Service by the Numbers: Measuring CNCS Program Impact

By | September 8, 2019

Corporation for National and Community Service Service by the Numbers: Measuring CNCS Program Impact The programs of the Corporation for National and Community Service benefit individuals and communities alike How? It’s all in the numbers… Teach for America, an AmeriCorps grantee, improves students’ standardized tests by the equivalent of an additional 2.6 months of learning 46% of new Senior Corps volunteers report improvements in health and wellbeing after just one year The University of Texas at Austin found national service programs Strengthen the overall health of communities With citizens expressing fewer negative sentiments in communities with AmeriCorps programming Effective CNCS-funded organizations also increase the return on taxpayer investments in communities Reading Partners, another AmeriCorps grantee, demonstrated $980 in cost savings per student, compared to schools operating similar programs So how do we know this? It’s simple: Research Evidence and evaluation are core values at CNCS Values that we use to help other organizations become more efficient and effective Since 2015, CNCS has used program effectiveness evidence to make grants that… Train and employ workers, Build infrastructure, Educate children, And improve health A study of CNCS grantees revealed improvements in 13 out of 14 indicators of organizational and evaluation capacity Learn more about how CNCS programs are furthering the field of evidence Download the State of the Evidence Report at

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