Science, Religion, and the Big Bang

By | September 3, 2019

Physicists used to think that the universe
had existed forever, unchangingly, because that’s what their observations of the night
sky suggested. Needless to say, this view clashed with the “origin” or “creation” stories
of most major religions, which hold that the universe had a beginning. So it’s not surprising that it was a Catholic
priest, Georges Lemaître, who was one of the first major proponents of a new scientific
viewpoint – that the universe DID have a beginning. Lemaître, of course, was also an excellent
mathematician and scientist and based this conviction not (just) on his religious beliefs
but upon new experimental evidence from Edwin Hubble that showed the universe was expanding.
This evidence, combined with the mathematics of general relativity allowed Lemaître to
“rewind” cosmic history and calculate that the farther back in time you go, the smaller
the universe had to be. The natural conclusion is that everything we can currently see in
the universe was at one point in time more or less at one point in space. Lemaître called
this idea the “primeval atom”, but of course today we know it as “the big bang theory”. Except “big bang” is a horrible name – it
would be much more accurate to call it “the everywhere stretch”. Because one of the most
common misconceptions about the big bang is that it implies that the entire universe was
compressed into a single point from which it then somehow expanded into the surrounding…
nothingness? It is true that the observable universe, that is, the part of the whole universe
we can see from earth, WAS indeed shrunk down to a very very small bit of space, but that
bit of space was NOT a single point, nor was the rest of the Universe also in that same
bit of space. The explanation for this is the magical power
of infinity. The whole universe is really big – current data show it’s at least 20 times
bigger than the observable universe, but that’s just a lower bound – it might be infinite.
And if you have an infinite amount of space, you can scale space down, shrink everything
to minuscule proportions, and still have an infinite amount of space. Kind of like how
you can zoom out as much as you want from a number line, but it’ll still be an infinite
number line. Essentially, space doesn’t need anywhere to
expand “into” because it can expand into itself and still have plenty of room. In fact, this
is possible even if space turns out not to be infinite in size, though the reasons are
complicated and have to do with the infinite differentiability of the metric of spacetime… But anyway, the event unfortunately known
as the big bang was basically a time, long ago, when space was much more squeezed together,
and the observable universe, that is, everything that we see from earth, was crammed into a
very very small piece of space. Because the ENTIRE early universe was dense and hot everywhere,
spacetime was curved everywhere and this curvature manifested itself as a rapid expansion of
space throughout the universe. And although people call this “the big bang”, it wasn’t
just big, it was everywhere. And it wasn’t really an explosion – it was space stretching
out. It’s really quite unfortunate that “the Everywhere Stretch” isn’t nearly as catchy
as “the Big Bang”. Which brings us to the “big bang singularity”,
which is an even horribler name because every single word is misleading. I mean, “singularity”
seems to imply something that happened at a single point. Which isn’t at all what it’s
referring to – it SHOULD be called “the part of the Everywhere Stretch where we don’t know
what we’re talking about.” Basically, our current physical models for the universe are
unable to properly explain and predict what was happening at the very very beginning when
the universe was super SUPER scaled down. But rather than call it the “time when we
don’t have a clue what was happening, ANYWHERE”, for some reason we call it a “singularity”. This ignorance, however, does conveniently
answer the question What happened BEFORE the big bang? Because it tells us the question
isn’t well defined – back when space was so incredibly compressed and everything was ridiculously
hot and dense, our mathematical models of the universe break down SO MUCH that “time”
doesn’t even make sense. It’s kind of like how at the north pole, the concept of “north”
breaks down – I mean, what’s north of the north pole? The only thing you can say is
that everywhere on earth is south of the north pole, or similarly everywhen in the universe
is after… the beginning. But once time began, whenever that was, space
expanded incredibly quickly all throughout the universe – for a little while. Then expansion
slowed, the universe cooled, stuff happened, and after a few billion years, here we are. One thing we still DON’T know is why this
Everywhere Stretching happened – that is, why did the universe start off in such a funny,
compressed state, and why did it follow the seemingly arbitrary laws of physics that have
governed its expansion and development ever since? For Georges Lemaître, this might be where
God finally comes into the picture to explain the things science can’t. Except that experimental
evidence doesn’t actually rule out the possibility that there may indeed be a time “before” the
beginning, a previous age of the universe that ended when space collapsed in on itself,
getting quite compressed and dense and hot, but not enough to mangle up our ideas of what
time is. It would have then bounced back out, stretching in a fashion similar to what we
call the big bang, but without the “we don’t know what we’re talking about” singularity
part. So, physics may actually be nudging us back to the view that the Universe is eternal
and didn’t begin after all. In which case Professor Lemaître might have to rethink
his interpretation of the words “in the beginning.”

