Our Vision, Mission and Values – A Message from Bishop Séamus

By | September 4, 2019

May the Peace and Joy of Our Lord Jesus Christ
be with each one of you. Over the past 5 years our Diocese has been
on a journey – a journey of prayer and reflection, a journey of listening and sharing, a journey
of discipleship and hope. Many of you are already playing a role in
the important work of developing our 18 Partnerships through which we can continue to build God’s
kingdom here in Hexham and Newcastle and ensure that we have a thriving and sustainable Catholic
community into the future. As we continue our journey together it is
important to re-establish a clear Vision and Mission for our Diocese to help us all to
focus our talents, energies and prayers on the things that are most important. Today I want to share with you our new Vision,
Mission and Values and to encourage you to embrace these enthusiastically and use them
as a touchstone for your work and service. The Vision for the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle
is: Inspired by the Risen Christ, we aim to be
a Church where communities of faith flourish, members accept co-responsibility for the building
of God’s Kingdom, enabling all to live life to the full. Let us pray that each of us will be inspired
every day by Jesus our Risen Lord, and that we share willingly in the task of building
God’s Kingdom and being a source of His love to those around us. Our new Mission is that we are:
A welcoming, worshiping people of God, sharing the Good News, growing as Disciples of Jesus
in faith, and living in loving service of others. Let us pray that everyone will feel welcome
in our churches, in our schools and in our communities. May each one of us have a personal
encounter with Jesus and become true disciples, serving Him and serving our brothers and sisters. Along with our Vision and Mission we offer
five Values – words that express the principles we stand for and seek to live by. These are:
Integrity: Being honest, open and consistent in all that we do.
Respect: Respecting every human being, respecting diversity and everyone’s different gifts and
opinions and respecting our world. Trust: Trusting in God, trusting in each other
and trusting in ourselves. Service: Having an attitude of service and
using our talents to serve God and our neighbour. Compassion: Seeing God’s face in everyone,
particularly the poor and the vulnerable. I invite each of you to reflect on our Vision,
our Mission and our Values and to make them your own.
Thank you for all that you are doing to build God’s Kingdom here in our Diocese. I firmly
believe that the Holy Spirit is with us on our journey. If we continue to pray and listen
to his guidance all will be well. God bless you.

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