Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality #Apologetics

By | August 30, 2019

this is a question from the Stow campus
and it’ll say it says how do you respond to non-believers who accuse Christians
of being hateful to people who support lifestyles that are according to the
precepts of our faith. I think this is a very important question and they all are
really I’d be a dishonest person if I said to you that that question doesn’t
worry me that I don’t even think about it
in fact we as a team our entire team people like Nabeel Qureshi Michel
Ramsden oz Guinness a Maori Ewing aren’t ice because too often sat around a table
and said you know how do we deal with this very trying social issue of our
time and even though the word is not used here the idea is you know the
homosexual lifestyle and all that has come about in our time how do we as
Christians deal with it? So Joe if you don’t mind I’d like to take an extended
answer in this you know let me give you about three panels of an answer the
first panel is the logical problem the second panel is what I call the
theological problem and the third panel is what I would call the relational
problem how you communicate it so let me take first of all the sociological issue
here what is the problem now we talked about tolerance so when I was at one of
the prestigious universities somebody went to the microphone and asked this
question and I said to the person I said I will be glad to answer your question
if you will first answer mine what kind of a culture are we living in you have
to define it for me I said as far as I know there are three cultures in
relation to absolute the first quest the first culture is called a thick anima
sculpture where the law of God is supposedly so embedded into our hearts
that we all emotive ly or otherwise think in the same categories once upon a
time we would talk about the natural law in those categories natural law we
believe these truths to be self-evident the early framers believed in the
natural law we don’t believe in natural law
anymore but we used to talk about and that’s a thick anima sculpture theros
god no mas law sometimes the Indian culture will get close to that it’s not
always the case but they sort of Darth Academy is what they will say there are
people of the soil and the idea of respect for parents and all of that they
consider to be self-evident ingrained in the heart of man and so on but we don’t
believe in the Theon immerse culture in the West so what’s the second kind of
culture the second kind of culture is a heteronomous culture heteros meaning
another No Mas meaning law so we have another law what does that mean the
mainstream of the culture is dictated to by the leadership at the top if you look
at Marxism in secular terms it is a heteronomous culture the handful and the
top will control the masses if you look at Islam it’s a heteronomous culture if
you go to Saudi Arabia or you go to Iran which are supposed to be truly Islamic
countries the mullahs or the sheiks or who are the ayatollahs at the top will
tell the masses when they must fast when they can eat what they must wear what
they must not wear who they can be seen with who they cannot be seen with all of
the dictates even to the discipline of how you wash your hands and feet before
you worship and so on it’s a heteronomous culture the few at the top
dictated for the masses below so I looked at the question and I said a
really enormous culture I said no I said are we a heteronomous culture I said no
we don’t want the few to dictate it for the money I said so that leaves us with
the third which is an autonomous culture our toss meaning self namaz meaning law
which means each person dictates their own moral prerogatives in the set I said
are we on autonomous culture he said yes I saw right now tell me this if we are
on autonomous culture and I answer your question are you going to give me the
privilege of my autonomy too or as soon as you disagree with my answer you will
switch to a heteronomous mode and dictate for me what I must believe as
well that is the sociological dilemma that is the sociological dilemma because
if a disagrees would be it’s not just that is being enforcing his or her
principles upon being but B wants to enforce his or her
principles upon a so there’s a mutual autocracy being sought here but it is
never going to be consistent in a culture that is neither phenom us nor
heteronomous autonomous cultures run into a conflict where everybody has
their own autonomy that’s the law that’s a sociological issue you move beyond
that then to the theological issue the theological issue is this way years ago
I was doing some open forums at Indiana University and the press reporter was I
was there with Dallas Willard we were both to debate doing the defense of the
Christian faith and press reporter came and said she was filming some religious
actions on campus for their network and so on do you mind if we take what you’re
going to talk about tonight I said no that’s all right you’re welcome but she
then she startled me by saying we’ll only be there for about five minutes and
then we’ll be packing up and leaving I hope we won’t disturb you and I thought
this is what the news does with the talk takes five minutes of it and then tells
people that this is what was said you know I thought okay but I wasn’t gonna
argue with I said ma’am you’re welcome to leave just tell your crew to be very
quiet because once I get into the thick of it I really don’t like the
distraction and they’ll be quiet slipping out I’ll be okay she stayed the
whole time stayed for the whole talk stayed for the Q&A and then she said can
I walk you back to where you’re staying I was staying on the campus I said right
and she was walking to me it’s quite dark at this time and she says I have a
question for you I said is this on the record or is this an off-the-record
question she said no this is for me I said so you
promise me this is just between you and me in order to print these answers and
okay that’s all right I just want to know and so she said you know I have a
problem with Christianity and here’s my problem
Christians are generally against racism but when it comes to the homosexual they
discriminate against the homosexual how do you explain that I said I find your
comments so interesting in the first part of the question it’s an ism you’re
talking about the second part of the question you particular eyes it with
individual some just fascinated by that that’s okay I said here’s what I want to
say to you the reason we believe that discrimination ethnically is wrong is
because the race and ethnicity of a person is sacred you do not violate a
person’s ethnicity and race it is a sacred gift and the reason we believe in
an absolute nester sexuality is because we believe sexuality is sacred as well
and that’s why we make a choice that same way I said you will help me if you
will tell me why you treat race as sacred and desacralized sexuality she
was very quiet she said I’ve never thought of it in those terms here’s what
I want to say view marriage as God has given it to us and if you take the whole
corpus of the world view is the most sacred relationship into which you will
enter because love is given one word in English but there are four words in the
Greek agape eros storge and agape filler Oh storge and eros agape is God’s love
filler who is friendship love or brotherly love story is protective love
of parental love eros is romantic love I said do you realize marriage is the only
one that pulls these four together agape Follette Oh storge and eros I said
and if you take agape out of that eros is gone for whatever you want to do
romantic love becomes redefined and to us the Bible gives the sacredness of
marriage as Christ is to the church the bridegroom and the bride and in that
sacredness the beauty of a consummate relationship between a man and a woman
as it is shown in the singular commitment of the marital vow I do
I will when you say I do to the one you say I don’t do all of the others and you
say I will to one you’re saying I won’t to all of the others so any departure
from that beauty and sacredness of the four confluences of love is a biblical
notion of what it really means to be married and to just take one behavior
and make it look like it’s aberrant is not right all departures from that are
not acceptable in the sight of God the theological position is a consummate
relationship between a man and a woman in the procreative Act and in the
sacredness and paying each other the ultimate compliment of taking each other
at their word so theologically this is the way we see
it sociologically we’ve been put into a conundrum so we come then in
relationally how do we deal with it and here’s the hard part but you know what
and my wife will tell you this others will tell you this who know me I accept
people with a love and a genuineness regardless of what their view is on
anything if it’s different to mine I have learned to love humanity I can put
my arm around a person who has a different view on marriage or a
different view on politics of water and just say you know God gives you the most
sacred Drifter gift of the prerogative of choice but God does not give you the
privilege of determining a different outcome to what the choice will entail
the consequences are bound to the choice and you go right back to the book of
Genesis and it tells you you do what is right will not you will you not be
accepted but if you don’t sin stalks a veil at the door desires to have you and
so when I look at the sacredness of marriage any change from it from the
biblical point of view is a departure from the biblical mandate but at the
same time the Bible commands us to love even those with whom we disagree and our
responsibility as the church is never to eight the individual our privilege is to
love and only God can change the heart of a person and God is the ultimate
judge and anaplerotic society let us as Christians be both light salt
and learn to love one another and let God be the judge over all of us he is
the one who is pure in his judgments we can make errors those are the three
panels I want to leave with you

