Parade Perjuangan Timor Leste Memerdekakan LGBTQ

By | October 9, 2019

Let’s start this parade by praying for God to bless our event today, and praising His name. in the name of the Father… In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Long live Timor-Leste! Make some noise! This place is just turning into
a big dance party over here. The tiny island nation of Timor-Leste
is the youngest country in Asia. It’s also one of its most Catholic. And, in a surprising twist of fate,
it’s leading the fight for LGBTQ rights in a part of the world where these rights
are increasingly under attack. And nowehere is this battle more evident
than Timor-Leste’s anual Pride Parade, an event that draws more than
a thousand to the streets of downtown Dili. It’s a stark contrast to the situation
in neighboring Indonesia, a massive Muslim-majority country
that once called Timor-Leste its own. In Indonesia, the LGBTQ community has recently
been experiencing a series of attacks, including state condoned raids,
canings, and official attempts to outlaw public displays of LGBTQ identities. In contrast, the situation in Timor-Leste
looks remarkably safe and open. But an official openness doesn’t
automatically make people’s lives free of the kinds of struggles that come
with coming out in a deeply religious place, which still sees homosexuality
as a sign of deficiency. We traveled to Dili to learn more about the struggle,
and why pride– and inclusivity– is so important. How are you? I’m good. This is Romiaty da Costa Barreto, a trans rights activist who overcame a lot of
personal struggle in order to live her true life. When I was still a kid, around my teens, I already wanted to dress like a woman. Even my parents were aware
of my feminine traits early on. [Because of my identity], I experienced
discrimination almost everyday. My neighbors said I brought shame to my family. When they first saw me like
this, they were shoked. “He was a man, why is he
wearing women’s cloth now?” I said, “What’s wrong with that?” “It’s not like I’m forcing you to be
like me. This is who I really am.” How do you deal with
these kinds of comments? I usually approach people directly. We need to be their friends and educate them. Eventually, they will understand
what being transgender means. If we just avoid them, it will
make the situation worse. They will keep bothering us. When I teach at school,
I always try to tell my students, that there are people in this world
who were born as a man, but over time they felt
that they were more of a woman. I tell my students not to hurt
these people and call them names. As Romiaty’s sister, I have to accept
the fact that my brother is trans. [Regardless of his gender expression], he has
been working so hard to provide our family. And I appreciate that. For this year’s Pride, I hope that people can better
understand the trans community and realize that we have
the same rights as others, Because we are Timorese too. Romiaty personally went through a long journey
toward acceptance with her own family. But the process can be much harder for others. A lot of trans youth in Timor-Leste
still deal with at best, denial, and at worst, violence, from their own families. Our country has ethics and morals. [LGBTQ] doesn’t fit our faith and traditions. Bella Galhos, a national independence heroine
and a victim of domestic violence herself, is now trying to change this and
protect trans youth from abuse. Now, if we use the Bible to
judge [LGBTQ] people’s lives, let me remind you who
created me in the first place? God did. Was god drunk when He created me? He’s had four or five glasses of Red Label. When He sobered up,
He realized He screwed me up. So He quickly reassembled me, and here I am. Hi. So if we look at Timor-Leste, we can see,
I guess from the Pride Parade, that there is some progression here,
and it’s a very young nation. In your opinion, what is it that
makes this country able to be progressive in terms of LGBT rights, compared to other countries in the region? You know, there’s a term people
use for the Timorese people? Aswain, bravery. People who are not easily crushed. We went through hundreds of
years occupied by Portuguese. And then 24 years of occupied by Indonesia. And then suddenly here today, we own our country. We’re definitely a generation
that understand very well everything about what is injustice. The process of liberating your country is one thing. But liberating yourself and
the people is the biggest thing. The biggest barriers of LGBTQ
in the country is the family. Once they come out to their parents
or their families as a whole… Denial. Disownment. Violations, physically, mentally, sexually… The one who put you into the world, denied you. Beat the hell out of you. Even killed you, tied you up,
undressed you, put you down. There are young women who is actually, physically,
