Sacrifice & Atonement

By | October 10, 2019

we all long for the world to be good for
people to live in peace act with love and justice but there’s a
problem something compels us humans to
constantly wreak havoc and destruction instead and we call this evil and from
the Bible’s point of view, evil ruins things in at least two ways. There’s a direct
effect of our evil like when someone steals from another person they’ve
created injustice therefore they owe something to make it right but there’s another
indirect effect of evil because they’ve also ruined the environment of
the relationship creating a lack of trust there’s emotional damage it’s like
vandalism and they need to make that right too. Now many people believe ‘Hey
God is good he should be the one to just get rid of
all the evil in the world.’ But let’s be honest I mean the evil that I see everywhere out there it’s the same evil that’s
inside of me. We have all contributed and we keep doing it. So this kind of puts us
in a bind if God’s going to rid the world of evil, he’ll have to get rid of us. And this
is what’s so remarkable about the story of the Bible. This God is so good that not only is he going to rid the
world of evil he’s going to do it without destroying humanity. So how is he
going to do that? Well early in the story of the Bible we’re introduced to this
practice of animal sacrifice which I know seems weird to us but for the
Israelites it was a very powerful symbol of God’s justice and of His grace. So
remember I’m a contributor to the evil that’s in the world I should be removed.
But God is allowing this animal’s life to be a substitute. It symbolically dying in my place. And the biblical word for this is atonement, which means to cover over someone’s death. But
there’s a second part to this ritual remember evil also causes this
relational vandalism and in the Bible this idea is described as polluting or
defiling the land and making it unclean so the priest would symbolically wash
away the vandalism by sprinkling the animal’s blood in different parts of
the temple. So the animal’s blood is cleaning things? Well, remember this is a
symbol and it’s a symbol that we’re not used to. The blood represents life and the
sprinkling of the blood is this representation of how God is cleaning
away these indirect consequences of evil in their community. In the Bible
this process is called purification and so the temple in the land now become a
clean space where God and His people can live together in peace So this ritual makes things right
between Israel and God? And more than that! The Israelites experience God’s
love and His grace through these symbols and by being forgiven ideally this would compel
them to become people of love and grace that’s the ideal but it wasn’t always happening right so the
prophet Isaiah for example he talks a lot about this he opens his book by
saying that the continual sacrifices of the Israelites had become meaningless
because they were also allowing great evil in their midst. Ignoring the poor
and the oppressed even the Israelite kings were distorting justice. But Isaiah looked
forward to a day when a new king from the line of David would come and deal
with evil but in a surprising way the King would become a servant and not just
serve but also suffer and die for the evil committed by his own people and his
life would be offered as a sacrifice this is the promise of Jesus believed he
was fulfilling he’s the king of Israel suffering and dying on the cross. In fact, Jesus
himself used Isaiah’s words when he said that he came to serve and give his life
as a ransom for many. And that word ransom refers to the sacrifice of atonement and
so all over the New Testament we hear about how Jesus’ death was an atoning
sacrifice for us. It covered the debt that humans owe God for contributing to all of
the evil and death in His world but the new testament authors also talk about
Jesus death as providing purification and so we hear about Jesus’ blood as a
symbol of his life having this ability to wash away the vandalism that evil
has caused in and around us so we can now live at peace with God so that’s the
meaning behind Jesus’ death but there’s more to the story. Yeah, the New Testament
makes this powerful claim that Jesus’s death was not final he rose from the dead and so he’s the sacrifice who broke the
power of death and evil which means that he lives on to offer his life to anyone
who will accept it he is the perfect sacrifice to it which all the previous sacrifices were
pointing all along. So because of Jesus the early Christians stopped
participating in the ritual animal sacrifice. But they were given new
rituals there are two that Jesus taught his followers to perform the first is called
baptism. Just as Jesus died so going into the water becomes this personal
connection you now have to his death and in coming out of the water you so to
speak come back to life with Jesus baptism is
the sacred ritual that joins your story to Jesus’s death and resurrection the
second rituals called the Lord’s Supper which is a reenactment of Jesus’ last
meal with his disciples and he use bread and wine to portray his coming death as
a sacrifice and so now followers of Jesus they take the bread and the cup
regularly to remember and to participate in the power of Jesus’ death and in his
life so these rituals they remind us of God’s love and encourage us to live a
life love and grace but they do more than that they connect us to a new life
source the very power that brought Jesus back from the dead is the same power
that can deal with the evil in our own lives and transform us into people who
lead lives of love and peace. Hi this is Tim! And this is Jon! And we
believe the Bible is telling one overall story from beginning to end and so we’re
making videos about each individual book of the Bible its unique design and
message and then how it fits into that overall storyline we also make videos we
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  2. Anthony Green Post author

