November 3rd-Zacchaeus Binoculars craft

By | October 19, 2019

– Hello, it’s Catholic Crafts With Clare We are gonna be making a binocular craft (sings)
( Now let’s get started. This is our example. If you look through here, you can probably see it maybe. Try to look through. Hi. We can see me. – So what’s our first step? – There’s different options. You could have it fold so you
can put it in your pocket, or you can put stickers
on them like this one, where you can’t fold, see? I’m going make mine camouflage! – So the sycamore, you know why we have the sycamore leaf stickers that are an option to
put on your binoculars? – Nope! – Because we’re talking about
Zacchaeus climbing a tree. – Who’s Zacchaeus? – Good question! – I don’t remember that
one from the bible. – Could I read you the
story while you decorate? – Sure! – Jesus came to Jericho
and intended to pass through the town, and there
was a man named Zacchaeus, who was a chief tax collector
and also a wealthy man, who was seeking to see who Jesus was. But he could not see him
because of the crowd, for he was short in stature. So he ran ahead and
climbed a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus who
was about to pass that way. When he reached the place,
Jesus looked up and said, “Zacchaeus, come down quickly! “For today, I must stay at your house.” And he came down quickly
and received him with joy. When they saw all this, they
began to grumble, saying, “he has got to stay at
the house of a sinner,” but Zacchaeus stood there
and said to the Lord, “behold, half my possessions, Lord, “I shall give to the poor, “and if have extorted
anything from anyone, I shall repay it 4 times over.” And Jesus said to him, “today, “salvation has come to this house, “because this man too, is
a descendant of Abraham. “For the Son of Man has come
to seek and save the lost.” So Zacchaeus climbed
the tree to see Jesus, he was that excited. We should have that same excitement. The tax collectors, do you
think they were popular? – No. – No, people did not
like the tax collectors, they’re the people who
take part of your money for taxes for government,
and a lot of tax collectors, extorted or took extra money from people, more than they were supposed to. That’s what he was saying with extortion. He was saying that if he did that, he was gonna give it back. It was an honor to have
Jesus come and stay with you. So I think he was so moved by being in the presence of God, he turned his life around. He probably had extorted from people. Sometimes, I think we think we have to have all of our stuff in order before we see Jesus like, “I can’t go see Jesus. “I stole, I lied, I wasn’t a nice person. “Jesus isn’t gonna want
anything to do with me.” But really, he wants us to come to him exactly as we are and help
us to be better people. I’m going to kind of cut out my leaves, you can craft any way you like. – Wait, those are stickers? – Yeah! They’re leaf stickers. So I’m going to put those inside. So make sure it is fully open, and put your sticker on. Okay, I’ll get the last corner like it might stay with three, but I would recommend all four stickers. To make it a nice and
solid set of binoculars, like that! – [Clare] Everything’s green! – (Laughing) That’s so cool! That’s a good idea, Clare. – Hey, Green Girl! – Very cool! Oh, since I’ve made mine open,
I’m also going to trim it with some of my extra leaves on the side. So I’m going to trim the sides of mine, since I have decided to tape it open. – Green, green, green! (gasps) I can actually see through those! – Cool! Lots of green? – Try them on! (Laughing) – Oh that’s cool. – Oh, I want to do something. – And we can think about Zacchaeus, and all the ways that we should
look for Jesus in our lives. Clare, how did Zacchaeus
turn over a new leaf? – What does that mean? – So it means to change your
life or change direction, so what does it mean for
Zacchaeus to turn over a new leaf? – That he would always give back the money that
he stole from other people? – Mm-hmm! He said he was gonna
repay it four times over. So if he stole one thing, he was gonna give people four. He said that he was going to give half of his possessions to the poor. That’s somebody who shows that
they’re following Jesus, huh? – So Zacchaeus’ one of his followers? – Yes, Jesus says, “today’s salvation “has come to this
house,” Zacchaeus’ house. That looks cool, I like
your camouflage style. – Thanks, camouflage-y! (

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