Pope Francis likely to appoint more cardinals from developing world 한국에서 새 추기경

By | August 30, 2019

Pope Francis is likely to focus on the developing
world in his appointment of new cardinals this month,… as he hopes to reshape the
Roman Catholic hierarchy to better reflect regions where the church is flourishing.
Looking East, observers say clerics from Korea, which has a small but growing Catholic community,
could be named… alongside those from the Philippines, which boasts some of the largest
numbers of Roman Catholic communities in Asia. Chad Pecknold, a professor at the Catholic
University of America in Washington,… emphasized the importance of choosing cardinals using
a football analogy: “If the pope is the coach, the cardinals are the star players move the
ball forward in the life of the church.” Pope Francis is expected to announce the names
of the new cardinals today.

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