Pope apologizes for Catholic Church’s mishandling of clerical child sex abuse in Ireland

By | August 22, 2019

Pope Francis has issued a sweeping apology
over the Catholics Church’s mishandling of clerical child sex abuse. He begged for forgiveness as he ended his
two-day visit to Ireland on Sunday. “We ask for forgiveness for the abuses in
Ireland, the abuses of power, of conscience and the sexual abuses by Church officials
in positions of responsibility in the Church….. We ask for forgiveness for all those times
in which the Church has not demonstrated compassion towards the survivors of all types of abuse,
and towards those looking for justice and truth and concrete action…..” Although his apology was well received by
the congregation gathered at Phoenix Park, there were a few protests by groups representing
the abuse survivors. A former top-ranking Vatican official also
called on Pope Francis to resign after releasing an 11-page letter claiming the pontiff knew
about the abuses of the disgraced former archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick,
years before they became public. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano said the pope
along with all the Vatican’s top brass should step down for their failure to act on the

2 thoughts on “Pope apologizes for Catholic Church’s mishandling of clerical child sex abuse in Ireland

  1. Patz13 Post author

    We should be seeing ACTIONS…not just words. Frankenpope's "apologies" are meaningless virtue signalling. Francis should be defrocking McCarrick and demoting any bishop who re-assigned sexually abusive priests, which cost the Church $4 Billion in settlements; mountains of bad publicity; many good vocations lost; many Catholics leaving the Church; and even some lives lost due to suicide.

  2. Code Vault Post author

    Should be seeing him behind bars. Concealed evidence for pedophilia is ridiculous and who knows what else they've been concealing all these years. The entire for organization needs to be shut down. Start investigating all their friends, the cops won't do it, they're getting paid to be quite. Do you know how much money the Vatican has? They trafficked children in Spain in the 1940's, and used that money to profit of war. It's all a business. A for profit corporation.


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