Shocking Stats on Fathers (Are Dads Replaceable?) – Video by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

By | September 5, 2019

How big of an impact do father’s have
in their child’s life? Are father’s replaceable? Well some people think “yes.” According to one study done by the National Fatherhood Initiative, half of
the women surveyed said that the fathers could be replaced by, guess who, single
mothers, and two-thirds of the women surveyed said that fathers could be
replaced by, another man. Now, is this true? Is this how replaceable fathers are? Sort
of like a flat tire in a car. Get a little low get a puncture, get frayed
around the edges, don’t worry get a new one! Throw the old one away, and pull the
new one in. Is that how critical fathers are in raising children? I think
not, and you only have to see how children come into the world to know the
critical role of fathers, because when the child comes into the world, every
child who’s ever come into the world, had an actively and engaged father at the
moment of conception. He never had a disengaged father at that moment. And
just as it takes an actively engaged father to bring a child into the world,
it takes an engaged father to raise a child in the world. The science is
overwhelmingly in support of fathers being actively engaged in their
biological children, and it has profound effects in their well-being. So, let’s
take a look at the science. Very young children with an engaged fathers show, an
increasing curiosity, an increase in problem-solving capacity, higher
confidence in their ability to solve problems, increased mental dexterity;
increased empathy; decreased chances of childhood obesity; greater
self-control; higher scores on mental development. That is as young as six
months old. So you see right from the very beginning fathers have in
critical role in the development of a child. But what about as a child gets
older? How critical is their role in their child’s life? If their father is
present girls have: fewer growth and developmental delays, fewer learning
disorders, fewer emotional disabilities, behavior problems. A while
father-daughter is: less likely to get pregnant as a teen, less likely to flaunt
themselves to seek male attention, less likely to become sexually active in her
early teens, less likely to be talked into having sex during college years,
less likely to become clinically, depressed less likely to develop eating
disorders, less dissatisfied with their appearance, less dissatisfied with their
body weight. I mean, wow! Fathers have a huge impact on their
daughter’s life. Now, why is this? Why do daughters who have disconnected
fathers or absent fathers make poor decisions? Well, because their hearts are
hungry for love. Think about it when you’re hungry. Do you make good decisions
of bad decisions? If I go to the grocery store when I’m hungry I’m gonna tell you
I make bad decisions. I skip over the leafy greens, the fruits
and the vegetables, and I go to stuff that give me instant gratification.
I go to my nachos, my cheese, my sour cream my salsa, sometimes my coke. I mean, I prefer you know, my Canadian whiskey over my Shakeology unfortunately when
I’m hungry. When when a young woman is starving for the love of their father
sometimes sometimes they don’t have the discernment to recognize authentic and
healthy love. Because their father never modeled this, and so they make bad
decisions. Well, what about boys? What is the science
about of them? A well fathered boy: has higher positive
social emotional involvement with others, is physically healthier as a baby, does
better at school, is less prone to depression, is more likely to graduate, is
more likely to achieve high levels of career and economic success, is less
likely to be in trouble with the law, is less likely to have a child by age 23.
What about children as a whole, boys and girls? Who comes from fatherless homes?
90% of homeless and runaway children, eighty-five percent of children
who show behavior disorders, 63 percent of youth suicides, 80 percent of rapists
with any problems, 71 percent of high school dropouts,
85% of youth in prisons. So my friends does fatherhood matter? The answer is
clearly yes! To all the fathers who might be watching this today I want to say, you
cannot be replaced! You’re indispensable in the lives of your children. Love your
wife to life. Be present to your children serve them. Teach them the
difference between right and wrong. Be their hero. You are the most important
man in your child’s life. You can’t be replaced, and when your present to
your children, and you love them, you open the floodgates of heaven to be poured
into their life. Be a good man. Be present to your
children, and wonderful things will happen. My name is Ken Yasinski from Thanks for watching

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