Report details abuse by 300 PA priests

By | September 3, 2019

family’s feeling betrayed by the church and now a push to change Pennsylvania law to hold so-called predator priests accountable a 1400 page grand jury report shows 300 priests were accused of abusing more than 1,000 children it was released after an investigation into six Catholic Diocese in Pennsylvania the report spans 70 years and shows many priests were not removed from their positions but instead moved to different churches in many of the cases the statute of limitations has run out and the priests can’t be prosecuted grand jury now recommends changes to the state’s laws so when impact is this having on the Catholic community here in Jacksonville Kathleen bagged the director of communications for the Diocese of st. Augustine joins me on the morning show we were just chatting during the commercial break I’m very surprised that the Vatican has remained quiet to this point because I know people have to be asking questions among your parishioners what do they know I started receiving calls first thing yesterday morning because the news was breaking as people were getting up and people are letting us know that they don’t understand how this continued to happen they’re not losing their faith but they are losing their trust in their leaders because as you know in this report it’s egregious that the victims had to suffer what they suffered under these priests but it’s even more egregious that we have bishops that are covering it up and moving them around taking more concern about that than they are of the of the children that they’re supposed to be protecting and this has been going on for years I know I dealt with this story when I was in Philadelphia was Cardinal Ave Bevilaqua who was you know charged with keeping this news under wraps and moving priests from one place to the other among the clerk’s themselves what do they say needs to be done it needs to be done now well the report goes back 70 years and as you know the US bishops approved a charter in 2002 that mandates what diocese must do to remain transparent and accountable and I think for the majority of our diocese that has been done very well and we improved but more needs to be done in terms of our transparency what do we do with the priest once allegations come forward our bishops I’ve worked for three and the sty seas have been very involved in terms of how we approach this issue and when the allegations comes forward what do we do about it so they put independent review boards together our review board is made up of a sitting District Judge we have a prosecuting attorney that deals with sex crimes we have a child psychiatrist on that board we have one priest and we have a former law enforcement officer as well as some other laymen and women on the board and that is to have them review these cases and they’re not under the employment of the diocese to ensure there’s accountability and that something will be done when the allegations come forward so there are mechanisms in place to take care of things once the allegations surface how about to keep the abuse from happening well that is also part of the Mandate of the Charter we started back in 2002 we’ll actually our guys he started back in the late 80s in educating our Catholics and our children how to spot abuse what to do if abuse occurs if somebody tries to groom you what to do about it we also done national and international background checks on probably about 45,000 clergy lay women and religious we their records are kept there we we do not shuffle priests around we do not send them to other diocese priests are removed from ministry if there’s a credible allegation and you know I think the same credo that exists right now in society in general because of so much crime and a lack of respect for life if you see something say something that man that’s probably holds true as well absolutely thank you for letting a lot of people’s minds appreciate it

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