Opinion | What the Catholic Church should do for victims of abuse

By | September 2, 2019

I’m a practicing Catholic and a
practicing mom, and like everybody else who read this horrifying report out of Pennsylvania, the numbers were just staggering. At least a thousand children
abused by hundreds of priests. None of these cases should have been complicated. Child sexual abuse is a crime. It should be treated as a crime. Credible reports
should be referred to the police, The fact that the original impulse, the
original reflex on so many of our church leaders has been to cover up, they are
accessories. They are conspirators. They are obstructors of justice, and I believe
they should be treated that way as well. There should be legal consequences up
and down the line for this. I think this is a situation that calls for at least a
temporary lifting, a window, of the statute of limitations, so that some of these people could get something that resembles justice. Lives have been ruined. In a lot of cases, lives have been ended. People have committed suicide
because of the damage that these priests did to them, and, by the way, the damage
that the church hierarchy attempted to cover up. And while we’re at it, the
Catholic Church really ought to rethink some of the conditions that have created
this culture. It’s time for a reexamination of the whole rules about
celibacy. And I also wonder if there had been some women in these rooms in authority, in decision-making positions, would this have been the impulse? I don’t think so.

41 thoughts on “Opinion | What the Catholic Church should do for victims of abuse

  1. Changing of the guard Post author

    Singing South Park. lol. The Catholic boat!! put all of your worries away. LMAO! CNN is pedophile protecting news. George Soros funds sex slave trade. CNN hides it.

  2. Laszlo Zoltan Post author

    how is it nazis have been hunted arrested and brought to trial 60+ years following the end of WW2 and pedophile priests free to find more unsuspecting victims ?

  3. Weqraza shinsho Post author

    Maybe try considering atheism? I heard it worked way better for those who practise it..

  4. Jeff Ross Post author

    They need to cut there dicks off end of discussion!

  5. A A Post author

    This is a great proof that religions are perversion if any one think different is out of this world ignorant.
    I hold these people parents responsible more than the sick priest for trusting them because they wear a stupid cross. ARE U EFING KIDDING ME.
    am sorry for these people and if any of them still believe in that 🐂💩 I don't want to hear u cry.

  6. María Martínez Post author

    Celibacy isn't the problem. All priests, friars, monks and nuns in all Christian churches, and many in other religions practice celibacy by their own will, and have formation for that. The quality of that formation might be questionable, but even incels don't become paedophiles just for being without a sexual partner. Also, single people who aren't "fooling around" don't become paedophiles just for being alone, temporarily or not.
    Actually, paedophile acts are, besides of crimes, violations against the chastity vow.
    Having women in the directive ranks of any church or religion, on the other hand, could prove much more effective.

  7. jeannine grant Post author

    WP read proverbs 6:12/15. traitor trump scoundrel

  8. Greenpoloboy3 Post author

    What Catholic's should do: Leave the Catholic Church, cut all ties with them, and never return

  9. Dan B Post author

    How do you go into a Catholic church and ask for guidance at this point??? This is a corporation not a faith. A corporation that essentially promotes molestation and other perverse crimes. I say promotes because their inaction is a green light to any of the clergy that those types of acts are not prosecuted and if done, protection from prosecution will be provided.

    If you are looking for guidance, looking for healing, looking for direction…. please DO NOT go to a roman catholic church to find it!!!

    There are many denominations of the faith and none of them are as grotesque and awful as the RC church.
    We can put an end to this moral and theological decay!! Shame shame shame on all Roman Catholics for staying silent.

    Staying a roman catholic at this point is saying you approve of child molestation

  10. James Dickens Post author


  11. C Charles Post author

    Tragic and sick. Shame on those who hurt those children and who covered it up.

  12. Cerberus Post author

    The church should have a Going out of Business sale with proceeds going to the victims.
    Tax all religion, no free ride for religion.

  13. Дмитрий Cоколов Post author

    Who planned this information attack on the Christian church in the US?

  14. Alexander Golubkov Post author

    catholic leader in U.S? lol what a joke 😂 since when was U.S a religious country politically in the first place? FYI U.S originally was created by a satanic cult

  15. Jamie Long Post author

    But yet, you celebrate a religion that allows 9 year olds to get married. So it's about the kids huh? Don't focus on only one religion, expose it all. The truth is the truth no matter what side you're on

  16. Francesann Jackson Post author

    Assign nuns to overseer roles and prosecute all without the statue of limitations, otherwise they'll go on molesting wherever they are. Ban them from any seminary positions for life.

