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By | September 7, 2019

Hi I’m Chief Russ Ehlers. I’ve been a chief
for seven years, been in law enforcement for 25 years and I like to make videos for folks
that are truly interested in getting a job at law enforcement. I’m focusing right now
on the oral board process and the scenario based questions because those seemed to be
some of the most difficult things for folks to overcome. The oral board has already intimating environment
but when the oral board panel members ask candidates’ scenario based questions particularly
difficult for the candidate if they have never worked in law enforcement and a lot haven’t.
Here’s an interesting situation I have the associate standing behind the camera I’m going
to pose the person as being interviewed. My associate is one of the interview panel members
and he’s going to give me a serve as question, of course, I’m not dressed as a police chief
picture man in coat and tie and I’m at my interview on my oral board. Mr. Ehlers, let’s say you’re on patrol and
you’re dispatched to a residence in a quite unknown reason, dispatch didn’t quite understand
what the problem was and you’re dispatched. You got to the residence and it turns out
that it’s an elderly woman and her problem was that she was having some problem with
her heat in her home. She couldn’t quite get her furnace to work, what would you do? That’s an interesting question that I surely
wasn’t expecting that but I think that that goes to the community policing. I can tell
you what my answer is not. I would tell her to call right off the bat a heating company
and I would take that opportunity and make a very positive police contact. I’d like to
dispatch to know that I was entering her, this that’s elderly woman’s house and try
to help if I could. It might be something as simple as that the
furnace fan wasn’t turned on or there was something with her thermostat. I’m certainly
not a … I’m not a furnace technician I’ll try to do what I could do to help and if I
couldn’t I certainly would try to find some assistance for her right away or point her
in the right direction. I would again just use that as a community policing event. Try to make it very positive for her and how
it was something very simple, certainly try not to embarrass her and let her know it was
my pleasure to help in any way I could. You can justify using taxpayers’ dollars to
go around the town fixing people’s furnaces? The answer, I don’t know that I would try
to fix the furnace but I certainly would justify using that taxpayers’ money to spend a few
minutes with someone who is a tax payer and that might be her only police contact in 20
years. It should end as a positive one. Should start then as a positive experience also.
Again I don’t mean to be argumentative but I certainly would use that as a chance to
do some community policing. Now, you heard them challenge me. That’s very
common with oral board panels. They like to challenge you to see if you’re going to stick
to your guns, to see if you get nervous, to see if you change your mind. If you feel your
answer was spot-on stick with it and justify it. If you feel your answer needed some work
to it wait to the end of the interview and then dress that up later on. There’s a very interesting technique to dressing
up questions you think you might have blown 20 minutes ago in the interview, EarnYourBadge.com
is a website that I put together that it gives a lot of information for folks that really
are again very serious about going in the law enforcement. I’ve enjoyed our time together. Look, if you’ve
enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up I’d like to hear from you. Leave a comment and
I’m doing this because I enjoy it, www.earnyourbadge.com, check that and good luck to you. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “Police Interview Question – Community Policing

  1. Luke F Post author

    I got this question and the confusion of the elderly person can be caused by other things than just old age! If the elder feels confused call for medical, may be a gas leak or other issue from the furnace

  2. Ryan James Post author

    Help with furnace. Fully assess situation. Determine degree of need. Determine if the problem is simple enough where I could fix it myself. If not, attempt to contact community assist / response persons or entities that could assist me in resolving the situation. Take whatever actions I deem necessary to assure the person and myself that I would not leave her in a situation that could cause her harm IE medical crisis.

  3. ou ti Post author

    thank you!, i want to be a firefighter, ive gone throuh most of the training except emt school, ive been offered a job as a community service officer, because ive always wanted to see what it was like to work as in law enfocrcement and see if i may enjoy policing versus firefighting.

  4. franticgoat Post author

    Great idea to post these videos. I think there are so many great potential officers who miss out on a great job due to interviews.

  5. Paco Wil Post author

    Hi Chief how would you answer this question "If you had to arrest a family member, what would you do?

  6. shirley francois Post author

    All of your videos are so informative and extremely helpful. I have an interview coming up with the oral panel coming up in the next few weeks and your videos have put my mind at ease. Thank you so much for all that you do and dont stop helping others.

  7. matt8863 Post author

    In this day and age…I'd ask dispatch if this was a repeat call residence, or if anyone there was known to have mental illness. Still…I'd certainly be on the look out for a setup.

  8. Jay BEE Post author

    Chief I love your videos brother thank you for sharing God Bless you!

  9. Larry Storrs Post author

    Chief awesome videos!! I’m not a Leo but I do support them.

  10. Jiren The Gray Post author

    Great video chief 👍 I passed my written and physical test for the LA sheriff and have the structural interview next week. Will they ask similar questions ?

  11. Isaiah Joshua Post author

    Community policing is really a gang. Research community policing gang stalking. If the police can constantly get away with imprisoning and killing innocent black people, what do you think the FBI, CIA, and others do? Community policing is really overwhelming. They’re sneaky and really plan to prevent anyone who isn’t a freethinker from succeeding in life like getting blacklisted. It don’t matter if you’re good. Yes. They may prevent crimes here and there, but they’re a huge reason as to why sex trafficking exist. It’s a lot of information for anyone going through it. Oh yeah. Just in case someone disagrees, I may not be able to see that comment. You have to look up terms like perps and Targeted Individuals. The truth is that a large percentage of the police are Masons. Lawyers, doctors, and so on are in on the corrupt government. At least hear both sides of the story instead of only listening to the side disguised side they bring you. They hire people to stalk you and harass you, then make you think you’re crazy. They’d try to get you institutionalized, in prison, homeless, or murdered. It’s basically the Illuminati they work for, but you’d have to do your research.


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