    I am not sure I fully agree with the rituals. To be baptised is an outward sign of your commitment and it is only done once. The Lords supper  he said do this in rememberance of me, are you saying that this is something we should be doing or shall be doing?

  3. Only me Post author

    So t water of life eternal is baptism, just like when a baby is born of his earthly mother and her waters brake making the birth a smoother journey in t first instance. It's a shame t wicked didn't die instead of Jesus because they r disgusting and t world wld be better if he lived and they died….oh well God is a just and Holy God so it's only fair to give them a chance I suppose.

  4. Bekah Sierra Post author

    Can I just say, thank you for making the people look the correct ethnicity. I can't tell you how many times my Sunday schoolers ask why everyone is white. You've literally saved me from having to explain that every five minutes.

  5. Anthony Lascelles Post author

    Thank you so much guys I love what you do and I wanna give back

  6. Pastor Rosie Cooke Post author

    EXCELLENT WORK!!!! Holy Spirit continue to use you mightily for HIS KINGDOM!!! Using it for our kids church and ppl!

  7. Titus1221 Post author

    ha,ha,ha, this lesson taught me more in 7 minutes than the christian church did in 20 years. I'm not going back there. And I was literally sitting up there sleeping.

  8. ll nom Post author

    If jesus died on the cross as an atonement for us we wouldn't t experience demonic torments and other consequences of our sins. We still have to do sacrifices and fast and repent. This theory that jesus died for our sins is dangerous. People may think that their bad deeds have been forgiven and erased when they are not. So people won t do the good deeds to erase them and the atonement etc. Read the Quran if you want to know more about god s law. The bible has been modified.

  9. Hong35 Ministry Post author

    Thank you so much for your project~~~!!

  10. ArunRaj Abraham Post author

    I couldn't just put up my mind about Israelites and their animal sacrifice rituals!!
    I always feel bad for the poor voiceless animals!!! 😢😢

  11. Nick Oscar Post author

    Funny how the sons of God eat Christians. They'll burn in hellfire forever.

  12. Regie Vitto Post author

    Which is biblical baptism in the bible that john the baptist do?1.immersion or Credobap 2. Pouring/ Sprinkling or Paedobap?
    If hebrew priest/ the pharisees do sprinkling of blood in purification why John the baptist do it by immersion? where did john the baptist learn the immersion for baptism?

  13. Rebekah Post author

    Wow. I just discovered the captions are available in Telugu and many other languages too!! Thank you!!!!!! ❤️

  14. 김윤 Post author

    Awesome. Can't wait to see more your works.

  15. Randy Taylor Post author

    You people will make up the craziest nonsense to justify your religion. God…sacrificed himself to himself for a problem he created himself. Your video just makes God sound like a complete moron.

  16. Hreg Gerrera Post author

    Thank you guys this is been a tremendous help with my studies through the Old Testament..

  17. Priscilla Alvarez Post author

    Thanks you for your brilliance ❤️

  18. Simplicio Post author

    The lessons of the prophets are perhaps all we have to connect ourselves to God, and through their words we can find the peace they found in our time

  19. Dorothy Green Post author

    MAN. I. Love. Y'all. Vision.
    BLESS. U. Guy's. So much in. Christ.

  20. Jewish Spy Post author

    Can I lead a life of love and peace, without Jesus or the holy spirit?

  21. Morrison Teague Post author

    The Hebrew God is nothing but evil. This evil starts will the chosen people concept. These people created these pagan concepts of God such as sacrificing animals. The whole hebrew bible is pagan in its origin.

  22. God Of Theory Post author

    Does that mean it's ok to kill animals???

  23. Sherlock Helms Post author

    I love this channel but I found it interesting that you mention that when Jesus was called a "Ransom" you said the payment was to God as if to appease his wrath. I would like to see your views on the Early Churches view of the Satan Ransom Theory.

