Paczki day at St. Joseph Catholic Church is an annual tradition

By | September 7, 2019

How many years we’ve been doing this Claudia? Well my memory is getting kind of bad but over 20, maybe 30 years… When Stacia started this, been how many years ago? It’s been at least 30 years, probably more than that. It’s a process that the ladies from St. Joe’s started making these paczkis
with special ingredients always. I think this process of paczkis comes from way
back and when we started it was, Stacia Kisco was a big organizer of
this also and all the other elderly ladies, and they had a special recipe all
the time and it’s not, it’s really a paczki which is really good.
It’s not bismarck. The process has been getting bigger and bigger every
year and we need a lot of volunteers. Actually we start on Monday because they
have to separate the egg yolks from the whites and then we have to, we have
volunteers to make the boxes together. We take orders way in advance and we had to
finally stop at 500. Yeah 500 dozen. We sold out about it week and a
half ago already. But yeah it’s a process.
But they’re delicious and everybody loves them and even after we sold out
the 500 dozen people are coming in and wanting to put orders in but it’s too late,
we can only do so much.

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    do a video that u have to donate to see or do a vid for charity


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