100 thoughts on “Science, Religion, and the Big Bang

  1. rafi pepe Post author

    I'm a moslem and i studied this almost every night in these months.. I think we've already known beyond this universe.. In my opinion, our universe is finite.. And the proof is there.. Sorry, but i don't wanna trigger someone..

  2. Space Invador Post author

    if the universe is eternal, then how does the universe which is made up of space, time, and matter, which all need an uncaused first causes to exist, exist in the first place?

  3. Phoenix Ducky Post author

    Well the universe can't have extended infinitely into the past because time has to have a beginning. Let me explain. If time is infinite then we would have never gotten to today. Because there would be an infinite amount of yesterday's before today. Logic.

  4. Conner Wolf Post author

    Hasn't it been established that expansion is speeding up, not slowing down? And the Big Bounce is only one idea, one that can't really be proven.

    Also, infinity kept in an infinitely small point, but that point being infinitely big already sounds really fucked.

  5. Bran Evans Post author

    So many errors. A "singularity" is a one off event or "miracle". "Scaled down" implies a process occurred which took a large universe and "compressed" it. You have so few answers why make a video at all? A really poor video full of speculation.

  6. Weaponised Afro Post author

    I'm sorry, but that spacetime diagram looks like a tampon.

  7. RundownOyster Post author

    99.99% of the comments: Cant wait to read all the salty comments.
    0.01% of the comments: Actual salt.

  8. vivian nirmal Post author

    Well it actually felt like a minute. 👍

  9. Random Stuff Post author

    Some stretching and a big bang always happens when I have sex with my girlfriend.

  10. Liwanag Bautista Post author

    Well, we do know this guy can draw really fast but he took nearly 6 minutes of my time telling me exactly what….nothing!

  11. Steven Goldstein Post author

    Before the Big Bang space was nothing, not extremely small

  12. Christian Bottenfield Post author

    Georges Lemaitre actually noted his idea of an expanding universe originating from a denser past in 1927, before Edwin Hubble's actual observations of a galaxies drifting apart in 1929. Just a minor clarification.

  13. Chris Mcguigan Post author

    So all this science and religion and we still dont or ever will know what's going on before time exists. So knowing this fact why cant people just practice their science and religion in peace and not be aggressive about it. Surely that's the ethical thing to do?

  14. ابو ليث الخطيب Post author

  15. ابو ليث الخطيب Post author


  16. Giulio Personeni Post author

    How the hell you can say it slowed down??

  17. Bubba Sherman Post author

    The one thing I don't understand is if it happened everywhere why isnt the universe expanding at the same time rate or why are some galaxies older or why wasnt the matter dispensed evenly

  18. Upwork Qureshi Post author

    This person is himself confused what he is saying…😁

  19. Casper Post author

    Time, space, and matter is called a continuum, you cant have each one independently.. If you hav space but no time when will you put it, if you hav matter but no space where will you put it?.. Time, space, and matter hav to come into existence simultaneosly. trinity of trinity, time have past present futue, space have height length width, matter have solid liquid gas,.. And the God who created them has to be outside of them..

  20. anunnaki Post author

    What if God is just an adjective for any form of consciousness questioning its independent outlook of reality?

  21. frosty pablo Post author

    In the beginning. Which is now at the end. According to light. The light came first and is now far ahead at the end.
    I Am the beginning and the end.

  22. frosty pablo Post author

    Why cant we see the beginning. Because we cannot see in that direction. Big Bang says primordal light is ahead of the earth in time. The background radiation is a black body remnant.
    Since when does light catch up the earth. Since never. Other way around.
    So according to Big Bang. The beginning is at the end.
    That has been written in both testaments for some thousands of years.
    BOTH agree. They must. Both are observations of the same phenomena which continues regardless of that observation. That is a principle of constancy.

