Palestinians: Do you want Sharia law in Palestine?

By | September 11, 2019

Qalqilya Yes, sure Yes Yes of course Rami
Ramallah (he thought I said Syria) Palestine is a separate state and they have their own….laws Should it be under religious law? No There is a mixture here in Palestine Christians, Muslims, and some Jews and we have other mixtures So the laws should reflect that and even in the future
it should be like that Yes, it must be like that Nablus No, I don’t think so Why? It makes a lot of problems
especially for women Can you give an example? Like movement. If she wants
to be educated in some place in a different city it’s more difficult Not for all families If they are very traditional
– Yes Yusef
Deheisha Refugee Camp Yes, it’s not wrong if it were under Sharia law It’s not wrong for the Islamic law and the rule of God to be ruling Palestine What about the Christians? They would live and adapt with us The Islamic religion does not
force a Christian to he didn’t continue So it would be normal We are brothers What do you think of Palestine
being under Islamic Sharia law? Samir
Beit Hanina It shouldn’t be only Sharia law It should be under all religions the laws of all religions This is a holy land and we should encourage all religions that are here Fathia
Nablus No, because originally in Palestine we are more than one religion We have different religions We have Samarians, Jews
Christians, Muslims we have all been living together The law can be sometimes the religion of the majority but I think the law should
be more just and fair for everybody Naim
Ramallah No, of course not (Yes, this region is noisy) Because Palestine is free Should be free No, Palestine is free What does he mean by that? Palestine is free
It’s owned by no one It’s just free So it shouldn’t be under
any religious law No religious or political law So what do you do for laws?
How do you have laws? Whoever rules will be the one who sets the laws Do you want Palestine to
be under Sharia law? Khaled
Qalqilya What does Sharia law mean? All the laws according to Islam Yes, of course Is there any down side to that? No Khaled
Bethlehem Because it’s a multicultural country Not only Muslim
It’s for all All who wants to be Palestinian and wants to have the Arab culture Palestinian culture is welcome to live here in Palestine It should be a secular modern country And you’re Muslim by the way Yes Clarifying for the person watching

100 thoughts on “Palestinians: Do you want Sharia law in Palestine?

  1. Nashmi - نۨــشــمۘـــي Post author

    all the world will be under Sharia
    thats what prophet mohammad tells us
    without Sharia palestine will stay occupied
    sharia is our first target

  2. Archisman Adhikary Post author

    When push comes to shove, they would all support sharia law. It's the dictate of "ummah".

  3. Starhopper Post author

    Apart from its formal teachings, history and practice, Islam is all about peace and personal freedom.

  4. Jettaway Adventures Post author

    A little known fact is that Israel has Sharia Law for Muslims for marriage and recognizes Sharia courts.

  5. chindoo Post author

    Asking palestinians about their choice is somewhat ludicrous as they have none, and won't in the future .

  6. gharbi mohamed Post author

    The sharia law isn't something new, it's almost the same as moses Law (Mosaic Law) mentioned in the Bible, like the Food laws, Moral laws, your rights and duties. and it's not just about penalties as people think.

  7. dragonlaughing Post author

    That's like asking, should we, in the US, be under Christan law? To which it answer is, what kind of Christian law. We know to keep religion and law separate. Plenty of Christians, Jews, Muslims, others want to have their ideas of religion dominate in any country. Like now in Israel where women can be blackmailed by ex-husband who refuse to give them a religious device, a get. So the blackmailing husband can remarry and still hold his ex-wife up for blackmail or sheer malice.

  8. Fazal Khitab Post author

    we are so fool, that we don't accept God made justice system,but welcome the evil man made cruel system.

  9. Real Islam Post author

    The current Sharia law which vast majority of muslims believe in is contrary most of Quran verses, for example:
    Religious liberty is protected in Quran and Muslim has to fight for it so anyone can embrace the religion he/she be content with,see the below verse:
    "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.(2:256)"

    Unfortunately majority of non Muslim judge the Islam and its teachings based on mainstream Islamic thought without studying its holy book the Quran which has all revelation that Prophet Mohammad got it from God..

    Majority of muslims and non muslims don't believe in God and that's why they can't understand the holy books properly including Torah and gospel.

  10. dannass555 Post author

    Correction: Israel is not a country. Israel was one of the main characters of a fiction novel written 2200 years ago.

  11. Aye Carumba Post author

    Any who want shari'a law should be arrested

    They are extremist.

  12. SuperBooboohaha Post author

    Muslims themselves don't know much about Sharia law . You must ask about particular instances of the law like death to apostles , gay , stoning etc.

