San Jose Catholic Churches Prepare To Be Sanctuaries For Immigrants

By | August 24, 2019

CITY MAY SOON SHIELD IMMIGRANTS FROM DEPORTATION UNDER THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. KPIX FIVE’S DEVIN FEHLEY REPORTS ON THE UNPRECEDENTED PLAN THAT’S GETTING A SHOW OF SUPPORT. [NATS] THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN SANTA CLARA IS QUIETLY LINING UP AS MANY AS TWENTY PLACES OF WORSHIP TO ACT AS POTENTIAL SAFEHOUSES FOR IMMIGRANTS FACING DEPORTATION UNDER A TRUMP PRESIDENCY. “Fr. Jon Pedigo/Dioceses of San Jose: We are not looking to make a political statement on sanctuary or anything like that. It’s basically providing refuge, support, stability and safety for a family in need.” THE PLAN IS PART OF A COORDINATED EFFORT BY CHURCHES, COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS AND LOCAL LEADERS IN RESPONSE TO THE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP… WHO’s ADVOCATED FOR AN AGGRESSIVE CRACKDOWN ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. SAN JOSE MAYOR SAM LICCARDO WANTS TO RELAX SOME CITY REGULATIONS… MAKING IT EASIER FOR CHURCHES TO PROVIDE SANCTUARY TO IMMIGRANT FAMILIES. ” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo : What we’re trying to do is simply get out of the way for those service providers — in this case churches and faith- based organizations — that have traditionally provided sanctuary.” BUT TRUMP SUPPORTERS SAY EFFORTS TO CIRCUMVENT THE LAW… AND THWART THE WILL OF THE NEW ADMINISTRATION AND THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR IT… ARE FLAT-OUT WRONG. “Trump Supporter Juan Hernandez : I don’t think the San Jose mayor has the right to pick and chose which laws he wants to abide by and which ones he doesn’t. Because, in essence, what that creates is divisiveness. Instead of trying to support the president and making sure America succeeds, it’s being very divisive.” THE CITY AND COUNTY ARE BOTH DEVELOPING PLANS TO PROTECT IMMIGRANT COMMUNITIES… INCLUDING INCREASED ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND LEGAL AID… AS THEY WAIT TO SEE HOW MUCH OF TRUMP’s CAMPAIGN RHETORIC BECOMES REALITY. ” City Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco : We don’t know what he’ll do because he has been sworn in yet. All we know is what he’s threatened.” IN SAN JOSE, DEVIN FEHELY, KPIX 5. AN EPIC SNUB TO SAN FRANCISCO… WILL BRING THE FORCE TO L-A.

3 thoughts on “San Jose Catholic Churches Prepare To Be Sanctuaries For Immigrants

  1. Your Beloved Jesus:Reject Me and you will become enslaved by My greatest adversary Post author

    The conscience
    of a man is like a mirror to his soul.

    Saturday, December 13th, 2014 @ 00:15

    dearly beloved daughter, the conscience of a man is like a mirror to his soul.
    What the conscience feels, responds to, and believes in, is reflected in his
    soul. This means that if your conscience alerts to you something that you know,
    in your heart, is wrong in the Eyes of God then you must listen to it.

    your conscience leads you to defend the Word of God, when you are presented
    with evil, you must respond to it, as you know you must. If you accept evil,
    when your conscience guides you otherwise, then you are disloyal to the Word of
    God. You must, if you call yourself a Christian, allow your conscience to guide
    you.  In the Christian soul who is blessed with the Gift of the Holy
    Spirit, the conscience will be fully alert to the deceit of the devil in all
    its forms.

    you deny your conscience then you deny God. When you deny God you deny your own
    inheritance. Never make excuses for accepting anything, which you know does not
    come from Me, because if your conscience instructs you one way and you take the
    opposite direction then you have failed to take up My Cup. What do I mean by My
    Cup? When you are a Christian you will always come up against My enemies.
    Christians are despised by those who do not come from Me. There may be times
    when you do not suffer any prejudices but there will always come a time when
    you will be challenged in My Name. When that day comes, will you forsake Me by
    denying My Holy Word? 

    strong is your faith or your love for Me? It is only when faced with great
    adversity that you will know how far you are prepared to go to refuse to accept
    a wrong for what is right. Those strong enough who refuse to accept anything
    that denies the dogma, laid down in the Holy Bible, will take up My Cup. The
    Cup represents My Blood and the Chalice, which contains it. The Cup represents
    the suffering that, inevitably, comes about when you march with great
    confidence to uphold the Word of God.

    God stated as fact His Laws, through His Word contained in the Holy Bible then
    you can never accept anything, which goes against them. To denounce dogma in My
    Name is to disown Me. The day will come when My Church on earth will deny the
    dogma, which is carved in stone, in exchange for the doctrine of darkness. If
    you accept this deceit, although your conscience tells you otherwise, then
    you are guilty of heresy. Once you do this you cannot call yourself a Christian
    or a disciple of Mine, for I will disown you if you do.

    Your Jesus

  2. Angelique Oren Post author

    Great job! Now you are protecting criminals, but I am not surprised. You did protect priest that molested children. I will not give a dime to any church that protects criminals. Just in case you are confused, being in the US illegally is a crime. If you commit a crime then by definition you are a criminal. Amazing how that works!


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