  24. Pemuda Indonesia Post author

    Halleluya. Praise the Holy Trinity (Father, His Word (Son) and His Spirit (Holy Spirit). when the word descended to earth became human, could God not speak anymore? certainly not

    It's the same as if I record all my ideas and thoughts to make cakes into a flash disk or dvd. Does the dvd represent me? The answer is yes. Can the dvd be damaged? The answer can be. After I record all my thoughts / ideas, the thoughts inside me are empty? Certainly not.

  25. Kym Dickman Post author

    Thanks for bringing out the positive aspect of the blood. In my mind, I had always associated it with death, because shedding blood happens as something bleeds out.
    But, ‘the life is in the blood’ principal, as stated in Leviticus, was veiled to me until I saw it in the bowl in your animation. Wonderful!!
    So, the sprinkling of the blood brings the pure life everywhere in the sacred space! Love it!
    I’m ‘under the blood of the lamb’…. I rejoice in His Life!!! Wow!

  26. mc alleyboy Post author

    The bread and wine… wasn't that used with another God that the Egyptians worshipped? I remember reading this somewhere .

  27. John Kennedy Post author

    Thank you gentlemen. Absolutely fantastic. Trying to grasp the immensity of the gospel from old to new testament is beyond our ability. But you gentlemen are making it more understandable. It will take an eternity to begin to comprehend all that the Father has accomplished through the sacrifice of Jesus. Praise God for your mission

  28. Bhai Dodum Phassang Post author

    But…Baptism was being practised before Jesus started his ministry..lead by John the baptist🤔🤔

  29. Michael K Clark Post author

    Thank you for your work and obedience to the Lord. You mentioned evil as the problem should we use the word sin ? We act or operate evil because we have sinned .

  30. Shamira Miller Post author

    You guys truly have a gift 🔥🙏🏽… thank you for being Gods vessels

  31. Patrick Norris Post author

    Seems correct but the part about the baptism and the Lords supper being a ritual and how it somehow connects us to a new life force, and some how transforms us into people who lead lives of peace and love but in all reality, they actually dont transform us really. They are truly and really just acts of worship to honor what Hes done for us. The Holy Spirit(God himself), is really the only one that can change anything in us. These acts of worship dont physically change us or somehow manipulate us to change. They were commandments that God wanted us to live out as symbols of remembrance and obedience. As long as no one takes that part literally, the "transforming" part, I think it's a good way to look at it.

  32. Byron Flagg Post author

    I have been
    a longtime advocate and financial supporter of the Bible Project, as the videos
    have been immensely helpful to me and others with whom I have shared them.  However, there is a heresy in Tim Mackie’s
    teachings and thereby the Bible Project videos that is significant enough to
    place them both outside of Christian orthodoxy. 
    Tim Mackie has extracted God’s character as judge from his teachings and
    videos.  This is evident in the Bible Project
    video on Sacrifice and Atonement where Jesus takes on the practical
    consequences of our sin, but no mention is made of God’s judgement.  Tim has also conflated sin and hell, denying
    the existence of hell as a sentence God issues as judgement against unrepentant
    sin.  This is evident in the bible
    project video on Heaven and Earth, as well as Tim’s video teaching on Heaven
    and Hell at Blackhawk church in Madison, WI on June 7, 2015.  By extracting God’s judgement and Jesus’
    sacrifice as providing substitutionary atonement, Tim Mackie redefines God the
    Father and Jesus, creating a new gospel that is in conflict with countless scriptures
    in the Bible.  As Tim Mackie is a very experienced
    and educated bible teacher, this cannot be a simple error of ignorance.  I can only assume it is an intentional false
    teaching, though I can’t claim to know Tim’s heart and or the root cause of
    this false gospel.  But at the very least
    for now I must discontinue my advocacy and financial support of the Bible
    Project.  For as much truth as there is
    in the videos, there is also false teaching regarding core Christian doctrine resulting
    in a false gospel at least as described here and potentially more.  In the spirit of Romans 16:17 I (we) must
    avoid false teachers.  If Tim
    acknowledges the admonition and correction being put forth by countless
    Christians, repents and retracts his false teachings, I will with joy once
    again support and promote the Bible Project work.

