81 thoughts on “One year later: Three generations rooted in Tree of Life

  1. You're Nemesis Post author

    No crying videos from Jews over all the thousands of Arabs killed in Gaza by nazi Israeli soldiers the last 40 years.
    Always the Jews out begging for sympathy since WW2 ended
    Time for vile country was held accountable for the deaths and atrocities it dishes out..worldwide

  2. Серж Шуляченко Post author

    Currency swindler and speculator Soros suddenly woke up and said that he knew what the president should be in the USA. That amused.

    Soros go to sleep.

  3. NotMe Us Post author

    Until right wing extremists are declared terrorist America will never be safe

  4. Gerard Comeau Post author

    FOX 🔯 ABC 🔯 NBC 🔯 MSNBC 🔯 CBS 🔯 CNN 🔯 COMCAST 🔯 NEWSGROUP 🔯 DISNEY 🔯 VIACOM 🔯 TIME WARNER 🔯 are all owned by Zionist Jews.

  5. Andrew Stewart Post author

    I do not condone shooting up global monetary and media manipulators

  6. Rebekkah most high daughter Post author

    because you are the synagogue of Satan when did yah tell you to do what you was doing you are not the children of yah your forefather gave up his birthright and you can't get it back as the holy Bible speak about your nations will fall as yah will do… you should call it the tree of death now

  7. Clarence Mitchell Post author

    Read protocols of the learned elders of Zion.
    Genesis 10v3. Ashkenaz is gentile.
    Benjamin Freedman lectures on YouTube warning the American people against relationships with the Jews.
    Arthur Koestler, the Thirteenth Tribe.
    They know they are mascarading as black Hebrews.
    This is the end of gentile rule over the earth.
    They know the truth is being hidden about who is and who is not Abrahams seed.

  8. Jazz L Post author

    Trump said Obama took credit for Osama bin Laden's death. As Obama should have.. But Trump said it was the military that killed Bin Laden not Obama. So let's see who Trump give credit toooo. Regarding the death of Al- Bagdadi. Make sure y'all watch and see how Trump put himself on a higher paddler stool. Because Trump is going to take all the credit. Let's just hope Trump gives the military a little credit. To be continued..

  9. NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP Post author

    😶 the biggest threat to the u.s. is racist right-wing extremist

  10. Yousir Cantknow Post author

    Jeffrey Epstein & Harvey Weinstein are/were both Jewish.

  11. MIchael Rigby Post author

    Right winger media cultists calling for civil war…Nazis in 2019…not going anywhere. They need to be executed in the streets.

  12. Pischue Forqe Post author

    certain portions of the left are so antisemitic 20 of them voted this down.

  13. joe mk Post author

    Please shut the comments off.

    Love for all the people of squirrel hill, the people who were lost, and for this old man and his family.

    I hope to god the people in these comments that are lost and scared find their way

  14. Christopher Thomas Post author

    Sad world man, "the meek shall inherit the Earth"

  15. Pischue Forqe Post author

    there's nothing comparable to antisemitism and its lies. one example it also has always had an obsession besides watching Jews and waiting to frame them, they can also steal any Jews ideas. NOTICE THAT THE ANTISEMITES OPENLY AND PERFECTLY HAVE BEEN BRQINWASHED TO DEHUMANIZE JEWS . THEY CAN JUST SAY SOROS RANDOMLY THATS ALL THAT'S NEEDED, ANYWHERE.

  16. Tron_23 Post author

    Pretty sure you were shot at with a semi automatic weapon.

  17. Lord Gunther Post author

    I want to see the shooting stuff, not the worship-y stuff

  18. RandomUnknown Post author

    Tbh, im confused can someone explain what’s going on? And also you guy’s opinions on this

  19. KiTT FOXXE Post author

    I just witnessed the start of a California brush fire in the middle of nowhere it's on my YouTube

  20. TrixTriteGamer Post author

    This is sad, there are kids watching this that are probably asking what's going on, this is the video of a mans childhood being taken away. Just imagine a robber or someone ruined your house, kind of like that but this is one of the houses of god, the person who shot it up shall be taken to custody for life all the way to the time when hell's flames quiet down.

