Should Catholics Attend the New Mass? – Part II of II – Episode 15 SSPX FAQ Videos

By | August 21, 2019

As we examined in our previous video, “What
is the Novus Ordo Missae?” The New Mass was created after Vatican II, under the influence
of Fr. Annibale Bugnini and Pope Paul VI, both of whom wanted a liturgy that was ecumenical
and would not be a “stumbling block” to Protestants. This goal was accomplished with the new liturgy
by obscuring or even removing from its prayers the Catholic doctrines concerning the propitiatory
nature of the Mass, the sacrificial and mediatory character of the priesthood, and the dogma
of the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. It was these alarming theological deficiencies
that caused Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci to write in September 1969 to Pope Paul VI
what was called the “Ottaviani Intervention.” In Part 6 we read: “It is evident that the
Novus Ordo has no intention of presenting the Faith as taught by the Council of Trent,
to which, nonetheless, the Catholic conscience is bound forever. With the promulgation of
the Novus Ordo, the loyal Catholic is thus faced with a most tragic alternative.” And that the New Mass departs from the Catholic
Faith “as a whole and in its details.” Along the same lines, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
affirmed, “that the New Mass, even when said with piety and respect for the liturgical
rules, is subject to […] reservations since it is impregnated with the spirit of Protestantism.
It bears within it a poison harmful to the Faith.” With the deficiencies in the rite itself,
Archbishop Lefebvre also pointed out the danger to the Faith coming from bad preaching and
liturgical abuses. In itself the rite of the New Mass does not
clearly express the Faith precisely on the points of doctrine denied by the Protestant
heresies. In itself therefore this new rite of the Mass constitutes a danger to souls. It is a fact that this new liturgy has confused
or destroyed the Faith of millions of Catholics since the 1970’s to the point that most
churchgoers today have an erroneous understanding of the Catholic doctrine of the Mass and sometimes
do not even believe in the real presence. The Church cannot ask her members to endanger
their Faith. This is the reason why Catholics are not obliged to attend the New Mass to
fulfill the Sunday Precept. In fact, for those who have knowledge of its inherent problems,
the New Mass is to be completely avoided, as they understand that it is also an offense
to God. When a traditional Mass is not available,
or when the Faith is endangered by the preaching or opinions of the priest, one is dispensed
from attending Mass on a Sunday or Holy Day. In such cases, the Church recommends the faithful
to sanctify Sunday by dedicating a time for prayer, alone or in the family: one could
read the Mass of the day, pray the rosary, and make a spiritual communion. If a duty of charity obliges one to attend
a New Mass, for example, for a wedding or a funeral, the attendance should be passive.
Passive attendance consists in being present without participating. It is legitimate to
do so occasionally if there is no danger of scandal. One could pray the rosary during
the ceremony, for example. For any particular situations and questions,
please consult an SSPX priest close to you – or contact us directly at the District House. For further insight and understanding, we
recommend reading “The Mass of All Time” by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre – which can
be found at Another great source we recommend is “Priestly
Holiness” also by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. And, “Pope Paul’s New Mass” by Michael Davies.
As well the “Ottaviani intervention” – a Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass.
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67 thoughts on “Should Catholics Attend the New Mass? – Part II of II – Episode 15 SSPX FAQ Videos

  1. 1027ampao Post author

    This one of the reasons why SSPX is a schismatic group, therefore not in communion with the Catholic Church

  2. Veronica Marie Post author

    Thank you for the video and the references presented.  I have read "Open Letter to Confused Catholics" but I need to read the other books written by the Archbishop.

  3. Lucas Mitzel Post author

    There are too many things in this video simply not true. Mere opinion. I do love the Tridentine and go when I can, but it's unfortunate. The New Mass a danger to souls? Ha. And ya, exempt if Tridentine is not available? Never heard that one before. Attendence at a New Mass should be passive? What are we, a separate Church?

  4. Jason Burdette Post author

    Attend Old Mass only.
    I will never go to Novus Ordo ever again. It not pleasing to God.

  5. matteo Post author

    I personally think that this video is a serious potential threat to the salus animarum.
    Before suggesting the faithful to stay at home or to attend the Novus Ordo Mass passively, I would be VERY VERY careful.

  6. Nelms 123 Post author

    You radical traditionalists are responsible for creating the aggressive liberalism in the church today, and for all your beautiful God given abilities, you lack the ability to see how you are doing so. THANK YOU! You guys are too smart for your own good, and think yourselves into hiding from the world, or, dare you should stop hiding, you come out from your intellectual prisons and you condemn both other Christians and the world. to me this is a teaching from an old Pharisee crossed with the newest form of Protestantism (the pretend Catholics who refuse papal authority).

