Service Learning: Where education meets community needs

By | August 30, 2019

And now we’re going to
switch to our next one. Has anyone had beets before? We’re going to be
doing compressions on these mannequins– At EVMS, service learning is
an outgrowth of who we are. To get out into our community,
to get to go to the schools and speak with the citizens and
people who live here, people that we’re going to treat. We’re helping and giving
back to our community from the very beginning. Service learning is touch. It is going out and
it is learning things with real people in
real contexts, things that you can’t learn
in a classroom. [APPLAUSE] We have these five pathways that
reflect our community’s needs. So right now, we’re
going to nursing homes and educating how
to identify strokes. You can kind of see
that aha moment. We go out into the
community and teach CPR. You’re out there making
a difference yourself. But it’s equally making
a difference in you. Yeah, there we go. About 10 exercises we’re going
to do for 30 seconds apiece to get our bodies moving. And we do healthy
living classes, where there’s an exercise
or physical fitness activity and there’s a cooking
demonstration and then a short lecture on just
healthy tips for our patients. Especially in
southeastern Virginia, there are a lot of
underserved populations. And so getting involved
into service learning lets us interact with some
of the patient populations that we’re going to
work with as doctors. And then we have a
growing project area in infectious disease. We’re learning right away as
first-year medical students how to engage with
the community. You get to interact with
the patient population. And you remember,
this is why I’m here. It’s easy to completely
lose sight of that end goal. You can go out and you
can touch somebody’s life. That’s going to make them
healthier, happier every day. And that’s really amazing.

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