  21. Pischue Forqe Post author

    on top of the constant framing and lying about Jews, in the 2 or 3 countries they are allowed to live at all (Jordan's 5th common law for example no Jew is permitted to be a citizen) once in while black antisemites (daily in NYC, and riots against Jews by African Americans going back to the 1960s), white nationalists (their worst and most obsessed upon hatred is for the Jews going on 1800 years), Islam which itself has one anti-Semitic verse after another (Koran 5.82, Koran 5.51 tens of more just like the New Testament but not written by Jews themselves)and the haddiths and Traveler get much much worse for the Jews. Communism Karl Marx wrote 'A World Without Jews', and communists not Nazis started the lies about the Rothschild family the Nazis later became obsessed with. today's left has openly barred Jews on hundreds of occasions. the UN has more resolutions against the Jewish country than all other countries times 5.

  22. Pischue Forqe Post author

    there hasn't been a day of the past 10 years where the global media hasn't had at least 5 relative to side you're on, bad Jews in the global story they're framing or exaggerating that day, to get you to hate the Jews. And the Jewish country got what the only victim of systemic racism would be expected to get. a defense of a Nazi fake people invented just to wipe out the Jews and libel them. one of the fake people (they're executed of they sell or rent a Jew a place to live) who was Muslim converted to Judaism he is currently being tortured by the PLO WITHOUT A SOUND FROM A SINGLE HUMAN RIGHTS GROUP ON EARTH. he is the only Jewish citizen of 'palestine' or Jordan. he'll be executed soon after his torturing.

  23. Shane Hernandez-Garcia Post author

    Never thought this tragedy would happen in Pittsburgh

  24. Matthew Robinson Post author

    Guys we need to stop fighting and work together most of us want the same thing we want safety, security, comfort. We don't have to worry about whether or not we can pay the bills. the worst part is that we can achieve all of that if we just work together I know it might seem really hard but it really isn't.

  25. Saunsiaray Broussard Post author

    Very sad! May all these people Rest in peace

  26. Proud Mudder Post author

    Thank you to the staff at the Washington Post who created and posted this important historical video that is so well done. Never forget such terrible events….document, post and teach future generations.

  27. onelove Post author

    Sad event no question, god’s divine plan could use some changes In my opinion.

    I go to Nature for my spiritual guidance, she never lets me down.

  28. The Precipice Of Reason Post author

    We need more education. Not just the common core. We need education of concepts. Arbitrary hate. False Opposition. Scapegoating. Class manipulation. Dog whistles. This is why we need transparency. The more that is obscured, the more the idiots will imagine. Terrified idiots imagine towards terrifying action.

  29. dennis bryan Post author

    You can never see the evil in the hearts of men keep god in your heart and do not let darkness flood your mind.
    We are all created by god no matter your religion it is one thing we all share. In a uncertain world I'll keep my rifle by my side just in case not to harm but to protect

  30. Kevin Mard Post author

    How much more attention has this shooting gotten than say all other shootings in the US combined? Incredible… always seems to be one set of rules for one special, special group of people.

  31. GN GD Post author

    Build a new world and in the new world there are only illegals and Drug dealers and Gangster then all will be a good life.

  32. Lagertha’s Pumpkin Apprentice Post author

    I can’t believe it’s been a year. Still hurts like it was yesterday 💔

  33. KCs Funhouse Post author

    I just wanted to give the grandfather a big hug through the screen. 😫 I can’t imagine all the loss he has faced in 100 years on earth and how heartbreaking this senseless act of violence has been for him and his family.