  7. Frank Pontone Post author

    SSPX are crypto-sedevacantists. They despise the Novus Ordo Missae to the point of encouraging fellow Catholics not to attend it. SSPX even goes so far as to despise both FSSP and ICRSS when all that those groups do is celebrate the Tridentine Mass like SSPX. Apparently, SSPX has a problem with everyone but themselves. The Mass is the most important part of Catholicism and always will be. Unfortunately, SSPX loathes the Mass favored by Post Vatican II Popes. Since this is true, then they must loathe Post Vatican II Catholicism. Therefore, since they loathe Post Vatican II Catholicism, they should develop some moral courage and separate from it like the sedevacantists have already done. To recognize a Post Vatican II Pope while at the same time rejecting their Mass (and then criticizing other traditional groups who regularly perform the Tridentine Mass) are the actions of an absolute and cowardly hypocrite.

  8. Edwin Kubena Post author

    I cannot attend the New Mass. I am a cradle Catholic just study Mortalium Animos it clarifies the grave errors of Unitatis Redintigratio. It violates the three legged stool tradition scripture and magisterium. Liberal Cafeteria Catholics will fall in line I don't blindly follow. Also see Quo Primum. Yes modernist Catholic apologists make this New Mass into something great. But if you study the New Mass it focuses on the people and not on our Lord. I stay away from the Novus Ordo it has betrayed the tradition of the Mass said in Latin

  9. yochanan Post author

    This New "Mess" is a poison to the spirit. Avoid it at all costs!!!

  10. Christopher Freeman Post author

    The Mass is an offense to God? The Mass promulgated by the Catholic Church and her pontiffs is an offense to God?

  11. deusimperator Post author

    Another heretical member of the Church of Lefebvre. Since this is an official video from these renegade protestant sect there is no issue kicking out these heretics out of the Church. These heretics make Catholics commit a mortal sin. We will keep the Chair of Peter, they can sit on satan's phallus and rotate. If this maven was a Catholic priest he should be immediately laicised. Boycott Angelus Press the propaganda arm of the heretics. This video proves that they are not merely schismatics but out and out heretics. There are no heretics in heaven.

  12. MoonLanding NeverHappened Post author

    Very helpful. I had always understood that it was Pope John XXIII who was responsible for destroying the Mass. Now I understand it was Pope Paul VI in 1969, 4 years after the end of Vat II. The Novus Ordo is a "counterfeit" for lack of a better word. For those just not understanding anything about this video, well, there's not much we can do for you, you will fight these facts get angry and look for someone to blame. I go to a Traditional Catholic Mass about every 3 weeks because of the distance I have to travel to get there (abut 70 miles), but it is so wonderful to be "back home" again in the Traditional Latin Mass. This priest is correct in what he is telling us. When I have to accompany non-understanding "Caholics" to a novus ordo ceremony because one is getting married there, for example, I wear my chapel veil and I do not participate in the ritual, nor their communion, nor their prayers. I bring my rosary with me. I do not stand when the rest do so I sit in an inconpicuous place so as not to stand out. I understand weddings are close to Traditional so thus these marriages are valid. The Eucharist is not consecrated at a Novus Ordo catholic-type mass because the priest, er presider is not duly ordained in the true Holy Orders since the ordination ceremony was changed during Vat II. Those true Roman Catholics out there will understand fully what I am saying.

  13. Areg Giusado Post author

    SSPX the GREAT the heresy in our times.
    I love tridentine and Novus Ordo Mass… for as long as the formula of consecration is validly proclaimed by valid priest, the real presence of Christ is there.

    SSPX is leading thousands or even millions of people today away from Catholic Church, especially from the reception of Sacraments.
    to our sspx brothers pls do not be tooooo extreme…. did you think that the FIRST HOLY MASS DONE BY OUR BLESSED LORD AT LAST SUPPER is completely liked as what you undestoood.

  14. Bill Jones Post author

    for the Correct Catholic Faith. search our lady is god.

  15. bill fupps Post author

    Not sure how you win the crowd with this message. I'm starting to see how your thinking is, and I would agree. The new mass has been around for many of the faithful's entire lives. Stop spreading this message and having people not attend mass. Change happens slowly, and I think a return to traditionalism will eventually be the norm in my beloved Church. You will not change things overnight, however, so keep on converting the faithful, and eventually we will all have the Latin Rite in our Churches again. God go with you in your most Holy work. I will still attend the new mass. If my soul is in danger, then so be it.

