Romania: The persecution of the Greek Catholic church

By | September 14, 2019

Welcome to Aid to the Church in Need’s “Where
God Weeps”, a weekly program dedicated to the situation of the suffering Church around
the world. The story of the Greek Catholic persecution
in Romania is without parallel in the 20th Century. The Greek Catholic Church was liquidated,
all the bishops were imprisoned and many died in prison. Over six hundred clergy were also
imprisoned and over half of them also died The communists they started a kind of campaign
against Vatican, saying “this is a… an imperialist power”. All the Greek Catholics passed to
the Orthodox so there is no more Greek Catholics. All the structures passed to the Orthodox
Church so there are no more metropolises, no more bishoprics, no more monasteries, no
more churches, parishes and so on, of the Greek Catholics. Being one of those that had close connections
with our episcopate I was wanted by the Securitate. Once arrested I was taken to different places
for interrogation. Fr. Langa said: “The time of the prison was
the most beautiful time of my life. In that time I was really in the hands of God.”
I was beaten for three months without any questions asked. And I suddenly remembered
that Jesus had also been beaten… So I began repeating: “Jesus!”, calling Jesus to be together
with me in my suffering. He get in prison with the thought that he
will never get out from there. We are following the fall of communism, and
so many of these people that were agents of persecution are of course still in power.
How important is reconciliation in this ability? We have to respect the word of the Bible,
not to look at the person but to look at the sin. The sin has to be erased and rejected,
but the person have to be redeemed, it’s a soul, a human kind. It’s very interesting:
there were persons from this that came to Church.
It was a place where many people came to faith, atoned for their sins. So the Devil, if he
wanted to make us suffer, in reality served both us and God’s sanctifying plan. The Devil
was there, but he sat aside, biting his fingers seeing how he had stirred our love for Jesus.

14 thoughts on “Romania: The persecution of the Greek Catholic church

  1. kellogsnotavailable Post author

    I wonder why the (christian) hell would anybody twist our dramatic history and mix the *greek catholics* together ?
    Religion is useless nowadays anyway. People fear the Global Warming much more than God. But for all believers, you may proudly proceed to your heavens. Just be quick on your way.

  2. MPrae Post author

    uita-te in ce hal a adus ortodoxia si lipsa de cultura Romania…ce e mai trist e ca inca multi stau cu ochii inchisi

  3. MPrae Post author

    cer bisericile construite de ei din banii oamenilor greco-catolici…si daca nu se atinge alt subiect nu inseamna ca in acest scurt film sunt minciuni 🙂

  4. USA Conservative Movement Post author

    Plain propaganda. It is the Orthodox that have been and still are persecuted by the Vatican backed uniates, not only in Romania, but Western Ukraine and Poland. Starting from the Austrian Hungarian Empire Orthodox have been persecuted or forced to become latinized.

  5. Tu es Petrus Post author

    The MistAnchorite: "From the day the Catholics became the accomplice of an action aimed against the Romanian nation, they lost all rights to our sympathies; for us, they are the same as pagans and the evildoers.” Mihai Eminescu ( in “Timpul” 1883 – L.R. 1936, page 65)." Very Christian indeed…I'm just wondering what became of "Love your enemies". Do you happen to read or to listen to Holy Scriptures sometimes? Plus we are not your enemies, you are sadly mistaken.

  6. Ignea Mihai Post author

    Străbunicul meu a suferit în închisoare pentru că era greco-catolic, a murit din cauza torturii, el , un om blajin, care nu a făcut rău la nimeni, i s-au făcut răni în jurul capului din cauza torturii!!! O să lupt până la capăt pentru ceea ce cred, ca străbunicul meu preot!

  7. scott thomas Post author

    thank you for the post, as a reminder that reconciliation is down the road. The "Dox" will have to go through a clerical die-off before we ever witness the reunification of East and West. I hope this is accomplished prior to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ but somehow I doubt it.
    May our Lord Jesus Christ guard and guide your steps; in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

  8. José Trinidad López Aguirre Post author

    Orthodox Churches are State Churches, the only One True Church is the Catholic Church; before the year 1054 the Orthodox Church did not exist. Today there are several Orthodox Churches and only ONE CATHOLIC CHURCH. If someone looks into history, even Cyril and Methodius went to the Pope to ask for permission to go and convert the Eastern part of Europe. When the Muslims invades Eastern Europe, they Captured Constantinople, known know as Istanbul in Turkey (wich is part in Asia and part in Europe), and than invaded Eastern Europe, converting many countries from the Orthodox faith into Muslims, The only one to stop the invasions where the Catholics (Battle of Lepanto), while the Orthodox Christians where made servants or converted to the Muslim faith, thats why there are so few Orthodox Christians in comparison whith Christian Catholics. Virgin Mary interceded to help the Catholic Church, because She knows it's the faith that Jesus Christ left on earth.

    As for Michael Celularius, the founder of the Orthodox Church, we hope he repented for the sake of his soul.

    Read the Catholic mystics that lived after the schism, like Teresa de Ávila, John of the Cross, Francis of Assisi, Dominic of Guzmán and many others, and you'll see that God continues only to inspire whithin its Church. If an inspiration leads to the Catholic Church and teachings, it's from God; but, if it leads away from the Catholic Church, it isn't God's inspiration, because God want's unity.

    Tell the truth even if everyone doesn't want to hear about it and calls you a lier; but love all people, even when you're hated.

    May Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary of Guadalupe bless all of you.

  9. KonradAdenauerJr Post author

    Only one of the Romanian Greek-Catholic bishops jailed by the communists survived imprisonment.

  10. Horatiu Paul Post author

    Is there a way I can see the full documantary? Thank you!

  11. Dragan Olariu Post author

    So you are telling me that the hundreds of Eastern Orthodox priests, that have been killed by the communist regime (of course you don't mention that), were tortured so that the only church in Romania was The Eastern Orthodox Church? Leave me with that non-sense.


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