Professional and Applied Ethics course co-ordinator, Associate Professor Christopher Cordner

By | August 30, 2019

I studied philosophy as an undergraduate indeed I was reading Jean-Paul Sartre and various other figures of the day when I was still a student at school and I found these, the questions raised by philosophy even then fascinating. I undertook to study it at University and I then went on to study it at graduate level. Socrates the great Greek philosopher said that the unexamined life is not worth living, is not worthy of a human being. I think perhaps that’s putting it a little bit strongly, I don’t think everybody is born to be a philosopher. On the other hand to be a human being is to be one person amongst millions of others and your own human being cannot be separated from your sense of yourself as a person living in a community and therefore one can only live in a community well as a human being should, if one is sufficiently reflective about the obligations and responsibilities that that entails and I think philosophy is a discipline is, it’s not the only discipline but it’s the discipline who’s fundamental task is to try to deepen that degree and character of reflection on our lives as human beings. And so I think it was an appreciation of the importance of that kind of dimension of what it was to be a human being that informed my own, as it’s turned out, life long commitment to the practice of philosophy. The world is an increasingly complex place and ethical and moral issues arise in every aspect of our, not only our, personal relations with others near and dear to us, but in every aspect of our everyday life. The first key ability we would like students to develop through this degree, is the ability to be more reflective in their thinking about the ethical dimensions of their relations with others, in all aspects of their lives both personal and professional. I would hope that by the end of the degree most of them can say I feel that I have broadened and deepened my capacity for, both my capacity for and my disposition to exercise deeper reflection on all aspects of the life I share with others, in my local community and my broader national and international community with others.

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