choice we will justify it until it seems like the only valid choice even if initially we weren't completely sold on it. This makes betraying ideals really difficult since you've likely spent a lot of time justifying the accepted belief and discrediting all opposing views.

  42. 1SDAN Post author

    Throw me outside the city walls and let the wolves eat my corpse. Should you wish get me a lavish funeral or burial or cremation, please wait until after I die. Ask me then, and if I don't care enough to answer, then I don't care enough to be buried. If by chance I do respond, then do as you wish.

  43. Jon Coda Post author

    I had a similar experience in Iraq. I was at the Basra city hall and a Iraq official asked me my religion. I told him that I didn’t have a religion. He was shocked, and said this is impossible, since I’m an American I must be Christian, right? I told him I was an atheist. He didn’t understand what I even meant when said I don’t believe in god. He started to get somewhat upset, so I changed the subject. Never told an Iraqi that I didn’t have a religion again.

  44. Dead Set Post author

    😬 O.M.G.!? Wonderful and well presented. I was born C.O.E. , the head of my religion is the longest serving monarch on earth. I have never been to church and there were no bible in my family homes. I now live in a very remote and harsh environment that I would describe as no place for the faithless. Across the board Christian faiths are very well established here, even The Salvation Army is well attended and not only as a thriftstore or soup kitchen. The hotel bars commonly have a footnote beneath the rules in large print, "Annoying behaviour will not be tolerated". The universal law?

  45. Michael Post author

    Love your videos man but this defense of Liberalism is weak as fuck. Nations with Liberalism didn't get so advance just because Liberalism is so great, they got there by pillaging any nation they can. All these Liberal nations are just the imperialist of the modern world.

  46. Zane Haythorn Post author

    I will not say i hate liberalism, however, i do find it odd that you seem to contrast liberalism with ideology. Liberalism is an ideology in itself, and I fail to see how the assertion that liberalism is inherently non-ideological is fundamentally different than any other ideology upholding its own "inherent truth". To say that liberalism transcends ideology is to say that liberalism is a superior ideology in practice, at least in my opinion. (I should stress however, this is not a dig on liberalism, i generally agree with the tenets of liberalism as an ideology, however i do think framing it as non-ideological is disingenuous)

  47. Xlaxsauce Post author

    It is shitty to lose that which unites "your" people and I mean those who've lived around you for generations. While different groups do interact it takes a bit for that to happen and the best way is kids of different backgrounds becoming friends or adults, but I think its far easier and effective for kids. If [your group] is spread far and thin with no real way of getting together to find a purpose it makes it harder to move forward. These people would need to figure out how to connect. Religion was the way people connected. Everyone you went to school with went to your church, parents of kids went to school together, grandparents… With government focus set on high immigration numbers instead of getting people to have kids… Even if there are only a few generations of Americans and Canadians in those countries it was long enough for them to create a unique culture to think themselves

  48. Cletus Abbot III Post author

    Damn didn’t know Malta was the NAMBLA capital of the world

  49. jnzkngs Post author

    Even though I'm a nonbeliever, more and more often I have looked at people and thought to myself that it would be really handy if they believed in a 2000 year old virgin born karma zombie who lives in his dad's invisible Kingdom in the sky who watches their every move and decides whether or not they're able to go to a paradise after they die or whether they go to eternal burning and horrible pain.

  50. Christos Rex Post author

    "Nations that let in migrants do better than those that don't". Citation needed because when Rome let in a bunch of Goths after a time those Goths destroyed it.

  51. Джои, это я Post author

    Another great video – thank you for all of your thoughtful creative work! I would have thought to point out Mark 12:17 to the man's question, and let him think on it.

  52. This is not a Name Post author

    Alternative title: enlightened centrism
    Edit: not that I don't find your thoughts on religion and group divides interesting, but jumping from there to saying "Liberalism is amazing and the only political system that works"… dude, seriously?

  53. Pooper McScooper Post author

    However those muslims coming to europe dont share the ideology of liberalism. Some come to europe specifically to convert, conquer and destroy the ideology of liberalism that is a threat to their worldview

  54. Zach Davidson Post author

    Liberalism is an ideology that must be upheld by violence. By pretending to be above those who “subgroup by ideology” you are subgrouping by ideology. Liberals are and always have been naive and pretentious and that’s why the ideology is dying in the west.

  55. E. jenima Post author

    Personally I have to both agree and disagree on this one with you. not all countries and societies benefit from so called Liberalism. But many do respond well to small but gradual Reforms to both benefit and help the so called old order weather it be political or religious and at the same time meet needed changes to the people as a whole.This bull in a china shop type of liberalism though this overzealous type of liberalism that we see now though is not appealing and is dangerous to both the west and the world in my opinion and I am sure that those who were in the original enlightenment movement of the 1600's would agree .Personally I see nothing wrong with malta despite you seem to be criticizing it for not being egalitarian enoff it looks as if it is doing fine. Thanks for the vid.

  56. matt klein Post author

    good show bud
    I support you on patreon I want more shows
    Fast , give me more NOW
    I order you .Love your approach
    where next? do it

  57. Daniel Post author

    Now i wish to know the reaction of the dude in the pizzeria to your response video 😀
    maybe that'll give us another one?

  58. qwertystrudel Post author

    I’ve enjoyed your videos in the past but this one really misses the mark for me. You spent so much time/energy trying to say something grand but almost all of it lacks sufficient context and fails to be helpful. Uncritically praising western liberalism without a single mention of how we’re currently sending the planet to its doom? Chiding others for not embracing this while we rob and murder them? C’mon, man. This is disappointing and frustrating

  59. misomalu Post author

    In the heart of holy see

    In the home of Christianity

    The seat of power is in danger

  60. Les H Mahagow Post author

    Good Lord … and you wonder why we use to burn heretics. Annoying both Ethiopians and the Maltese in the same video.

