Riverdale 2×06 The gang do Community Service, Betty and Veronica find a Jingle Jangle dealer and fol

By | September 1, 2019

(Bag Crumples and Kevin groans) ‘Pickens Park’ More like ‘Needle Park’ I wouldn’t even go cruising here (Reggie Throws Can In Josie’s Direction and She Looks Up From Her Phone) Hey ah…feel free to you know pitch in I get you’re pretty much Beyoncé but today… You’re just like us commoners I think your biceps can handle it Mantle You trying to get me to flex Josie you ah.. mind if I borrow Reggie for a ‘New York Minute’ Please. Take him Like watching me walk away huh What do you want Veronica? I’m kinda in the middle of something (He Eyes Josie) I want the name of your ‘Jingle Jangle’ contact And I won’t take no for an answer Betty You have to talk to Jughead Soon… I promise I just need to take care of a few things (Betty and Veronica Signal each other, Reggie Typing on Phone) (Heels Tapping on Sidewalk) I’ll go out on a limb and guess you’re ‘Vern’ Got my stuff I don’t take ‘American Express’ Will this do? My girl and I need a reason to live tonight She just broke up with her ‘beau’ Full Spiral. Tragic $115 For the record I know you’re overcharging me but I’m desperate My compliments to the sugarman Did I get it wrong? Isn’t that the name of the genius behind these sweet treats Have you ever met him? What about my change? Asshat! Our drug store cowboy should be passing you in 3… 2… 1… I’ve got eyes on him Me and my boy Wanna challenge you to a race If we win Serpents remain autonomous and you quit dealing at ‘South Side High’ (Sighs) And if we win? We fold And you will continue polluting the ‘South Side’ with your little ‘Straws of Death’ So the ‘Mighty Serpent Prince’ has some stones But not much else So unless your ‘Highness’ wants to put some of daddy’s territory on the table I got no reason to agree to this race (Door Opens) They were following me. Tried to get into the garage – Veronica? – Betty? – Archie? – Jughead? What are you doing here? Wait. So, these are your bitches? I beg your misogynistic pardon? Why don’t you take your skanks and get the hell out of here? Until you make me a better offer… there’ll be no race. If you win… we’ll give you the ‘Whyte Wyrm’ You can expand your drug-dealing horizons And upgrade out of this literal hellhole We’ll take ‘The Wyrm’ And ‘Sunnyside Trailer Park’

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