  17. Kristi Post author

    Statute of limitations temporarily lifted? That is the problem! There sould be NO statute of limitations on child sexual abuse.

  18. Nikos Katsaros Post author

    Leave the papism go to the true apostolic catholic orthodox church

  19. Lorraine Lavender-Sams Post author

    I agree with your opinion totally. This is not only a problem in the Catholic Church; it's pervasive in every religious institution in our nation. It's a hidden accepted part of the culture in our country. Yes, I'm Catholic and yes this behavior is wrong on any and all levels.

  20. gay snake Post author

    I read 180 pages of the 1.5k page document and that was enough to shake me. This wasnt just abuse, its a deep seeded problem that the church has been covering up since the 50s and probably longer. This whole thing is making me rethink my faith.

  21. Laurie Cloonan Post author

    Every single predator should be defrocked, excommunicated and charged, tried and convicted of these heinous crimes. Then they will be required to register as a sex offender and we could then track them like we do with all the other sex offenders. The church should make restitution to the victims instead of paying off the republicans in their local senate. All bishops and higher levels involved in the cover up should be defrocked and excommunicated immediately. That would be a good start.

  22. Phil Hunt Post author

    I think the victims should get to molest the priests.

    It's the least they could do.

  23. Co Cricklewood Post author

    The reason I no longer belive in a god! Thank goodness my country. Ireland is moving in the right direction away from superstition and the chains that held us back because bloody De Valeras wet dream of a modern Ireland who appointed these bastards as custodians of morals and had absolute authority to do and treat people as they wished. Magdalene Laundrys and more. Good bloody riddance to all religion and faiths. That Polish pillock of a pope who held evidence back and hushed it up? Even cannonising him? Sick twisted bastards!

  24. Lag Swag Post author

    The real question what to do to the priests… Stoned in public by their followers? Burned like pagan witches? The Pope is just gonna slide it to the back like every other Pope.

  25. Larry Dakin Post author

    I hate pedophiles that said hold muslims to the same rhetoric that Christians are held to sing the same song for both just as loud hold them both accountable don't be politicaly correct morons grow up and think

  26. Simpson Sharing Post author

    The Duck is a practicing Mom 0:02, do you have dolls for children

  27. chris klein Post author

    People who are fully aware that they are predisposed to this type of sexual abuse disorder should not go in to the priesthood to begin with.

    My suspicion is that it is a belief of theirs that going into the priesthood can somehow cure them with God’s help. That may be why people predisposed to committing pedophilia turn to religion.

    I’m of the belief that there is no cure for this. You are what you are.
    I do believe with God all things are possible, but I can’t imagine what his plan is with this, because these abuses keep happening.

    99% of the time, when we learn that some priest in some church in anywhere USA has abused a child sexually, it’s not the first time he’s abused, it might be that it’s the first time he’s got caught.

    Some remedy to this issue needs to be implemented and perhaps a statue of limitations change is one fix, and having a woman present may be another. Women are so much less likely to be sexual abusers. More jail time definitely as a punishment but know that jail time in and of itself doesn’t deter a pedophile or any type of sexual abuser. If predisposed to this behavior there is no medical evidence anywhere or any type of evidence available that suggests the fear of prosecution makes these disgusting people think twice.

    Parents teach your young children that nobody is allowed to touch them, in anyway. Not even a handshake unless you are standing in the room.

    Anybody who actively hides and enables this. Anybody who covers this up, anybody who abuses a child needs to prosecuted by law enforcement and barred from the church permanently!

  28. Gina Kay Post author


  29. Stephen Diggines Post author

    What about the worst kind of child abuse abortion that kills over 4000 children every week and which is supported by the very people who condemn the Church for abusing children!

  30. 유정표 Post author

    I really want to know what is "window" means?..please help me!

  31. Richard Johnson Post author

    Opinion | Religion is stupid. It causes more harm than good worldwide. Either be good and treat people decent or at least just keep to yourself if you can't behave. There are sick people in all categories and they should be dealt with accordingly. No reason to focus on one group. Media and press are half of the problem.


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