33 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality #Apologetics

  1. Pat Nathan Post author

    It is not a sin to be gay, since you cannot control the matter. It’s ignorant preachers like this fellow Ravi that make it so. God does not punish a person for being gay.

  2. Jason Leslie Post author

    He has really thought this out. He describes society very accurately. Ive had friends and family who are gay. And I judge them on their actions and character and I try not to listen to Media or church propaganda. These issues with gays lesbians Etc have been around for centuries. He's very good at describing these issues. Very intellectual. And in today's society I've noticed that marriage is just a potential, expensive divorce, not for all but for quite a few. I understand things don't always work out my own parents divorced so i know.

  3. Ary Davila Post author

    This is by far the best thought process iv heard on these topics
    Thank you who ever uploaded this

  4. Shelly Chaitram Post author

    Is the view of a religion on something we should follow or is it the laws of YaHuWaH.

  5. Robert Spencer Post author

    I just laughed out loud after reading some of the "so called" believers as well as the "so called" atheists comments in this thread. Dr. Ravi just shut a lot of people down; the hetero and homo. This man just stated that theologically there are 4 definitions of love within marriage as ordained by God and if one of those parts are voided, then no matter who you are as two individuals in a lawful marriage, the whole marriage is voided in God's eyes. LMAO!!! How many parts are missing from your marriage???? LMAO!!! Makes you wonder, why do some people even get married…???

  6. Jaydehn X Post author

    Ravi's explanation is on an entirely different level. Well explained. Simply amazing!

