Seeds of Faith: Episode 2

By | September 1, 2019

Very simply, the idea of vocation is that
every one of us is created by God with a mission and a purpose in life, that He’s
entrusted us with gifts and talents at a certain time in history in a certain
place to do His will in a specific way, to make use of what He’s entrusted to us
in a specific way in the service to the mission of the Church and to the world. And that sense of vocation always begins with a relationship that we have, this
sense of relationship with God, and it’s a God who invites us, who calls us by
name, and says I have called you by name. I’ve created you specifically, no other
human being is like you, no other human being has your gifts and talents that’s
unique in the way that you are, with everything you have gifts, strengths,
weaknesses, the whole thing I’ve called you to carry out a mission in life. And
the vocation we might say, ultimately for every human being, the supreme
vocation is to be holy is to become a saint. This is the vocation of
all vocations, no matter what your particular way of living it out and life
is, that’s the bottom line: to become holy. And to become holy, very simply put,
simply means to live and love the way that God lives in love, to live in
accordance with God’s will, to make Him present in the world through our lives.
This is what holiness is, and holiness can be lived out in any state of life, in
any circumstance of life, at any age, in any condition, in our own way we can try to make Him present. And above all else His love
present in the world so that’s the universal vocation, we might say, of every
single baptized Christian and then some some people as they grow older begin to
discover, or most people, that they have a unique specific calling through a way of
life we call a state in life, which is you know things like priesthood,
religious life, marriage, those are usually the traditional big three choices we make that organize our whole life around those commitments to serve.
But we could also include, in an extended sense, in this state of life
professions, careers, ways that we live out, right, in the world as doctors and
lawyers and mechanics and electricians and actors or whatever it is our
particular way of making use of our gifts and of making God’s love present
in the world. And each one of us, as I said, does that in a very personal unique
specific way that’s particular to us, and that relationship we have with God,
that’s always ongoing, is always a process of discerning “What is it Lord
that you ask me to do now?”

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