  23. frosty pablo Post author

    Frosty just wished he had a pipe right now. Hed smoke that.

  24. Owen Brown Post author

    Science is the how. God is the why. Science explains how things work. God explains why were here.

  25. Owen Brown Post author

    Science cannot refute or proove the existence of god or any other supernautural entity – the scientific method. God is so real . I believe it. A god that is based purely on faith will not leave a footprint. Science will never find god. IMO the physical plane is not the only one. There has to be more. Think about it. Isnt it also true that "nothing" isnt possible. For example whats outside the universe. Some say nothing. Well nothing simply cannot exist to my knowledge . What defines nothing. Blackness? All white? A completely transparent atmosphere? Seriously what is nothing? Scientists and creationists we should be supporting each other. Scientists are extremely intelligent people but some of them not all of them…i find them a small bit close minded. I know science explains how things work but have you ever asked why they work. You cannot have the dough without the baker. There has to be a origin. A creator.

  26. Javier Roy Post author

    As if "infinite" wasn't already hard for me to understand, you now come and tell me the universe is also eternal? Alright.. I'll just go and cry in the corner like the useless piece of dust we human are then

  27. ArtGeeks Post author

    All this is explained in "A brief history of time" By: Stephen Hawking, would recommend for aspiring physicists or science enthusiasts. (Chill, this is for the people who need guidance on what books to read, not people who already know this book).

  28. Mitchell Drummer Post author

    Doesn’t your whole comment about the cyclic universe ‘theory’ violate the second law of thermodynamics?
    I’m a bit late to the video, but I would really like to hear someone explain how people can still bring up this argument if entropy exists.

  29. Rosy Post author

    Actually really like ‘everywhere stretch’. It’s cute 🙂

  30. christian Saldaña Post author

    Just sing the Big Bang theme song.

  31. Sh4dy Post author

    plot twist, we're actually just a simulation and the singularity was just the loading process

  32. john carlo Florentino Post author

    Woah great video! Good job guys!

  33. kkk lyrics Post author

    That zooming in and out of all the boxes makes me uneasy😬

  34. Mohamed Farid Post author

    As a Muslim and as a one have mind I believe in the bing bang

  35. Merlin Moore Post author

    The "everywhere stretch eh"? That thought matches a Bible verse perfectly: (Psalm 104:2) "O Lord my God, You are very great. You are clothed with splendor and majesty. Covering Yourself with light as with a cloak. S t r e t c h i n g out heaven like a tent curtain."

  36. erobed21 Post author

    I really like this.

    Could I ask, what would physicists say about the postulations of the philosopher and mathematician Al Ghazali, who stated that given that we are experiencing travelling along a timeline, in a single direction, there must have been a beginning to that time? We (we being the universe) could not have progressed from an infinite point to get to the current point in time because that would mean we would have to have travelled for a an infinite length of time, which is impossible? Already I am thinking that we say the universe could potentially be infinite in size but we haven't had to travel from the edge of it to reach our current position in space-time, but do temporal dimensions – and in particular, one in which we travel in a single direction – work the same way?

  37. Ats Bunny Post author

    So if there is a bog bang where did the gass come from

  38. Achintha Senevirathna Post author

    Big bang theory is not science..all the mater ,space ,time came from the smallest point ever,,,and before the time there was literally nothing,but something happen and here we are…..🙏🏻w**!!

  39. 1SubscriberWithoutAnyFriendsChallenge Post author

    But then where did the super tiny compressed bit of space that somehow expanded infinitely come from??

  40. Mamoon Ataur Rahman Post author

    Amazingly explained😀😀😀😃😃😃😀

  41. Philip Tooley Post author

    Hilarious! As soon as he said that theories were combined with mathematics I started laughing. In other words a theory was combined with another theory and neither one of them have any relation to reality. But it's taught in our schools and in the media as a fact. You need to spend more time studying and reading Nikola Tesla and real scientists not fake ones meant to bamboozle your dumbass

  42. Philip Tooley Post author

    Physicists used to think that the Universe had always been there because their observations proved that it doesn't change. Rotfl. In other words, their observations indicated a geocentric static earth.

