RTCA – A Helping Hand For Your Community

By | September 4, 2019

A helping hand for your community. Communities can grow from the seed of an idea. Great ideas can build great communities. Do you want to give your community something that will last a lifetime? Build a trail, create a park,
expand outdoor recreation opportunities, protect natural areas. If your vision is related to
natural resource conservation or outdoor recreation you can ask for help from the National Park
Service. The National Park Service has a community assistance program called Rivers, Trails
and Conservation Assistance, or RTCA. The program can help turn your ideas into action. RTCA
helps communities everywhere, not just in National Parks, by offering technical assistance and
advice. But community members use their own drive, commitment, and enthusiasm to lead
the project. RTCA can help communities learn to: get organized, think and plan strategically,
find funding sources, navigate state and federal regulations, develop trail plans, create waterway
and conservation networks, communicate ideas, and build lasting relationships. If you want
RTCA technical assistance take the first step today! We have a website for Alaska and we
have a national website. Remember, always contact the office closest to you and talk
with the RTCA staff about your vision. If your idea is a good fit for RTCA technical
assistance apply to RTCA for help! Applications are due August 1 of each year. We hope to
hear from you soon and look forward to partnering on your community-led conservation and outdoor
recreation project.

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