    Also Liberalism is the political expression of Brytonic (British) Christian Culture. Not
    some strange Italian fashion from the 16th century.

  61. L Post author

    Well you say that, but then look at the number of homeless people we have, it seems a very middle class view on the state of liberal countries.

  62. verdatum Post author

    I prefer to think of everyone as my neighbor. Hello neighbors! 🙂

  63. M. Nyima-Taylor Post author

    Here you speak my heart, friend.
    I really feel that this may have been one of your best yet. Very sharply articulated. Keen and well thought out. Cutting fearlessly to the underlying truths beneath all the tangled politics and culture.
    Well done guys, you rock.

  64. dougpbcc Post author

    Evan engaging the trolls in the comments gives me life.
    Keep fighting the stupid good sir

  65. Hammett175 Post author

    Of course Malta should be Catholic. The Catholic Faith is the true religion, founded by God for the salvation of souls. "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them." Remember that? It's called the "Great Commission" and it was given by Jesus Christ to His one Church, the Catholic Church. This means that not only Malta should be Catholic, but the entire world. Religious freedom is a Satanic lie. We are already living in a Theocracy, you just don't acknowledge it. Islam is of the Devil, as are all the pagan religions, many of which you unknowingly promote on your arrogantly ignorant channel, thinking you are being "culturally tolerant." If you die outside the Catholic Faith, you will go to hell, period. You think this is funny, you think I'm a troll, you think this is a joke. You will soon wish to God that the West had held to the Christian Faith. You have no idea the hell on Earth that awaits us for our transgressions. Your ignorance on these points is near total. For all your pursuit of "cultural knowledge" you manage to profoundly miss the point of our limited temporal existence: to know God, to love God, to serve God in this life and be happy with Him in the next. There is only one way to do that: in and through the Catholic Faith. You tear down fences when you have no idea why they were there to begin with.

  66. Sean O'Farrell Post author

    You say that nations which have secularised have done better than those that have not, and this is true.

    But this is talking about religion, and religions based in secularised countries have performed worse than those of more strongly religious nations. Religious affiliation is declining rapidly throughout the secular world, and actual religious practice even faster.

    State religions do not serve the state, they serve the religion. And for someone who identifies more strongly with religion than nationality, it cannot be denied that Christianity is losing.

  67. Hammett175 Post author

    The only purpose for the existence of Western Civilization was and is the propagation of the Catholic Faith. You will soon find, amidst your self-righteous sneering, that as the Catholic Faith goes, so goes the "West" and the world. You are an especially annoying example of modern stupidity on this point because of your self-righteous arrogance built on a profound spiritual and historical ignorance of the forces that operate in this sphere. The highest achievement of the West was the Latin Mass. I highly recommend you experience this jewel of our civilization before you continue to spew your ignorance about the Catholic religion and everything else. We are absolutely doomed without it, and you aid and abet this foolishness with your silly vlogs. You are like so many rats chewing at the center supporting pillar of a tent having no idea that when you've finally chewed through it, your ill-conceived project will cause the entire tent to collapse on all who ungratefully took shelter underneath it. Everything you are and everything you have is owing to Jesus Christ and His one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. As G.K. Chesterton once said (look him up babe), "We are all living on Catholic capital." Well, that capital's just about spent.

  68. I am Bloor, dictator of Uranus Post author

    I don`t care about your religion, political association or skin color BUT you should always drive on the RIGHT side of the road!

  69. boogiman007 Post author

    Smartest content in YouTube. You my good sir, earned my Patreon.

  70. Ezra Borg Post author

    I couln't agree more with you (I'm Maltese too). The elderly ladies and gentlemen are a little too nostalgic in that manner; it's because they have experienced one of the true periods of isolation in Maltese history after our long journey towards independence.

  71. A Wingless Monkey Post author

    Tooting the liberalism horn a tad too hard, there. Privatization of necessities and corporations murdering for conflict minerals (and even water) would like to say "hello".

    Consider a farmer in the south of west Africa 200 years ago: no wages, no currency, no official land ownership, but they could feed themselves a hell of a lot more independently than many of their descendants can, now that they've been "liberalized". And yet, the metrics we get fed would call them "less poor" than before, because now they're paid. The same could be said of the European commoners as their commons were enclosed, and they were forced into wage-slavery in fetid cities by the aristocracy.

    This narrative of "decreasing poverty" has been constructed by those who benefit from it. Liberalism has, since its birth, been trading caste inequalities for economic ones, trading "divine right" for "money" and "property rights". Aristocrats became plutocrats, and at no point were the hierarchies of class sincerely addressed.

    Liberalism has no more ownership over "equality" than religion has over "community".

    – Sincerely, a libertarian socialist.

  72. Paul C Post author

    There is something like freedom of religion in Malta. Therefore your question has no meaning.

  73. Konrad of Kraków Post author

    Oh man, with this video you managed to piss of many hard-line Catholics and Muslims at the same time. As a Canadian living in Poland this is a debate I had over and over, without any result. Hence kudos, my outmost respect to you!

  74. zombifiedgrass Post author

    what do you mean by "better"? should we judge our ideology, secularism, democracy and libertarianism (etc) by way of metrics; yes u point out that we have flaws but better? I'd argue that we're different, but does u consider us(humans) better than an ant colony because our structures are bigger, whilst we destroy our own habit in the process?…

  75. Carlos Rafael Post author

    report that only based on your only principle and believe is not a journalism, but a political campaign


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