  13. Aye Carumba Post author

    Shari'a law only works if the country is wealthy.
    Because the Muslim force the not Muslims to pay Jizyah .
    1. the non-muslims will leave.
    2. No tourism
    3. No international entrepreneurship.
    4. Corruption
    5. Honor killing.
    6. Force conversion.
    7. Female oppression

  14. ronan Post author

    sharia is the way to live, if we actually do it right not like stupid ISIS

  15. Starhopper Post author

    Islam is the most mur'derous invaders ideology in the history of mankind. The world was first cursed with Islam in 1380 years ago with one country: Arabia. Today they hold over 50 islamic nations (all stolen and invaded) and for the past 70+ years they have been trying to add Israel, and many other countries, to that list. The so called "Palestinians" only goal is to destroy Israel, [email protected] a few million Jews and steal THEIR land to create yet another Islamic $hithole. Eventually the world will rise up and destroy the worst dise'ase ever to a'ttack humanity – Islam. Israel is an asset to humanity. Islam is a burden and embarrassment to humanity. Israel is a light unto the nations. Islam is darkness and oppression. Long live Israel! 🔯 ❤️ 🇮🇱

  16. Ammaar lover of humanity Post author

    2:20, his views a spot on✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

  17. Ak Jay Post author

    Brother you need to ask them what is sharia law?. Because most of them don't know and probably you don't know as well.
    Sharia law is not part of islam in fact it contradicts the Quranic law.
    They think it's the law of islam and for that reason some of them agree with sharia law.

  18. Palestinian Queen Post author

    I'm not surprised by the Answers. Palestinians and Lebanese tend to be much more open minded than other Arab countries. I'm speaking for both the Muslim and Christian Palestinians as I've seen both.

  19. Kishor Pasha Post author

    Sharia law is not problem for Study for Muslim women! The Palestinian girl totally said wrong!! Because she wants to lead western life styles. What I know is 98% Palestinian Muslims want Sharia law in their country! The survey by pew research

  20. vladso88 stav Post author

    There was a girl called Israf who was brutally killed some week ago for honor reasons and many palestinians demonstrated together and called for better laws and regime change even. Why do you all think Palestinians don't know right from wrong and doesn't have the ability to change their views and think outside the party line when they clearly can do that? Palestinians are opressed both by Israel who took their land and their own leaders AND every time they go online they are met with hatred! How can they answer totally perfect living under such conditions? By that I'm not saying that muslims lived there first or anything because they build their mosques on churches and jewish religious sites. But Some understanding of the palestinian situation I think is needed. Three weeks ago I meet a Norwegian guy who had worked in Lebanon when he was young for the UN and he told me that the Israelis used to shoot at the UN helicopters. It's not like the Jews are the most open and peaceloving people on earth either.

  21. Kas Post author

    come on guys the white dude with the glasses is obviously a jew so no wonder he doesnt want sharia

  22. Fatima Touseef Post author

    The Sharia Law in Iran and Saudi Arabia is totally a fake law, misinterpreted by bigot scholars. Real Islam doesn't allow enforcement of religion 'There is no compulsion in religion' – Quran

  23. J Valle Post author

    Most of Arab countries is not under sharia law, just some like Saudi or other in the Gulf. Palestinians just want their own State back, not conservativism like Saudi.

  24. Dark Ether Post author

    The better question is, should sister fucking and brother sucking be allowed, I say yes, because I love unibrow central, it's like no other place on Earth, who needs a ZOO when you have ZOO nation right? 😈

  25. Diablo 6 Post author

    I'm from muslim background and I don't want shariah law. Its a backward bedouin set of rules that don't belong anywhere in this world. Thank God for Israel, we live under modern laws here. I know for a fact that most people don't want shariah but they are scared to say so.

  26. Soumyakanti Chakraborty Post author

    I was very impressed that most Palestinians said they want pluralism and not a theocracy.

  27. Valencia Rodrigues Post author

    Atheist Israelis: Do you think God gave you this land?

  28. fariaa Hussain Post author

    we want Sharia law because real MUSLIMS these few people r feminists liberal secular not real

  29. David Laloupe Post author

    Ask to Israelis if they want theocracy such as it was on the time of Moshe or king David.
    That was anti democracy such as charia law is.

  30. XIAOYAN WU Post author

    I just love the cover guy Naim! It is young people like him who makes Palestine more promising!

  31. shireen Ibdah Post author

    No thanks…..because some women here are really oppressed by their families and stupid sick society that make the man a hero and the woman are shame ….shame to be divorced…shame not to having children….and controlled by men whom to marry… enough already and see what happened to Isra Gharib….go live in Saudi Arabia if you want Sharia law..