  7. Chrome Cups Post author

    Wait, so, is he saying ALL sexuality is sacred and that's why a few Christians dislike homosexuality or is he grouping all sexuality and saying its all the same or is he saying everyone should just keep to themselves and not hate?

    Edit: this man is the most loving man I've seen debate something my god

  8. honey bee Post author

    Our Heart Functioning Birth to Death with No Rest,But Very, Very Fast,The Evil thing & Thought Entering to your Heart Very Easy,But,God Sends Someone to Knock your Heart !, It get Cleaned In Seconds.What a great job Bro.Ravi,God bless you.

  9. bashyr bewshara Post author

    NOUS Misulmans nous croient que ces ALLAH DIEU de l'univers qui dicte ce qui bon pour nous ou mauvais pour nous le reste de nos imames suive ce que ALLAH dicte a sa creation lui qui connais nos faiblesse nous somme fiere que dieu le createur le" seul dieu du monde sans associeé avec lui nous eduque et nous dicte ce qui nous dicte bien venue a la diction de ALLAH ET le Coran ces sa diction pas la diction des homme vous etes perdu car celui qui associe un dieu avec ALLAH DIEU ET UN etre perdu dieu a le monopole de la creation le monde lui appartien a lui seul pas de dieu ni fils fille qui pretende etre dieu avec dieu l'islame ces l'unité absolut autrement votre trinité n'est que polytheisme vous suiver pas le monotheisme absolut dieu n'a pas de fils unique il a tous l'univers et ce qui contien pas besoin de fils et de la nous somme des ennemie nous resteron ennemie sur cette difinition de dieu et seul de jugement de dieu qui tranchera de jour de la resurection tous trinitaire tous polyteiste sera avec le troupeaux de satan ce troupeau qui sera poussée au fond de l'enfer a la grande satistaction de satan vote dieu puisque vous defier dieu et lui fourber un etre une creature avec lui au rand de divignité jesus et innocent de vos dir il n'a jamais prenoncee le mot je suis un dieu avec dieu dieu est un jesus n'est qu'un prophete parmis les prophete l'islame lui donne ce titre honorable mais jamais jesus n'est dieu ceci est une invention de satan vous avais choisi la voie du polytheisme en declaran que dieu et trinitaire

  10. Moonlight Hours Post author

    Loving a person of the same sex is not a sin dammit!

  11. Moonlight Hours Post author

    The answer he gave the women is bs he asked her to put race and sexuality in the same scale. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with race or ethnicity

  12. Dimantha Fernando Post author

    About the "Seal of the Holy Spirit"

  13. Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley Post author

    Sexuality and race are completely different one is a trait and one is a choice. Life is never promised to be easy.

  14. Elvira Reis Post author


  15. Michele Mcguire Post author

    Father God doesn't support gay life styles EITHER!!

  16. Michele Mcguire Post author

    No homosexual will enter into the kingdom..it's an abomination in Father God's Eyes!!!

  17. Kepak Merah Post author

    No means no , no such thing as culture what so ever ! What nonsense is he talking about!

  18. rwanzo1 Post author

    Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

  19. Glen Manning Post author

    The problem here is Christianity. You will only fine the word Christian/(s) mentioned 3 times in the Bible. Jesus never did said go and make Christians, he said go and make disciples. The word disciple/(s) is mention 273 times. disciple is G3100-3103.

  20. Daniel C Post author

    Please be brave
    Jesus might be gay
    He hears your fantasies you Know.
    That sort of thing
    Is hard to ignore
    No pun intended. 😛
    I forgive the heroin
    The weed and the sin
    So here's my prayer for you
    Please Forgive me
    My Sin was Three
    And in exchange, well
    Here you go.


  21. bamf bhart Post author

    praise be to God Working threw a man amen to God's glory delivering the words unto this speaker

  22. Saving Souls Post author

    ihsojesus.com (Spiritual warfare is real – A mystical story)

  23. Andrew Phillips Post author

    Born Again Christians are never hateful of any person. We, just as God hate the sin but we love the sinner. Anti God / anti Christians throw accusations just so as to vilify Good, God Fearing People.

  24. Saved By Grace Post author

    Sexual attraction is a choice, believe me I know.

  25. kvtassel Post author

    First of all, it's not a popularity contest.  It's not a vote.  It's not mob rule.  It's not man to define righteousness and wickedness.  It's a living GOD.

  26. Patrik Lindholm Post author

    'Due to my ignorance and illiteracy I'm intimidated and disgusted by homosexuals. Where can I find a group agreeing with me?'. Ta-da.


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