  43. Adriel Quiroga Post author

    But even if it is an eternal loop, I think it doesn't rule out a creator. I don't know.

  44. Bill46Lexis Post author

    If you can believe in quantum mechanics and the universe expands to 'nothing' and 'infinity' and that there's a probability of a particle to be anywhere and everywhere at the same time (space-time) and can even interact with itself, then it's really not that hard to believe in the probability of the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient God.

  45. Luny Cipres Post author

    Are we all going to ignore the fact that this whole video is based on mere assumption that the universe is infinite in size or spacetime?

  46. ADBCSH 2017 Post author

    I love it. The unknown is a beautiful thing. We just hold it as a Cosmic Mystery. But we do know that each one of us has a mortal beginning with a certain end (womb to tomb)… so do your best with your brief span and live each day with the end in mind. Then just wait your turn to exit. After that, who knows… SUPREME MYSTERY???

  47. Dm TD Post author

    The Bible is 90% fake and fictional written by ancient people 1500 years
    ago not by god we leave in a galaxy with 100 billion earth like planets
    even people like us and 1+ million years more advance and out there
    billions and billions of galaxies now make the math whats out there
    .chorchs and religion is just a big business and plus many people cant
    cope life with some one more big and scared

  48. Ydaerlum Leoc Post author

    This video is proof that science and religion compliment each other. They answer different questons marvellously.
    Science answers the questions: How did the universe come into existence? and What is the universe?
    The Bible answers the questions: Why is there a universe? Who/What made the universe?
    I don't see much clash

  49. Ydaerlum Leoc Post author

    The bible was written to both farmers in the 1st century BC and to Neuroscientists today. I think it's allowed to be simple.

  50. Ydaerlum Leoc Post author

    How to prove the bible wrong 101:

    Prove that Jesus Christ didn't rise from the dead. Paul staked my claim on that (1 Corinthians 15) and so do I

  51. EMKAY _ Post author

    The bing bang is mentioned in the quran

    (Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earthwere a joined entity and we separated them)

    ( and the heavens we built it with craftsmanship and we are expanding)

  52. André Paulsen Post author

    The everywhere stretch is so much better sounding than the big bang, the big bang just sounds childish.

  53. fabio m Post author

    pls stop lying to the kids. so sick of this ms bs for pseudo-humans

  54. Luiz Fernando Post author

    Omg why you always have to act like a judge? Why you can not just let the name "big bang"? Of course it's okay to explain why this name is wrong, but you always make your speech by judging the things like you are the superior. I don't really give a shit for the religious part, but you being so stubborn with that really give me the nuts

  55. Kyle Cachia Post author

    What is time? How is it interthwined with space? How did time begin? How do you define the universe? Is it a just big space of nothingbess or does the word universe refer to all the gasses in space? I have so many questions

  56. Bridventure PR Post author

    Good to note that the name Big Bang is misleadingly different from what logically happened.

    What happened was that space identified itself as containing things which interact with each other. An immediate second identification was that this interaction had a regularity in terms of cause & effect, which in turn showed a remarkable uniformity which we call time lapse (duration) for the effect to happen due to the cause.

    Interestingly, our present understanding puts a limit to this time related happenings, by fixing the speed at which light travels.

  57. Gordon Hovan Arthur Post author

    I believe in religion and science… There is no reason to deny both… I still question where did the big bang come from😅

  58. Peace Post author

    "current data shows it's at öeast 20x bigger than the absorbable universe.." how?

  59. Zeus Post author

    Not so Surprisingly the scientific view only pisses off the abhramic Faiths

  60. Salnsd Post author

    I hayt them dame libral elleestsist , thay is tring to snobify murica , tellen peepple thay gots to thenk and reed.

  61. Thomas Askew Post author

    All well and fine, but when you consider that space cannot be infinite or it would still be infinite no mater how much you divided it up. The big bounce paradigm is, however, consistent with the Brahmin cosmogony. It could also be construed to be consistent with the Christ myth. After all, if the universe eternally buries and resurrects itself, would that not be consistent with the narrative of the New Testament?

