Nuggets 360 | Community Service 2018-19

By | September 1, 2019

today we came to join you know middle
school team you know watch them practice and you know trying to give me a couple
pointers NBA life is very important to always get back even though we’re NBA
players now we started in the same predicament anytime you can reach other
kids you know you know how it’s done and give them a few pointers you know it’s a
great opportunity we asked how he found play basketball and joke with the kids play
the sport we love it I’m feel like I’m still a kid you know I
have my kid mentality always having fun always play basketball I can play here I
can play on the streets I can play I really love basketball I really love when a
kid when I saw him you know be happy or just laughing and enjoying with the
sport we love here’s my man right here yeah so we enjoy these enjoy this time I
think I think that it is great for them and for me me for sure this point you know I love
kids I love doing events like this to put the
smile on my face and you know seeing them have a smile when we come in here
and try to help them out so its a great experience like no other how are you guys how are you guys good
lazy bird hatching an egg I’m tired and I’m bored and I kinks in my leg from
stinging just sitting here day after day it’s worked how I hate it
I’d much rather play hello called the lazy bird smiling her best you’ve
nothing to do and I do need at rest he’s big for that branch huh oh we came here
to read the kids on this dr. Seuss week here at the school so we read some dr.
Seuss books I had a great time the kids loved the stories and they liked they
liked a little rocky dolls too you know just had a good time meeting you know
they don’t care that I play basketball they think it’s cool that I’m tall but
uh you just have me read them some encouragement stories was good Is that Monte Morris, no that is Gary Harris Paul Millsap Jamal Murray’s over there Oh Paul Millspa, I need to put mine on ohhh dime by Isiah Thomas Oh that sweet ohh fake hey that sounds good
it’s pretty cool this is like a movie though to get in terms of fantasy points or
nothing them ah oh yo kids maybe you can run some of these plays in your game saturday maybe hi thank you thank you

3 thoughts on “Nuggets 360 | Community Service 2018-19

  1. Petaro Post author

    Jokic by himself actually asked those kids to take picture with them lol

  2. Maruigi17 Post author

    Gotta love the Nugs, what a great organization!


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