Pope Francis condemns child sex abuse scandal in letter to Catholics

By | August 26, 2019

Pope Francis has issued a letter to Catholics
around the world apologizing for the Vatican’s mishandling of the child sexual abuse scandal
surrounding clerics. He acknowledged with “shame and repentance”
that the church failed to act on what he called the atrocities of the clerics, adding that
the Vatican abandoned the victims. The pope’s letter came less than a week after
a grand jury in Pennsylvania found that, for decades, more than a thousand minors had been
abused by 300 priests in the U.S. state. However, not all are happy with the Pope’s
letter. This abuse survivor from Ireland says it is
not enough. “His 2,000 words are just too much. They really have very little meaning or content. The idea that sort of like he can bring about
the end of child sexual abuse for example, even within the clergy, where does he get
this from?……… It’s not inspirational words. We need to see what are going to be the inspirational
actions, and to negotiate and sit down with survivors.” The pontiff is yet to provide details on what
measures will be taken to compensate victims or punish those involved in the scandal.

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