  62. SweetE1403 Post author

    It’s All GOD! He is eternal it all reflects Him. Great video

  63. Albatar Tamassuki Post author

    alquran about bigbang .(21:30) Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?

  64. Albatar Tamassuki Post author

    alquran about bigbang, fushilat 11: Then He directed Himself to the heaven while it was smoke and said to it and to the earth, "Come [into being], willingly or by compulsion." They said, "We have come willingly."

  65. Patrick Browne Post author

    To add more confusion, wormholes, blackholes and the time space continuum.

  66. Albatar Tamassuki Post author

    quran about the universe continues grow ,azzariat (51:47) And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.

  67. Albatar Tamassuki Post author

    galaxy in quran: Alburuj (1): By the sky containing great stars

  68. Albatar Tamassuki Post author

    quran about blackhole , Al-maarij (1-2): [It is] from Allah, owner of the ways of ascent.
    The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years.

  69. Albatar Tamassuki Post author

    quran about bigbang ,Alanbiya (30):
    Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth
    were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every
    living thing? Then will they not believe?

  70. jacobcrayola Post author

    Pretty good, loved the analogy. Especially the one concerning the North Pole and how asking "what happened before the Big Bang" is nonsensical, supposing that the Big Bang was really the beginning of the universe. The thing is, people conflate the Big Bang Model with the actual event itself; the moment in time. The Big Bang event is necessitated under a classical understanding of of relativity, which we know isn't the answer. We know that the real universe is quantum and we have 0 evidence to believe that this is false, physicists just need to start understanding it (That's why you should all buy Sean Carroll's "Something Deeply Hidden," it comes out in September).

    Also, the concept of "God" doesn't fit at all into contemporary cosmology and physics. Cosmology builds self contained, formal mathematical models that explain the entire history of the universe and reflect known data, and there is no room for God to have brought the universe into existence in these models. Cosmology also doesn't answer the purpose and meaning questions, the "why did the Big Bang happen" or "why are the laws of physics the way they are" are not really questions with answers. These are questions that our merely human rationality devise based on our everyday experience of life on Earth which in no way is representative of the fundamental nature of the universe. That comes through differential equations and building models, not philosophical principles of a "first cause" or "prime mover."

  71. Fortnite Skunk Post author

    God Created the heavens and earth, as he spoken “ let there be light”

  72. Cole Parker Post author

    He was doing really good for a second near the end. “Well maybe there is a God” to “well maybe the universe is actually eternal.”

    Smh almost had ‘em.

  73. Erik Payton Post author

    After each cycle of expanding and contracting, the universe would accuire more entropy and thus expand more and be longer before the next cycle. Thus if we go back in time, the cycles get smaller and smaller to a point where their is a beginning to these cycles. Scientists conclude, based on the amount of radiation in our universe, that the universe couldn't have gone through more that a hundred or so of these cycles before needing a beginning. This is an old and disproved theory. A good explanation of it though.

  74. Zoe Goodman Post author

    I I need stronger comments and strong stronger videos because I am trying to do a report also a video I mean not video well a a Dot-dot-dot a a passage about and science about what is my religion and what's the difference between the big bang and what's my argument and I can't do nothing about it so you have information which one as well please call me thank you

  75. Ashton Shepherd Post author

    Anything to say God doesn’t exist, they’ll do 😂 Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” <— BAM ! Walk outside, look up …there’s Heaven and the ground you’re standing on is Earth. Science is stupid. The Bible is real. Don’t be fooled

  76. Argotha Post author

    Right, so magic. 2nd law of thermodynamics refutes the idea that it compressed back into a ball and then exploded again.

    Where did the matter come from? If space itself were to expand, how could we possibly tell, given that we are in space? Wouldn't the molecules in our eyes expand at the same rate?

  77. Argotha Post author

    Can someone prove to me that the universe is more than 6k years old?

  78. Laceymae Bevan Post author

    I have one question…if everything was so tiny before…and it started to expand, wouldn't it still be expanding and wouldn't humans, sun, animals, plants, stars, and the moon continue to get bigger?

  79. guardsmanom134 Post author

    This was disproven, and the bouncing universe is what is now accepted.


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