  32. wajihullah khan Post author

    That's why they are paying prices once they ruled over world now they are just like servants becuz they left sharia.
    Basically, Sharia says must protect your non Muslim brothers and sisters also.
    But Arab left sharia for copying west now they are living like servants.

  33. Shy Attoun Post author

    The answer should be "do you wanna go back 500 years back?" good for the women who declined that idea.

  34. peter murphy Post author

    NEVER heard of sharia law untill the western goverments started talking about it life was so much better for the middle east under the western jackboot laws

  35. AltAlex S. Post author

    Donate? why should I donate in the first place in a channel where my tiny little question, a fews months ago, went completely ignored and unanswered.. Very interesting videos. Keep it up. Shavua tov!

  36. The Atheist Arab Post author

    If you ask gazans this question, most of them will say yes

  37. Sepehr Naderi Post author

    Mohammad was a pedo warlord, if he is the example of a perfect human as Muslims say, then I am god myself since I and most people are already better than that.

  38. יהודים דפוקים לחלוטין Post author

    Ask Israeլis why anaԼԼy inclined jeաisհ sodomiեes cannot get married in Israeլ?

  39. Mathias Eggert Post author

    As a secular iranian from europe this always makes me worry.
    I would like that hopefully one day there is 1 state and palestinians can go wherever they want, but when they support sharia I am reluctant in my support for palestine. In iran nobody like sit , in fact atheism is growing in iran because ridiculous sharia law.

  40. TXEN EMIT Post author

    Corey can you ask the Palestinians in the West Bank if they will marry their daughters to the Palestinian men in Gaza?

  41. yazn plo Post author

    Hhhhhhhhhh don’t dream I’ll answer to your stupid comment .

  42. mmmcounts Post author

    Question for any Palestinian- whether you support the implementation of Shariah law or not, what is/are the main source/s that you would look at and evaluate? What are some examples of legal code, examples of fiqh, examples of sources that allow you to physically look at the thing that you may or may not implement?

  43. Craven LeVay Post author

    Most of these people have no clue what Sharia law even is or is even the basic beliefs of Islam. You should probably start by reading the Koran. The Koran does not accept any religion is not at peace with any religion. Our way or you die that is the message of the Koran. But what do I know I just read the damn thing. A person of Islam Faith killing a Christian cannot be held for murder cannot be punished it is seen as a sacrifice to God. As it is written in the Koran.

  44. Bawar Kurdistani Post author

    Most of them don’t even know what it is, i think they thought it was traditional law.
    And the anarchist guy was apparently stoned.

  45. Lior Post author

    It is sad to see some of there are to stupid to make peace, but I'm glad to see there are also reasonable guys.

  46. The Guy Post author

    some of them in the video already said this, but Palestine should not have Sharia Law, because Palestinians are not just muslim but Also christian. The arab christians r a major component to the society.

  47. Manar Nabut Post author

    Hi everyone, this is the interpreter for this video.
    Let me know what feedback you have for the interpretation, and I also offer my translation services for competitive prices

  48. Ashad Sajid Post author

    Actually Sharia Law means to help each other and relatives and neighbours, it is also part of sharia law actually mostly Muslims people also not know about Sharia Law, i recommend all people to know the definition of sharia law on "Sabeel Ahmad" channel and search" sabeel Ahmad say about sharia Law" then people know what is sharia law

  49. Kanaan Thabet Post author

    As a Palestinian I don’t want sharia low in its current understanding. I believe sharia has been mis interpreted by majority of religious scholars

  50. N. tech Post author

    Do only reason Muslim countries are back Ward it's because they don't employment Sharia law. This video shows that people in Palestine have no idea what Sharia is.

  51. dixgun Post author

    Seems like there are different perceptions or conceptions of what Sharia Law is? 🤔

  52. Roughbladez Post author

    This question seemed simple but was in fact deceptively open-ended to the point that many of the respondents struggled to give any particularly indepth explanation for their views. This is due to the false notion that Sharia law is some sort of objective and hard-set textbook. In actual fact, it is subject to very wide interpretation – some of which are stigmatised and others are not – because its primary source is the Quran which itself is subject to very wide interpretation.

    In other words, a simple "yes" or "no" will actually tell you quite little about what exactly their answer entails either in the scope of jurisprudence or spirituality.

  53. S.H. K. Post author

    The Israeli Police actually enforces Sharia Law on Muslim Israelis.

  54. Patriots For Israel Post author

    Are there any Jews in FAKEstine? Lol .. 😅 Where exactly? And have they been executed already?

  55. sukuvar Post author

    Seems some Palestinians are secular and modern… very nice…they respect all religions.

