Pope Francis admits Catholic Church’s sexual abuse of nuns

By | August 18, 2019

Francis has admitted that members of the
Catholic Church have sexually abused nuns and he says the abuse is still
ongoing this comes amid a string of allegations about rampant sexual abuse
by priests after a global organization for nuns last year denounced the
church’s culture of silence and secrecy that covered up such cases Pope Francis
said not everyone has engaged in such acts but there were some bishops and
priests who have he said the church was working to resolve the problems and this
is thought to be the first time that the Pope has publicly acknowledged the issue

2 thoughts on “Pope Francis admits Catholic Church’s sexual abuse of nuns

  1. Jaime Garcia Post author

    What do the nuns do? Do the Catholic nuns force Catholic orphans of eat them? How do they punish a male Catholic orphans do perfofm anal sex on the
    Them because contraception is not approved of?

  2. Jaime Garcia Post author

    The old nuns can feed the male orphans Viagra and make them do their vag, under penalty of beating them.


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