Raider Ninja Warrior

By | September 20, 2019

Today we are hosting Raider Ninja
Warrior. There are seven objectives that you guys will set out to complete. Here
at the Raider Nation at Wright State it is great to be able to participate just
have fun and build community through games and we got some sportsmen here. They had
water balloons you had to shoot it and hit targets with the thing you had to do
the kind of obstacles running you had to balance a ball on a stick while you’re
in that’s pretty hard and it make it very far. This is the slackline and
the goal is for every team member to get to every tree and back. I love the crazy
games. Who else does something like Raider Ninja Warrior? We really wanted
to focus on just having a lot of fun different balancing acts of easy entry
for students to participate in. One of the big things is Father Ethan when he
came in he kind of started doing this crazy stuff. We had to vet a lot of them
we had to kick out the basketball team the volleyball team you know so and I
think President Schrader had a team we had to vet that one too. We attract
not just Catholics we have different events for non-catholics like alpha and
stuff like this you know you just show up and have fun. The two best teams will
have a eight legged race whoever wins that race is who wins the day. Wright
State as a whole there is a lot going on we being right here in the middle of
campus really want to offer what we have and who we are as a hub for activity and
community and friendship and growth so that’s kind of what today’s about.

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