  33. Lisa Kaylene Dongell Post author

    You do such a great job on your videos but you missed Deuteronomy 4:2 and 12:33. This is how we know Jesus would not have taken away or added any rituals. The Miqvah pointed to Baptism and Pesach/Passover to the Spiritual Covenant renamed Communion.

  34. Ella Mould Post author

    wow that had me tearing up. SO well done and SO thankful for our Jesus who died for us <3

  35. Ingrid Fonseca Post author

    Wow!! I feel really blessed to have come across ur page. N i know it's God who brought me here to see it coz i was just browsing YouTube n from no where one animation video of the Bible showed up n so i watched Job from your list of videos as i read it from the Bible now only a party of it. I found the video be so interesting in an animation form. Quickly subscribed n shared with my fly. Your animation is just incredible n so also the narrators voice too. Keep up the good work!!!👐🙏

  36. Armono Ruiz Post author

    SALVATION IS ONLY FOR THE ISRAELITES!!!(Blacks Hispanics, and Native indians).. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH GOD OF ISRAEL 🙌🏿… Matthew 15:24

  37. Denzell Hines Post author

    The education an guidance you two give is a blessing to many who don't understand a ancient book that still is relevant today. 🙏🙏 .

  38. Lee Harvener Post author

    Holy Guacamole God is good. Thanks be to Christ!

  39. salampati libulan Post author

    if God were to remove evil, God must not have satan live longer in the first place.

  40. AKHI SOUFYAN BEATS Post author

    Why did God need a sheep and blood to purify people?

  41. Nightshade Night Post author

    Wow Jehovah witness does all these two special things: baptism and remember the last meal Jesus had in earth and it’s meaning

  42. Brick Talk Post author

    These guys voices tell me exactly what they are? Lol they're definitely Zionist

  43. Wilco Lensink Post author

    The word "evil" to me is a strange word. I myself call it "ignorance"; minds too clouded by pain and suffering to see the good in creation and themselves, hence they lack the motivation, compassion and understanding to act in a more beneficial manner. I think if humans did not suffer so much, there would be less destructive acts out of ignorance.

  44. Abdu Rehman Post author

    Amazing video thank you for representing it so nicely I’m trying to explore other religion….to make my own faith strong Alhumdulillah I’m so happy to be Muslim

  45. Daniel M Post author

    Still one of the best videos you guys have made. I re-watch this video all the time hahah! Thanks for everything.

  46. Dustin Neely Post author

    Penal Substitutionary Atonement is heresy. It pits the Father against the Son breaking the unity of the Holy Trinity.

  47. Michael Lords Post author

    So let’s say there are people like let’s say the Jews. That don’t believe Jesus was the king of the Jews. They would still have to sacrifice a goat to get with God, correct?

  48. tamika jackson Post author

    Our Heavenly Father said love thy neighbors and Christ is his son, do you see love in Thorns Crown on the Roman's crucifix cross on anyone who oppose Roman laws and others were being crucifix next to Christ, do you see love there when Mary stayed and watched was it love there ,the love began when Our Heavenly Father resurrected his son Messiah

  49. tamika jackson Post author

    Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy of obligations and Christ prescribed Saturday to be the Sabbath day in full filling that law and the Roman's change it to Sunday without authority from Our Heavenly Father and Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance

  50. tamika jackson Post author

    Christ taught his Disciples how to pray in secret because of the Fallen angels who try to incept prayers especially Satan and Christ told them in the closet with the doors closed and ask of Our Heavenly Father in secret personal

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    The Roman's Catholic Priest request confessions rooms and his submission of a false god in human form denying Our Heavenly Father repentance

  52. tamika jackson Post author

    False gods are fallen angels who wanted to be worship as gods including subliminal Santa Revelation Chapters 1 14 Old Testament

  53. Josh Lucas Post author

    This does not explain why a creator who has the power speak the universe into existence, who can make all things new, requires blood and death?

    We know that human sacrifice ended with Abraham, and all blood sacrifice ended with Jesus.

    Jesus’s teachings focused on mercy, forgiveness, service to others. The rulers of this age killed him for his teachings, as they did to his followers.

    I fully expect as this world falls deeper into darkness, “God” will start asking for blood again. Something feeds off this death and blood and it is not the Father, it is not the Son. Pre flood Gods that deceived the Israelites into this barbaric practice is my guess.