completely destroyed by her family members. Her sister actually kicked her
with high heels, all the way. The high heel actually went through her chest. And her brother actually tied her up
undressed her completely, tied her up, and pushed her with a car. [They] went around the town where
she lives, just to bring shame to her. The idea is that she will change. Homosexuality is normal. It’s not an illness. Nobody should be left behind. Timor will change. Must change. Because, we say so. And not only say it, we do it. Bella and her partner co-founded Arcoiris, a shelter for female survivors
of gender-based violence. She took us there to meet “The Boys,” a term Bella uses to
respect who they really are. We found them in the middle of making
posters for the next day’s Pride parade. They can come anytime they need it. And they can be themselves. And we also have a place
for the members of LGBT who have been kicked out of their house, or been beaten up or something. They can come and stay here
for at least three days or so, while we’re looking for the
possibilities of how to help them. How important is Pride for you? Days like these are special
for LGBTQ people like us. We finally have a chance
to show the whole world That we’re also human. We have the same rights as others. He’s also performing a song tomorrow. A song that will become the
anthem for LGBT in Timor-Leste. -Can I hear it?
-Of course. Life is colorful, But people only see it in black and white. White is good, black is bad. This is what we are facing. Who am I? Who are you? To know how colorful this life is. There is red. There is yellow. There is green and many more. You and I, what are we? All I know is we are one. All I know is we are one. This year’s Pride Parade is taking steps to
be more inclusive to the wider LGBTQ community. Romiaty invited me to catch
the final pre-parade rehearsal of an all-trans marching band
who will lead the parade. The band is busy preparing
for tomorrow’s parade. -This is Guilher.
-Hi Guilher. Kathleen. -Are you ready for tomorrow?
-Oh yeah, totally. We can’t wait to perform. LGBT people need to have passion.
We need to be full of spirit. So I spent the day meeting various members
of the LGBT community here in Timor-Leste. The main thing I’ve taken away
the strong sense of community and a really strong sense of
excitement for tomorrow as well. One really palpable feeling is the strive to
push further for their rights and their beliefs. It’s only a few hours before the parade starts. And Guilher invited me to get ready
with some finishing touches. I’m jealous of Guilher’s boots,
they’re really awesome. So this is the final step in Guilher’s
preparations for the parade. And then we’ll head off to the event. The hair reminds me of Beyonce a little bit. Beyonce. And then we have the Madonna 80s, I like this mix. It’s hot. Rizky, why don’t you take some pictures? From that side. -[VICE] From here?
-Yes. You know, I’m used to being in the spotlight. So we know [the best light]. So we’re in the best position then? We’re running late, a little bit behind time. We’ve got some last minute,
unexpected touch ups happening here. So we’re here at the start of the parade. There’s a really heavy sense of
excitement and support in the air. We’ll be walking from here about a
kilometer and a half along the beach. This is my first Pride Parade. I’m really touched to see this, and to feel this excitement
and to feel this love in the air. So, it’s kind of a hectic vibe,
but a good kind of hectic. I’m trying to find Nata, the organzer. -How are you feeling?
-Good, exited, nervous. What’s different this year?
[compared to] last year? We have people from
all different walks of life here. We have people from the government,
people from, different places, normal people. And a lot of the transgender community are
here and they’re going to play marching band. And it’s great to see them
walking on the street today, on the main road of the capital city,
feeling proud to be themselves playing marching band, and it’s super cool. Good luck, -Thank you.
-I don’t think you need it. I think it’s going smoothly. Let’s hope so, thanks for coming! -You like blue?
-I don’t like blue. You don’t like blue? Do you want red? She wasn’t sure about the color blue. That’s the problem, she likes everything. -Mommy!
-Becareful, you’re gonna get lost. [MC] Before we begin, I wanted to say
thank you again to those who came. Let’s have a moment of silence. We start this parade by praying for God to bless our event today, and praising his name. In the name of the Father… In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Good afternoon. I came to this parade without any
expectation and was pretty much blown away by the infectious vibe of
happiness and support between everyone. It’s something I’ll never forget. Long live Timor-Leste!

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