  16. Austin Steele Post author

    So, it seems one of the things stated is that the Novus Ordo, even if celebrated correctly and with the hermeneutic of continuity, still leads to error and impiety? Well, what about this?
           "If anyone says that the ceremonies, vestments, and outward signs which the Catholic Church uses in the celebration of masses, are incentives to impiety rather than stimulants to piety, let him be anathema."
    Council of Trent, Session XXII, Canon 7

  17. LZS Voyciechow Post author

    It would be funnier if you issued a movie '' why catholic should not attend fssp (fraternity of Saint Peter) mass? '', more complicated!

  18. Coach Chris Post author

    The Holy Spirit will never abandon the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

  19. Coach Chris Post author

    The 4 marks of the Church.
    One,Holy ,Catholic, Apostlic
    Any break from these are not Catholic

  20. Coach Chris Post author

    We are all Baptized Roman Catholics,we as confirmed Catholics must pray for our Pope, Bishop's and Priests.

  21. Giak Q Post author

    Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. May Almighty God bless you and the SSPX.
    Ut in regnum restitueretur Christi in terris.

  22. Comet Halley Post author

    i was an Anglican until i get converted to the Novus Ordo church in 1992. i served as an altar server for 5 years in St Joseph Cathedral Kuching. Although i served the mass, i sense something missing but at that time i dont understand about what i experienced particularly in my spiritual life. This keep going until 2015 that i was exposed to SSPX through the internet and this is what i have been searching for. a clear and precise cathecism( i was poorly cathecised back when i was in the Novus Ordo) makes me grow in knowledge about the true Catholic teaching. i quit attending the Novus Ordo mass early this year because there is no traditional mass offered in my area. Thank you SSPX for helping to find the Catholic faith.

  23. daniel raj Post author

    I STRONGLY oppose your views…pls don't make any confusion among Catholics.

  24. Mike v.atten Post author

    I think that the traditionalist must take a look to the video's from Vassula Rydén

  25. Michael Caza-Schonberger Post author

    “Alarming theological deficiencies”, that’s funny. The word priest isn’t even found in Scripture in reference to pastors. The offices in the church as laid out in Scripture are elders, deacons, and bishops. Everyone who believes in Jesus is apart of His priesthood, that includes females! Peter is quite clear in 1 Peter 1-2! Furthermore catholic priests are no more mediators than a Buddhist monk is a mediator! WE HAVE ONE MEDIATOR, CHRIST JESUS! Paul’s words are quite clear! As believers, we are Christians (little Christ’s) but we do not serve as mediators, we are not equal to Christ! We are also called to eat and drink in remembrance of Him, His sacrifice was offered once and for all time, not needing to be offered perpetually. Hebrews 9-10 and the usage of the Yom Kippur liturgy to illustrate this makes this quite clear, and John 6:63-64 give us the clear understanding that Yeshua was using the hard teaching to weed out the true believers from the false ones, and when the false ones left He gave the proper meaning to His words, (“it’s not the flesh that gives life, but the Spirit. The words I spoke to you are spiritual”). I could go on, but I know what you antisemitic SSPX “catholics” are like!

  26. Michael Caza-Schonberger Post author

    You guys are modern Pharisees! I should know, I was a Pharisee (I came to faith from an Orthodox Jewish background).

  27. jimeas popoloiv Post author

    What does the video say in black and white? Attend New Mass or not?

  28. Child of God Post author

    Novus ordo is NOT THE TRUE CATHOLIC MASS. changes were made with the assistance of Protestant ministers to show us "how to make Mass more fun". Hence we now have a mass that I can't follow in any language I'm not fluent in. Going to mass is NOT about shaking hands, having communion in the hand, women speaking in the pulpit, alter girls, prepublished homilies, entertain music……mass is about The EUCHARIST…PERIOD. Those of you who disagree are going to mass to socialize. Coffee and donuts after Mass is good time to do that. Otherwise… you've missed the real beauty of our CHURCH.

  29. Nathan Wilson Post author

    SSPX believes that Francis is the pope, therefor SSPX is heretical. No man can serve two masters SSPX

  30. James Espin Post author

    I would only use the services of a Novus Ordo priest if it was an emergency.They still have faculties even though the New Mass is not legitimate.