  34. Jessica DeTrant Post author

    I pray for the healing of our country. I pray for these good people to know that we are with them אני מתפלל לריפוי ארצנו. אני מתפלל שהאנשים הטובים האלה יידעו שאנחנו איתם אמן

  35. Pitbulls are Great Babysitters Post author

    Hebrew immigrant Aid society what's that

  36. Rose Treiger Post author

    Terrorist sympathizers! Washington post is working for Satan.

  37. Universal _Wisdom Post author

    Seeing faces of your loved ones when they aren’t there is what really tears people apart. I hope this man finds enlightenment and his friends through his religion.

  38. Sebastian m Post author

    The ones who are the most dumbfounded about an event like this are the people who try to rationalize the irrational. 🤔

  39. redneckwormfarm Post author

    Anderson Cooper is the worst example of a reporter that you could use for this video

  40. Repsychler 808 Post author

    “It may be the devil, it may be the Lord but you gotta serve somebody”. -Dylan.

  41. Setsu Post author

    Youtube: You having a good day?
    Here's a wake up call.

    To everyone that has suffered through this event.
    I want to say that you are the strongest that I've seen. You
    will flourish, and it's not your beliefs that will guide you. But your
    own strengths and will that will carry you through these dark times.
    Love You All.
    Truly yours Setsu.

  42. Dan Erickson Post author

    What's that got to do with TRUMP. Forget your job? Assholes.

  43. Mark W. Post author

    Maybe build a museum funded by tax dollars in every city and town and discuss on every holiday.

  44. Trebor Ironwolfe Post author

    If I could convince God to add one more passage in His great book, it would be:
    "For What?"
    God Bless all of these victims and their families and all of the many prejudged faiths, factions, and beliefs in our societies.

  45. Elena Kendrick Post author


  46. Joseph Kondrat Post author

    It is bad enough to lose just one friend, I can't imagine losing eleven in one short hour. May they all Rest in Peace up above.

  47. AmbientCreativity Post author

    I go to college in Pittsburgh and one day, a few months after the attack I was waiting at the bus stop in front of the synagogue, and it was just so surreal to imagine that such a violent event happened right where j was standing, just a few months prior.

  48. uhadme Post author

    "there is NEITHER Jew nor Gentile" Galatians 3:28
    That makes you delusional heathens.

  49. Glenn Kirste Post author

    It was a hoax/ drill…just another Sandy Hook hoax….sadly people fall for this….psy- op

  50. Robert grey Post author

    I drive past The Tree of Life synagogue for work sometimes, and co-workers of mine lost family and friends that day.
    Unexpectedly losing multiple people that you know and care about is just about the worst thing that can happen to a person. The level of hate and violence changed pittsburgh for a lot of natives like me. We all think it will never happen in our city…. But honestly these kinds of killings are wayyy too common.

  51. Pastor Paul D Post author

    I will always fight for goodness and what is right and I will always fight to help support and protect all good people especially Jews

  52. Pastor Paul D Post author

    My condolences go out to everyone who has been affected a rather infected by the hate of one individual. Everyone that died is in heaven back home where they belong with their loved ones and with their father in heaven . it’s a wonderful place to be , so be happy for them why? Because we live in a tragic fallen world . right now they are in a place where there are no more tears no more pain no more crying the Lord Jesus will take away your pain and your tears ,he is the Messiah my prayer is that many of you will find that out in your hearts because it’s true. From me to you I give you my love and I pray for your happiness and peace . Thank You, Pastor PaulD

  53. Kevin Post author

    Why wasn't the shooter talked about? He's a human too, I wanted to hear that they forgave him. Very disappointing.

  54. Umar Abdullah Post author

    That's so horrible. Nobody should be killed like that while worshiping our Creator.

  55. Amanda Kurtz Post author

    Hold up do you see his Coogie sweater 😁he is awesome !!! You gotta love this guy ! Blessings to him and his family!

  56. Eric Medeiros Post author

    Just think ,one good guy with a gun could have stopped this from happening! A shame this video will make more gun free zones!


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