Pope Francis: Force for Progress in the Catholic Church?

By | September 8, 2019

we’ve got some big news to discuss and that is in the world of religion and
politics and folks if you think there was no politics at the vatican think
again it’s what it was all about this past wednesday when all the sudden
wednesday afternoon three o’clock east coast time the white smoke started
emanating from the chimney above the sistine chapel the white smoke signaling
that on the first ballot the conclave apart of cardinals have selected anew
pope and then an hour later he suddenly emerged on the balcony overlooking saint
peters square his name is jorge but globally elving is taking the
name as pope francis ease the archbishop of buenos aires and argentina is
described as a very humble man somebody who was not seeking the salad but
somebody who nonetheless got uh… the second greatest number of votes in the
last conclave when they chose cardinal rap singer to be the new politicking inning pope benedict
daniel if your reaction to pope francis wilted certainly i’m very please of the
catholic circus charges finally recognizing it’s growing constituencies and that is
the fact is the fact the matter is that latin america from or when score hey meri oberg only
ok a m on now makes up over forty percent of the entire world’s
catholic population and yet this is the first pope in twelve
hundred years not succumb for europe socially that’s a milestone and i
congratulate all catholics on that and another interesting point over that
wall jorge preggo leo or as he is now known
pope francis is sort of within that concern trishna lol continues to
maintain the traditional catholic stance on gay marriage the role of women and the permissive bility of birth
control among other things and i i safety measures that
homosexuality altogether he has shown a sympathy for the poor and
involvement and outreach the poor apparently he did
it reject some of the alleged reason many
is that were available to him as corniel was iris he did not he was not taken around in a show by a
chauffeur now has own personal cook he’d prefer to do those things on his
own and i think that that does say something and if we can have a pope that
is more vocal on sort of these economic issues in
these issues of social justice that’ll certainly i think also be a step
forward for the uh… the pontiff opera symbolism with this that this
particular choice again as you pointed out to scrap is a very hopeful than
somebody who did not seek any of this and i would have liked to sit in the
back to use of the beatings at the cardinals daniel is also some
controversy bell involving the catholic church and the brutality of the argentinian
government of the late nineteen seventies explain very briefly what
that’s about and the questions about them about this yet look at it from nineteen thirty six
ninety two the dirty war in argentina allies in which the right wing argentine
military junta sort of really brutalize the population
killing in disappearing as many as thirty thousand people there is some
question as to whether this karnal allowed to jesuit priests under his
watch to be imprisoned and tortured by that regime he counters and said that in
fact there was nothing in his control you can
do any trial all use tallest power to get them say they eventually did in
fact on many other instances also helped
produce violence and fight the regime’s brutality some interesting though that india hours
after his election i mean the doors of the restore is all over the place about
to what was going on in argentina mid late nineteen seventies and the questions about the whole the
catholic church whether or not uh… this uh… parkville who but he’s been in argentina for many
years and and jorge whether the sun herbert vocally i would have done enough
but it was simply being pragmatic whether he had he should’ve done more to
actually challenge argentinian government dot back elite like seventy so it’s a it’s a
fascinating question i think there’s probably more that’s at the state
delegate gonna come out as people start to but didn’t piss me and he is but the
regardless of the staff prep either to get enough for took the right approach an art is the new pop pop francis and so it’ll
begin a series of a other than some of the next uh… over the next couple of weeks as world
leaders will make their way to panic it’s b with the leader of the catholic church
you will there’s a possibility the past present
or probably president of visits the middle east
might stop involved as part of the strip payout marched
you’ve been in pulp so a lot of adjusting of things that if i don’t ever
talk before about this throughout our show will pop up a pull
the cap turtle talk about some of the activism to try to change the church
from within all six wicked cycles coming up about
the ncaa late march baptist has begun your watching three a-flat rap states i would have some others of
actual coming your way checked her out of rosa parks usual crew arctic
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