  31. Kev D Post author

    If you don't have the old mass just go to an Eastern rite divine liturgy

  32. Howard Williams Post author

    Telling good Catholic People not to go Mass, is a grave ( Sin ) ,, May Jesus Show You His Mercy !!! Please come back To The One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic , Christian Church. ,!!! ⛪️

    We can not preach ( Jesus ). With Hate , in our Hearts ! Everybody wants to be The Pope. ! We are not. !!! 🤔. Jesus Lövés You !!! ❤️ Please. Come back Home to the Church. !!! ⛪️. 🔐 ☝️ Have You not taken a vowel To obey Holy Mother, The Catholic Church ⛪️.? 🤔. We must unite. ( not divide ) !!! Jesus prayed that they may be (. One ). Holy Universal. Church ⛪️ ,,!!! Are you a schismatic group. ? 🤔. I will pray for You ! 🙏 The first öné to Leave (. Jesus. ) was Judas !!! 😂. Pope Francis , has gone out of his way , to help SSPX , to Come Back To The Catholic Church ⛪️ !!! 🙏. Christian Unity. ! 🙏. The Holy Mass , is the Mass. ,!!! There are about 22 rights beside the ( Latin Rite ) for Holy Mass in the Catholic Church. ! Jesus , Mary , Joseph , ❤️
    Only (. Jesus ) is highter then the Pope. ! 🔐 ⛪️. Unite Us. 🙏. Jesus !!! 🙏. Jesus said (. He Who Hears You Hears Me ) ⛪️. The Pope is the succeed to Saint Peter. !!! ⛪️. The ( Rock ) on which He build His Church 🤔Jesus gave us The Church , The Catholic Church gave us the 73 books of the Holy Bible. ⛪️ not 66 , but 73 Books !!! 📚. Sent with Christian Love ❤️ !!! You have a right to disagree with Me !!! ❤️. Good őr bad the Pope is head of the Catholic Christian Church.!!! 🤔 Jesus please fill the Pope , with your Holy Spirit !!! Catholic Answers . Com can answer any questions you may have about the Pope , or about The Latin right Of The Catholic Church. !!!! 🙏 God bless You. ! 🙏

  33. Maribel Perez Post author

    No,I and my family won't go to the new mass.why we have to fallow what this pope is doing? He's like nothing no a good guide.

  34. Nikolai Buchenkov Post author

    I praise the good work of the SSPX, and I pray for the greatest Knights of the Mother Church to reunite with their brethren, for She needs them now more than ever before.
    But for God's sake, could anyone, please, tell me about the spiritual Communion? For I know that without the Real Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is present in the Sacred Host, there would be no Communion. Christ said, that "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for justice: for they shall have their fill." (Mt 5:8). So, yes, there's yet another soul that hungers to hear the Truth!
    Thanks in advance! God bless all of the good works of the SSPX!

  35. Robert Sparkes Post author

    Having gone through this change as an adult back in 1969, it almost destroyed my Faith…I left the church for the couch for 10
    years until I found my way back in 1980. I attended an N O church and quickly found out there were already changes in the
    NO Mass…as time went on more changes were made and they continue today…Thankfully I have found an SSPX Chapel and
    I had a complete reconversion into my Faith I knew in the 50-60"s… I'm now living and enjoying my Catholic Faith…
    Now for those who disagree…Let's agree to disagree and act like loving Catholics…
    "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

  36. S&DH Post author

    Archbishop Lefebvre's theology was clearly the cure for what ailed Modernist Rome. But for many 1988 was and is the scandal which frightens so many away. Were there any historical precedents for an archbishop who recognized the bishop of Rome consecrating other bishops despite being warned not to do so the pope?

  37. zeth mahilum Post author


  38. Paul C Post author

    People may not like the Novus Ordo but lets make one thing absolutely clear…it IS valid and licit! To say otherwise is promoting disunity and heresy and under pain of ipso facto ex communication. It is NOT acceptable to suggest that one should not attend if no other alternative is available as this sspx priest insists. He is wrong and is promoting disunity with mother Church. I do not like novus ordo but it can still be celebrated with the priest facing east towards the high altar and tabernacle and I have attended mass where this is practiced. Please sspx…stop preaching disunity! Tridentine is great and I attend whenever the opportunity presents itself but stop pretending that novus ordo is invalid and putting people off their weekly obligation…it is in breach of canon law and sedevacanistic in character.