    It makes no sense. Something or someone has wedged itself between us and God. They require this blood for some reason but it is definitely not to make us right with an all knowing, all loving, all powerful creator.

  54. Sonny Reeves Post author

    What a wonderful teaching tool. Clear and accurate to scripture. Amen!

  55. Olivia Mikhael Post author

    Hi Team!

    Love your Channel, such a blessing. May God continue to bless your work to open the minds of everyone including myself to understand such an amazing book.

    Just wanted to share that another Christian Ritual is the laying hand on the baptized to receive the Holy Spirit. The disciples experienced it by having the Holy Spirit as tongues of fire. Saint Paul talked about it as laying of the hand to receive the Holy Spirit.

    In the Orthodox Church we do it via anointing with the Holy Myron 36 times in different parts of the body as little infants.

    God bless,

  56. Evelyn M. Young Post author

    What about the believers who had taken the Nazarite vow in Acts 21 along with Paul?

  57. matt atwood Post author

    all these "self proclaiming" Christians, or followers of God seem to scoff at animal sacrifice. They quickly reject these words of God. . . . . Leviticus 24:22 "You are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born. I am the LORD your God.'" Hear that? Animal sacrifice done away with at the cross? Nope, scripture never says that, that's a manmade tradition and false teaching. The Prophet Ezekiel said that when Jesus returns, he will command ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH to sacrifice animals in order to atone for their sins. Few seem to realize the apostle Paul even sacrificed in the temple after Jesus death and resurrection, proving these things didn't stop at the cross. So why did we stop animal sacrifice? Well, the law of God commands certain things be present in order to properly sacrifice. A consecrated alter and temple are two of those things. Neither one being currently present on earth. Fact is, they continued to sacrifice legally after Jesus resurrection, they never stopped doing so, as commanded by God, until the temple was destroyed, making sacrifice impossible under the law. Its promised that we will once again sacrifice animals under the command of jesus, during the 1,000 year millennial reign, Christians better get on board or face discipline for disobeying a direct command of God. Jesus blood DID NOT FOREVER end the need for blood sacrifice. Hebrews 10:26 "If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God". So what is sin? Sin is the TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW. If we continually disobey Gods laws, the blood of Jesus WILL NOT COVER US.

  58. GnaReffotsirk Post author

    Justice of God is a misunderstanding. This Judgement of God exists, but Justice of God? This is a mistake from understanding God is Just in that those in the past and we today should receive grace through faith.

    God is just is the point, meaning He is not unfair. The idea of punishing man or sinners doesn't come from the bible.

    The wrath of God against all ungodliness is the degrading of the mind and body, and death, when He lets man go to do what he wants.

    God is not under some rule, instead His rule is evident in creation.

    Atonement is largely misunderstood in the western view of Christianity, especially among those who hold the heresy of the eternal soul, which is not a biblical concept.

    The angry, wrathful god is a pagan understanding and is not found in the bible. Though He is angry against ungodliness, and injustice, it is because those things prevent man from coming to God for restoration.

    Atonement or propitiation should be understood by looking at the Cross backwards to Leviticus, and not the other way around. Hebrews then Leviticus.

    The old covenant had in it instituted rites of sacrifices and feasts so that those who gather and believe, looking on to the future hope, which is now in Christ, might be justified together with us.

    (Isaiah 53: 4-5)

    Surely He took on our infirmities
    and carried our sorrows;
    (He became man like us)

    yet we considered Him stricken by God,
    struck down and afflicted.
    (We falsely think God is punishing Him or punished Him for some reason. ie our sins)

    But He was pierced for our transgressions,
    He was crushed for our iniquities;
    the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him,
    and by His stripes we are healed.
    (He suffered because we failed, to offer the Atoning Sacrifice, brought us peace, and restoration/justification.)

    It is mankind who was given peace, not God. It was we who are restored not God. Certainly, God was not without peace that He should create a body for His son, and His son obeying, offers it as the Sacrifice but us.

    Not that He should offer it to us, but FOR us, so we may know the Love of God, which in knowing through the demonstration by His Son on the cross, make God known to us who are in bondage, fearing death.

    Atonement is a display of God's Love. A proof from God to man that He lives and Loves, and has fulfilled His promise since the beginning.

