S4:E2 | On Common Grounds | Megan Keane ’19

By | September 4, 2019

(intro music playing) – Welcome to another session
of On Common Grounds. Today my guest is Megan
Keane and from Farmingdale, Long Island. – Uh-hm. – And you are a senior. – Yes. – Okay, why don’t you tell
us a little bit… how’d you get to Sacred Heart? – Um, well, I was just
doing a bunch of tours. I thought that I wanted to be
in Connecticut because it’s kind of, it was close enough
to home where I was able to go home if I needed to, but I was
also far enough away where I was like, my parents
wouldn’t be suffocating me. Um, but I ended up touring
Sacred Heart and it felt just like my high school, like
very, um, community based, everyone was super close. Um, I don’t know, everyone just knew each other, like every tour
guide was waving to someone. So, I fell in love, I just
felt really at home here. – How was it when you first
came from high school to the University that first
year, that first semester, first year? – It was great! I got involved in a Pre-Fall
program, so I was in Community Connections, um, which is kind
of like the way that I went throughout this, um,
my college experience. I’ve been in the Volunteer
Programs office, so getting involved in that the first
week of school was awesome because I met so many friends,
I got a mentor, um, and kind of made a home in the
Volunteers Program office, so um, my first semester in
college was awesome because I already had, kind of, like a
back for me, like people I had. – [John] So, I don’t want to
put words in your mouth, but found Pre-Fall programs
critical for you? Beneficial? – Yeah, definitely. – [John] And do you still
see that among students? – Yeah, um, a lot of the
students that, especially with my freshmen, a lot of the
students that have gone through Pre-Fall programs already feel
at home because they already have a group of people that
they know here and whether or not they stay close to that
group, or not, they’re still… They feel comfortable here
enough, they are like, their first semester, they already
know people that they can go to, so it’s great. – [John] That’s great. So after graduation come May,
which comes quickly enough, you’ll be in your fifth year here. – Yep. – Where are you looking to teach? – So, I would like to go
home for a little bit. Um, work with, you know,
work within the Long Island community and be home for
awhile because my little sister is 10. She is turning 11 in
February, so uh, I want to see her grow up a little bit. My brother is in college
now, so I would like to be around for that. But if I get hired in Connecticut,
I’ll stay in Connecticut as well. It would be nice to be near
the Sacred Heart community as well. – And do you think the Guatemala
experience will affect you, and if so, how, in your teaching? – Um, it will teach me in
a way where I will be able to kind of, relay these
experiences that other people have to my students and be
like, “you know, we are very lucky and fortunate to be
able to have this education, um, because a lot of people
don’t have this opportunity.” So… – So you really do sound
like as if you’ve had a transformative experience
– Yeah, for sure. during those three and now hopefully four. I’m sure this fourth year
will be a trip… will be an emotional one for you. – Lot’s of tears, for sure. – [John] But tears of
great sadness and joy. – Uh-hm. – If there was a place
that you like to hang out on campus, where would that be? – Um, the Volunteer program’s
office which is now a new office. It has campus ministry in it
as well, so I love hanging out in there. Um, so many familiar faces,
nice couches, it’s a good time. – [John] Good. And if you had to, the last
question which I always ask, um, if you had to describe
Sacred Heart in a word, what would you say? – Family. That’s my word, definitely. – [John] Great. Well good luck
– Thank you. in your last semester and a half. – Thanks. – Good luck in graduate school. I’m glad that you are going to stay with us. (chuckles) – Me too. – And do that and have a safe and very good trip to Guatemala. – Thank you. – Thank you. (jazz music playing)

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