  56. abdullah yas Post author

    Listen carefully !
    we are Muslims all around the world we do not just want Shari'a law we are ready to strive for it and to give any thing for it even our lives , every muslim thinks that , even if he says something else he would just be weak and afraid of the camera , and you should understand this and we do not fear any thing but Allah .

  57. abdur Rahman Post author

    Those who claim to be Muslim and hate Sharia have become apostates for hating Allah's law.

  58. efopo Post author

    2:58 "We have all, Samaritans, Christians, Jews.." .
    In reality: Samaritans – 300, Christians – 40,000, Jews – 0.

  59. HD joker Post author

    Thank you for your efforts, I'm a Moroccan , I would like if you could ask Israelis Moroccans jews why did they leave our nation? In morocco there was just a little microscopic antisemitism, the Jews were protected by the majority of Moroccans and even the throne! so basically there is no reason expect Zionism! Ask them what is their real country, Morocco their country for 2000 years or some country far away for some ideological and religious reasons.

    Their faces are Moroccan, their food their music, and I bet anyone if they do the ADN test he will find more than 80 North African, not some pure fictional race.

    we , moors , feel betrayed a little by them, but they should know that they are always welcome in their true homeland, Morocco will be for always a great nation of Moorish people. what even the fuck their religion or race is.

  60. Husseini_14 Post author

    “Its making alot of problems especially for women” why are you still muslim then?

  61. soia Post author

    Islam is the evil cult in the world they serving the Satan Allah from hell 🤢🤮🤮🤮👺
    We need to stick together and belligerent in the ONLY GOD Hasham י.ק.ו.ק God of Israel the Only God in earth and above forever and ever

  62. ling ham Post author

    ALL jews alive today have 0% Abraham DNA, they are all converts i.e Khazers, Yemeni arabs, Berbers,. Original inhabitants integrated with Arabs . All jews on this planet should move to U.S

  63. Avi Post author

    Why Arabs Hate Palestinians | The Jerusalem Connection Report

    15 minutes ago · Why Arabs Hate Palestinians. Sep 9 2019. Palestinian Authority. By Khaled Abu Toameh, Gatestone Institute— Is it true? If so, why? Sadly, the Palestinians are known for betraying their Arab brothers, even effectively stabbing them in the back

  64. alaa ghanem Post author

    No Palestinian wants sharia law we are free in everything this is Palestine one thing is standing on our way is the occupation

  65. Studies Made Easy Ahmed Post author

    You should have asked them "What is Sharia" and then asked them "Do you want to implement it".

  66. Esperanza Pascacio Post author

    This prove that Palestinians live normal and are not starving or under persecution! What upsets me many of them asking to immigrate as refugee and asylum seekers! That means Palestinians who get in radical movements get persecuted? How many terrorist under false paperwork pass to Europe and North America!

  67. احمد شوبكة Post author

    Israel should annex West Bank, ban Islam and headscarves

  68. Schmick Aussie Post author

    Anyone who wants Sharia Law can always try to move to where it currently exists such as Somalia, Iran, Aceh, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, tribal areas of Pakistan, etc. Funny but the movement people seems to be in the opposite direction…

  69. JJ Sundra Post author





  70. aa ali Post author

    Sharia all the way. Those who said no are either ignorant or non-muslims (murtads).

  71. gur ruh Post author

    Corey, I have a question for Jewish Israelis since your questions lately are pretty lame……… Do they see their national identity[nationality], first and foremost, as "Israelis" or "Jewish"?

  72. Manar Zrekat Post author

    Most of the ones who said yes don’t even understand what Sharia law is, so I won’t take their answers seriously!!

  73. Abu Faisal Post author

    This is so sad… they don’t even understand what shariah law is. Islamic Law is never supposed to apply to Non Muslims. Non Muslims are allowed to have their own courts and judges. Absolutely sad. This is why they are in the situation they are in

  74. Erik Mack Post author

    Hello Mr. Shuster, could you please ask the Palestinians the following: If one day, all Israelis left, and Palestinians take over, what would the economy of the new Palestinian state look like considering that at that moment, Israel is a knowledge based economy ? Would the Palestinians be able to pick up where the Israelis left off?

    Thank you for your hard work and effort , im a huge fan of your work and your quality is outstanding.

  75. Kamil Burgazlı Post author

    glad to see open minded palestinian women. i hope they live how they want under a more secular state.

  76. Solving Politics Post author

    Question for Arabs/Muslims: Do you get western media, entertainment etc? If T.V. What channels? If so what & your views on it please? ( not that most of our entertainment isn’t garbage by the way).


    now ask that question in tower hamlet east London UK and they will all say they want shariah law if they are muslim

  78. GODFREY47 Post author

    majority says no—-higher % than Sharia would be the Wisdom. Peace and LovingKindness Party, very close to 100%


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