Seneca Village: The African-American Community that Died so Central Park Could Live

By | December 7, 2019

Central Park was one of Manhattan’s earliest
African-American settlements. In the 1820’s it was unusual for black people
to own land in New York. In 1825, 21 parcels of land in uptown Manhattan
were sold to African-Americans. When slavery was abolished in New York in
1827 the area began to flourish. Known as Seneca Village it was mostly African-American,
but also Irish and German. During the 1840’s, lower Manhattan was overcrowded
and unsanitary. Wealthy New Yorkers proposed a park uptown,
where the rich could live. In 1853 the state expropriated 843 acres,
341 hectres of land for a new public park. The 264 residents of Seneca Village were forced
to move to make way for Central Park. Property owners were payed a small sum for
their expropriated houses. Their community disappeared and did not resurface
in another location. Central Park now welcomes 38 million visitors
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17 thoughts on “Seneca Village: The African-American Community that Died so Central Park Could Live

  1. Tm Russell Post author

    The birth of American gentrification perhaps?

  2. moviemagic Post author

    you forgot to show the remains of Seneca village but this is interesting!

  3. Monaedeezy Post author

    Great video and I’d seriously thought I’d hear “hello Clarice” at some point.

  4. Sam Lewis Post author

    When you study the history of housing segregation, housing discrimination, deindustrialization , redlining, white flight, block busting, contract selling, suburbanization and ghettoization of Black and Hispanic neighborhoods you would understand why the Fuck we should be fighting Gentrification with more then just protest……

  5. Rickie House Post author

    I was telling people about this they said I'm crazy yeah okay

  6. LaSha Post author

    This is Bulls..t! White people always using the law to still land!!! They were not "African American" they were Natives to the land!!!! Stop the lies, white people stole this land from so called blacks (i.e. Copper colored people) the true aboriginal people of America (i.e. Turtle Island)!!!!

  7. Bob Guerio Post author

    Like Black Wall Street….as soon as you make something good they kill you, destroy you…same shit as today…still killing us all

  8. Chef Polo Post author

    So Central Park can live eat a dixk

  9. Doron Bond Post author

    Hmmmm sounds like what happened to the Laurel Park residents in 1990 in St. Pete when they built what is now known as Tropicana Field.


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