RIT Gives Back – Community Service & Charity

By | September 1, 2019

Horowicz>>It was quite amazing when we walked into one class… it was a second grade class they are all started chanting “RIT” as
loud as you can imagine. and… it really took us aback! But it was because we’ve been here for
seven years and really committed to helping that I think they see us, they recognize us and then it’s really… I don’t know… it an amazing thing!
There’s so much that we get back from it. We give but we get so much back from it. Smith>>Residents of Henrietta and the Greater
Rochester area know that RIT is fully
integrated into their neighborhoods and their
communities in many ways whether it be through
tutoring programs at their elementary school… we have
students who are volunteer firefighters in Henrietta and
Chili and really all over the community. Roberts>>So, here’s an RIT student… this one’s RIT student, this one is an RIT graduate… He’s a local from around the area but works at RIT RIT student, RIT student, RIT student, Local – been around here forever… RIT student, RIT student, and the current Battalion Chief. PA System>>Let’s go! Plunge a brother for $1! Proceeds go to Special Olympics! Come on! Rogers>>Everyone who takes the bucket pays one
dollar and all the proceeds go to our Polar Plunge Team – which we have an RIT Polar Plunge Team. We started about three days ago – we already
have a thousand dollars and about 25 members so everything helps – and goes to there. Our goal is to raise five thousand dollars and have 100 members so we’re almost there. Walker>>The Greek organizations on campus are very philanthropically driven and also
service driven. So they do a lot for their national
organizations, their national cause and also for the local causes. The numbers are substantial about how many hours we give. I’m sure
its way over thousands of hours of volunteering and I know we
do about $15,000 – $20,000 in cash…
dollars to different organizations. Smith>>I think it’s
very natural for our faculty and staff to engage with
our community I think that RIT’s community is
actually very giving, very quick to serve those in need. And so I think it’s actually
a part of our culture here at RIT. Part of any nonprofit’s mission
should be to serve its community. So I think it’s really a core of who we are. It’s part of our
educational mission and we can educate are students about
how to serve the community. They will become leaders up the communities where they
reside after they graduate but they’re also going to be a global leaders and we
can start with that right here in Henrietta. Roberts>>I like helping people, but I really like,
you know, to make a difference in the local community really.

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