Protecting Religious Liberty, Catholic School Files Lawsuit Against Ohio | Fox News Interview

By | August 31, 2019

Shannon. Lauren Green, thank you very much.
Well a Catholic college prep school is suing in Ohio City saying an ordinance
passed by the City Council puts the school in jeopardy of going out of
business. Supporters of the ordinance say it’s
about protecting the LGBT community. Joining me now, the lead attorney
representing the Lyceum school from the Alliance Defending Freedom, Christiana.
Welcome. Thank you for being with us. Thanks for having me. Okay. So this
ordinance got passed and it has to do with employment and all kinds of things
and project protecting the LGBT community. I know that the school was
worried about, as a Catholic school that adheres to certain doctrines and expect
their employees to do the same, you were worried about this and you sought an
answer from the city about how that could potentially be applied to the
school. That’s exactly right. The city is
essentially telling a distinctly Catholic school that it can’t be
Catholic. So the Lyceum showed up to city council
meetings, expressed its concerns, they sent a public records request and the
city twice illegally refused to respond. The school followed up with actual
letters to the city saying: does this law apply to our school? Are you going to use
it to infringe on our religious freedom? And the city essentially said: figure it
out for yourself, go find yourself a lawyer. So the school is left with no
other option but to proceed to federal court and ask a judge to protect its
freedom to operate as a distinctly Catholic school. Okay, so Keith Benjamin is
quoted several times talking about the case. He’s the South Euclid community
services director. He says, “The Lyceum school is free to hire, to teach, to teach
its students in a manner that they see best and meets the vision and their
goals of their school in any way that they wish.” Does that give you reassurance
that the school’s not going to be targeted by those? Not whatsoever.
Frankly, if this was the city’s position, it’s interesting to me that they had
refused to communicate that to the Lyceum all throughout this process and
in fact again in response to the Lyceum’s letter saying does this law
apply to us. The city said: we can’t tell you, figure it out for yourself and go
find yourself a lawyer. So again in the light of the criminal
penalties, significant fines, and jail time that the Lyceum is facing, it has no
other option but to ask a court to protect its religious freedom. Okay. Grant
Stancliff from Equality Ohio says this, referring to the school, They’ve been
able to operate under this ordinance, presumably making hiring and firing
decisions without experiencing any reason for somebody to complain then the
law appears to be compatible with their day-to-day
operations.” Well, no one has to wait for the government to come after them and
throw them in jail before they challenge an unjust law. So what the Lyceum is
doing here is trying to ensure that its freedom to operate just as a distinctly
Catholic school is protected and it doesn’t have to continue existing under
this threat of significant fines, punishments, and even jail time for its
headmaster. I saw that there was a parent, who wants to stay anonymous, that’s
connected to this school that said this, “We don’t object to this law because we
want to hurt anyone. It’s about making sure the law doesn’t hurt us by
criminalizing our beliefs.” I mean this clash is going to continue to
happen in society where you have religious organizations or business
owners and protections that communities are passing for the LGBT community. I
mean, how do you find the balance and making sure that the rights of everyone
are respected? Is it possible? Well tolerance and mutual respect are a
two-way street and so what the city of South Euclid has done here is basically
come in and tell a distinctly Catholic school you can’t be Catholic and operate
within our city limits and that’s not OK. The First Amendment protects their
freedom to operate consistently with their faith. Okay, so you all have filed a
lawsuit because you need to know what’s gonna happen. You haven’t been able to
get it in from the city. When will you have an answer? Where how does the case
proceed from here? Well the lawsuit was only filed a couple
weeks ago so we’re waiting still for an official response from the city,
hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
All right. We’ll continue to try to get one as well. Christiana, thank you very
much for coming in.

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    I didn't hate gay people until they started doing things like this. Don't expect equality from me.

  2. this is the last cookie Post author

    homosexuality is inherently disordered and unstable. Pray forgive them, but don't help them continue their sins.

  3. B Love Post author

    Let Groups Be Themselves , lgbt, its called freedom of association and religious freedom. Tolerance is a two way street. You have a right to live your life anyway you choose, but no right to demand everyone participates.

  4. brad wiskey Post author

    I am atheist I believe in goodness also


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