Parishioners of the Diocese of Lafayette react to allegations against Catholic Church

By | September 7, 2019

[Music] Catholics that are working within the church and they feel like the church does abandon them tonight a st. Landry Parish teenager and his parents suing the Diocese of Lafayette and the priests accused of molesting him thanks for joining us that teen filed the suit along with his parents his father is a deacon in the diocese in June father Michael Guidry was arrested from all station of a juvenile he’s been on paid leave since the accusations surfaced and Japanese say he confessed to the crime according to the lawsuit Guidry befriended the victim starting when he was 11 years old paying him to do chores around the house later he claims the priest started giving him alcohol and when he was 16 the victim says he was given so much alcohol that he passed out and woke up to find father Guidry molesting him the entire family has been in counseling paid for by the church since the allegations first surfaced but in the lawsuit they accused a diocesan official who is also a priest of threatening to cut off funding for that counseling if they filed suit you know anybody else get treated the same way they want to make sure that the pedophiles are taken out and at six o’clock we’ll have more on what prompted the family to file suits including what they say happened the day father Guidry was supposed to leave st. Peter’s Church when the allegations surfaced within the hour the Diocese of Lafayette releasing a statement acknowledging the lawsuit the statement also says the diocese is not paying father Guidry’s legal fees however during a news conference in June after Guidry’s arrest the bishop said church law requires the diocese help pay for Guidry’s counsel we have asked for clarification from the diocese tonight but we have not yet heard back nationwide there are calls for Pope Francis to resign amid allegations of sexual abuse by priests and a mass cover-up of those cases as we reported the Diocese of Lafayette has paid at least 26 million dollars to 123 victims of sexual abuse by priests Chris Walton live in the Diocese of Lafayette with what parishioners have to say about all of this Chris Jim Marcel Mauss parishioners I tried to speak with coming out of the noon mass at st. John’s Cathedral didn’t want to talk on camera but those that did speak say they still have faith in the Pope and the Catholic Church he made us a promise that the gates of Hell would never prevail against our most holy catholic church and we have to believe in that and pray to him and ask for his blessings top whose wall says the catholic church needs prayer as he moves forward amid allegations of abuse and scandal Our Blessed Lord has all the answers he judges wood will and will not happen in our Most Holy Church and all we can do is do our penance and say our prayers Jerry Kramer agrees she believes Pope Francis will address these allegations and make changes in the church we are all human beings but those are going to the priests and all they you know it’s a it’s a higher level maybe and we’re all loved by God but I have and you know it was a horrible thing just horrible thing and news to be addressed in 2004 then Bishop Michael Jarrell acknowledged a list of at least 15 priests who faced quote credible accusations but only one priest was criminally charged the names of the other priests were never released the best way to address crime is to bring it out in the open ask for forgiveness and go from there we reached out to Bishop Douglas desert al but we were told that he is out of town and unavailable for comment reporting live in Lafayette Chris well T ket CTV 3 meanwhile the Archbishop of Washington is denying ever being told Pope Benedict the sixteenth sanctioned his predecessor for sexual misconduct Cardinal Donald world’s claim comes two days after a former Vatican Ambassador claimed Frances freed ex Cardinal Theodore McCarrick from sanctions despite knowing of macaques misconduct against the Maneri ins

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