School of Social & Community Services – Supervisor Appreciation Video

By | September 7, 2019

(electronic music) – We’re all here today because it’s our honor to
recognize the agencies that provide field placement
opportunities for our students. And we’re very
pleased to be able to do this with
them and for them. – Brampton Caledon
Community Livings provides community
living support for people with
developmental disabilities who need job training, who
need literacy training, who need support to
live independently or as close to
independent as they can. BCCL shares our
core competencies, and BCCL is really
a strong supporter of what the students
need to learn. – This year we chose
Toronto Community Housing, revitalization
project department as an agency of distinction. – Criminal Justice is
really thankful to be connected with Toronto
Community Housing because of the fact
that they really are using this new
revitalization project as a way to teach our students. – They’re going
to be working with vulnerable communities,
diverse people so when entering their
placement they’re able to learn a lot of transferable
skills which they can use throughout
their career path. – A good supervisor is approachable, flexible
and supportive, so we have nominated
the York Region Centre for Community
Safety because they are so incredibly
supportive of our students. – It allows us to have
really open conversations, and we can really work together
in the most connected ways. – The agency of
distinction for our program is Epiphany of Our
Lord Catholic School because their situation
is quite unique in how they work and
mentor with students. And what’s really neat
about their program is they actually
take students from several colleges
and universities and several different
programs and disciplines. So when our students
go out there, in addition to just
working with their staff they get to work with this
multi-disciplinary team. – They really are the heart
and soul of our program. We see people go
from being unsure, to really embracing the field. – Avalon Long Term Care facility has taken a number
of our students. – It’s got staff
who have the ability to really understand
the importance of nurturing students,
to develop them so that they go into the field, and they are successful
in working with people. – Trust 15 is a
community grass-roots organization, and
it is an agency that serves youth,
especially at-risk youth. We are recognizing
Trust 15 today because they are
really committed and dedicated to
student learning. – The founder of Trust 15 is a Humber alumni,
which is terrific. So students are able to see that somebody who has
graduated from the program has been able to
become so successful and is now paying
that forward by offering her
services to students in a field placement capacity. – It’s great that PAARC
is partner with Humber because they allow us
to have our students in the addictions
mental health field. So really working
with the clients in and using those theories that they learned
in the classroom. – When we put out
the call to agencies and said we’re
looking for placements they stepped right
up very quickly and said we will
take as many students as you have for us,
we want to train them, we want to hire them. So they were so
enthusiastic with us. – Carleton Village is a
health and wellness academy, so they create sort of
a supportive environment for youth to come in,
and with our students they get to sort of
have a role model or leader to work with. – Field placement is a really critical part of our curriculum. It’s one thing for
students to learn in the classroom
about the theories related to supporting
people with developmental
disabilities, but they really need the opportunity to go out and do that work And Brampton Caledon
is a great partner because they’ve always
been there for us. They consistently taken
a number of students and they provide
really an excellent experience for the students. – A lot of students are coming with no experience in
the field whatsoever, so this is their
first introduction as to what it’s
like to work in a not for profit or a
correctional facility or with the police. – We need to have our
students with families, with young people with children in order to be able to connect
that theory to practice. – It’s really important when we graduate our students, you know, that we’re sending them out with the skills that they need to do well in this
profession in our field and to bring about
positive change and growth. – When they come to
the end of this degree, the most common thing that
we hear from students is “My internship
taught me so much.” So the internship really offers a transformative
experience where students can really be enriched by their exposure
to all of these things that are happening
in the agencies. – Throughout the process
of the placement, it’s neat to see the
student’s confidence get greater and
their ability to get really definitive with
their learning goals. – They love working with
the youth that they meet and seeing the changes
that end up happening with their involvement there. – The feedback that
I’ve been getting from the students
is how much they’re enjoying seeing
their classwork being put into place, and even now like it’s been so great to talk to the students about their placement time
there, and they feel so warm and welcome,
and they said there’s tons of
opportunities for them. – The fact that Toronto
Community Housing was able to hire a
few of our students just to help them navigate within the career service
field, it£s fulfilling. – At the end of placement it’s
all they want to talk about, is how much they’ve
learned, and the networks they’ve made and how
much fun they’ve had. – Our programs are
built on the notion of community, hence the
Social and Community Services title of our school,
and really without our community partners
our students wouldn’t have exposure to the
amazing children, youth and families
that can inspire them to develop and grow
as practitioners. – As faculty we don’t
always have the opportunity to say thank you,
so I think that doing this and having this event is very important, and it’s great to
be a part of it, to be able to say thank you. (relaxed music)

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