  59. jay tianchon Post author

    This is the reason why baptism is necessary for salvation… Calvinists however would be very angry.

  60. aidan benbow Post author

    Good video, although it would be important to mention that Jesus' sacrifice was also to appease God's wrath!

  61. Dustin Whitesell Post author

    Baptism is not salvation, it’s symbolic, but it’s not salvation. If it were, it’d make salvation about works, and Ephesians 2:8-9 explains that for us. Great video otherwise.

  62. Timothy Manning Post author

    Ok i can't take it anymore. The possessive of Jesus is not pronounced "Jesusez". So "Jesus' death" is pronounced with no second s at the end. It's just "Jesus' death". The possessive Jesus' is simply pronounced "Jesus".

  63. Carlos Spiceywhiener Post author

    I dont understand. Why did God create us evil? Why not just create us good? Why not just make us good? Why are we evil in the first place if what you say is true? Also you are mistaken about baptism. This was done before Jesus and was taught to Jesus not by him. It does not represent His death. That is made up later and not biblical. Jesus was baptized before he died so how can it represent His death and resurrection? Nowhere in the bible does it say baptism is what you claim it to be. Its one of those made up things that sounds true but is a lie.

  64. Kieren Greeves Post author

    God Bless you guys…you are doing a wonderful job…may The Lord Jesus Christ Bless you all and your families and keep you in His covering. I just want to say I Love you guys and "I'm a huge fan"😅…with love from South Africa🇿🇦🕇🕆💓

  65. Jew Shirls Post author

    See Psalm 51: God does not desire sacrifice (obedience is better than sacrifice) 'but a contrite heart you will not despise'.."then in sacrifices will you delight". So the offering is an outward act in response to the Inward change that has already taken place.
    In Judaism the Repentance is what Grant's forgiveness and the sacrifices were merely symbolic and for the purpose of taking away the Guilt of sin but not the sin itself.
    But in Christianity its the opposite: the outward sacrifice itself is supposedly what atones for sin and the inward heart change is an afterthought.

  66. Elizabeth Proverbs 28:9 Post author

    I appreciate this video. It is great for explaining the concept of Atonement to our two children. However, it is an error to say that Yeshua added any “new” commandments. His commandments are the ones given from the beginning, and they were and still are perfect, and suitable for doctrine, reproof, and training in righteousness.

    Baptism is not new. It was commanded for the priests before entering the temple. We are ALL priests now, and our bodies are the temple.

    The Lord’s Supper was not new, it was the Passover meal- and HE was the offering.

    Our Savior IS YHWH. He did not ADD to the commandments, nor take away from them… lest He would NOT have been the perfect Lamb… He would have been violating Deuteronomy 12:32. He would have been considered a false prophet according to Deuteronomy 13. Yah forbid!! He IS perfect, and He fulfilled and taught us to follow the Laws in HIS perfect way. Not ONE jot or tittle from the Law will pass until heaven AND earth pass away, which happens on the last day.


  67. Teofy real Post author

    It's a "PASSOVER" new covenant"
    That we need to celebrate now a days. 🥖 Represent body of Christ🍷represent as a blood of Christ.

  68. thatchadguy 97 Post author

    I like how there are no ads on any one of your videos. Just shows how YouTube deals with their people

  69. shadow cool dog pink Post author

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  70. Nickztx100 Post author

    Evil should never have been introduced to the world except by deliberate design.

  71. PRIYAS CHATTERJEE Post author

    Jesus is great. I don't know why but I feel a spiritual experience when I see the picture of Jesus.

  72. Ruth Brown Post author

    Sooo, if everything is based on patterns in the whole bible, did baptism just get invented for the New Testament? Washing and immersion is in the old testament, it is an on going part of our walk isn't it? Where did this golden ticket mentality come from. I imagine Pharisees had made washing something full of man made rituals and rules with special stepped baths. Jesus and John showed how YHWH intended, 1st repent, 2nd get washed and clean – then you can approach father.

  73. Yvette Ihemesinwa Post author

    Thank you for sharing this important information with us, men of God.

  74. Soulfully Naomi Post author

    What are your takes on the feasts such as atonement (today)

  75. Eirik Link Post author

    Amen! Praise Jesus Christ for his sacrifice and atonement for our sins!

    Great video ! Thanks guys for spreading the gospel!


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