  39. CHRIST THE KING Post author

    I would like to join your church the mother church is soo corrupt as we speak it need divine intervention to lift it up the heresy of Fr James Martin and others

  40. Hertog van Brabant Post author

    The novus ordo Liturgy is completely invalid because it has been created by an anti Pope Paul VI, to resemble the protestant services. Besides the real Pope, Joseph Siri, HH Gregory XVII, was against it. He died 2 May 1989, and on 3 May 1991 his succesor was elected from among the cardinals created by him. His name is HH Gregory XVIII, and he lives in exile to this very day. It is this Pope that sspx clergy should look for. Now sspx is nothing but a schismatic church, following their own particular (heretic) theology. If they would have their excommunications lifted by Pope Gregory XVIII they would be regularised, and true Catholic.

  41. Brad Lifto Post author

    Pope Francis I tells us we can go to the SSPX mass daily with the Holy Spirit

  42. Jasmin Lim Post author

    How about the holy communion, if the traditional mass in unavailable in our place?

  43. Chris H Post author

    I choose to go to Traditional Latin Mass every Sunday and sometimes on weekdays. For that purpose I drive approx 45 minutes one way. Having said that I must notice that if I understand you well you are encouraging people to commit mortal sin by skipping the Sunday Mass if it is only the NO Mass that is available to them. If they listen to you and choose not to attend they commit a mortal sin and it is partially on you Father. The New Mass is a valid Mass. It may be not licit when you consider St Pius' V "Quo Primum" – I do not know, but it nonetheless is a valid Mass. It is true, that the NO Mass even when offered in a pious way is much much less reverent than the TLM – there is no discussion about it, but as long as valid words of consecration are pronounced by validly ordained priest who is willing to consecrate and it all happens over the proper matter it constitutes a valid Mass. I will pray for you Father and for the people that they do not take your advice and attend Sunday Mass even if NO is the only option they have.

  44. Sensus Fidelium Post author

    Go to Mass. do not take this priests advice on committing mortal sin by skipping your obligation. He isn’t the magisterium. Just bc we may not like to new mass isn’t a reason to send ourselves to hell. Sad that only one media site has called this video out. This is something someone like Gerry Matatics would’ve put together.

  45. Sensus Fidelium Post author

    Go to Mass. do not take this priests advice on committing mortal sin by skipping your obligation. He isn’t the magisterium. Just bc we may not like to new mass it isn’t a reason to send ourselves to hell. Sad that only one media site has called this video out. This is something someone like Gerry Matatics would’ve put together.

  46. Samuel mj Post author

    if I may ask, Do transubstantiation take place in the new mass! and is it a sin participating in the same!

  47. teresa adamik Post author

    Every mass is offensive to Jesus Christ. Biblical explanations available to those who want to know.

  48. ElKabong61 Post author

    I started attending the TLM 3 years ago and I only go to NO when no other option remains. There are some really sincere–and ignorant–Catholics who attend and we have to be careful not to judge. I feel blessed that I live 10 mins away from an FSSP latin mass parish. It has been a true re-awakening of my faith.

  49. Owen Anderson Post author

    You guys got exposed by for accepting false religions so I’m not buying your lies!

  50. roy gonzalez Post author

    The New Mass is really a protestant service . I don,t feel the presence of God . They had no right to change the traditional mass , in order to attract protestants . and now they want us to get read of our beautiful catholic traditions , shame on them . we will not get read of the beautiful traditional mass and all the beautiful traditions of the traditional mass .

  51. UM Panabo College- OSAA Post author

    i firmly believe the real presence of Christ in the new mass…

  52. Wild Bear Post author

    I went to a Novus Ordo mass I believed to be reverent and beautiful when I was younger and I asked the Holy Ghost if there could be anything more beautiful, in a week He had me at the Latin Mass, not joking. I was raised in the NO mass not knowing of the Latin growing up, it was hard at first to transition for a month I went to NO mass on Saturdays and LM on Sundays. This juxtaposition made it all the more evident where the beauty lied.

  53. Todd Frizzell Post author

    Remember old latin and novus ordo are not the only 2 lityrgiea that exist. Theres byzantine, marionite, melckite, and others liturgies from eastern rites in communion with pope of rome. Excuse my spelling

  54. Robert Sparkes Post author

    I’m going to post another comment here… Our Faith calls for sacrifice, so if a TLM is not close to you, you might choose to move. Getting a new job and new friends is much easier than getting into Heaven. The gate is narrow.


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