Shaye and Sharita: Catholic Charities 2019 Annual Appeal (with subtitiles)

By | September 6, 2019

Shaye and Sharita are sisters with autism.
They attend Catholic Charities Saturday School for young adults and adults with disabilities.
The school provides friendships and some life skill classes. Our mission is including persons
with disabilities into the community, into Church. So inclusion has always been important to us. This program is educational, as well as social. I think that’s what we love about
this program. It’s all about the inclusion. Shaye and Sharita bring so much joy to the
program. They bring their infectious smiles, their infectious joy of life; and they bring
that on everyone else. Social-wise it helped me break out of my shell. I am usually more quiet and reserved, but this program has helped break down these walls. They love coming and making new friends and seeing their friends every week. They think of this as college – as school. At first, we didn’t want to go because I thought it had to do with grades or something like that. When we first came in, it was more laid back, more social, and we made some new friends along the way. We sure did! We wouldn’t be able to do this program
without the support of our donors. Without the support of Catholic Charities, we wouldn’t be able to provide programs for people with disabilities. Over 400,000 people are served
in Northeast Ohio by the wonderful work of Catholic Charities workers and programs and shelters. Your generosity, your gift, keeps all this work going and touches lives and transforms families and individuals. Thank you so much for your generosity.

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