No Mass for Sri Lanka’s Catholics; veils for Muslim women banned

By | August 23, 2019

still shaping after the Easter Sunday
attack in Sri Lanka the country is banning face coverings like the burqa
and Catholics avoid a church on Sunday amid fears over new attacks the closing
of all of Sri Lanka’s Catholic churches came after local officials and the US
Embassy in Colombo warned that more militants remained on the loose with
explosive a week after the bombings claimed by the Islamic state group the
emergency law that bans all kind of face coverings that may conceal people’s
identity will take effect on Sri Lanka on Monday officials say people’s faces
should be fully visible so they could be identified

33 thoughts on “No Mass for Sri Lanka’s Catholics; veils for Muslim women banned

  1. Kleco102 Post author

    People should also understand that the burqa and niqab were never a part of Sri Lankan Muslim culture. The only reason why it was adopted by some Sri Lankan Muslim women was because Sri Lankan Muslims began going to the Middle East to work, most as maids to serve Arab families. As a result, people were influenced by Middle Eastern practices and adopted these practices. Traditionally speaking, burqas and niqabs are foreign garments to most Muslim cultures in South, Southeast and East Asia. The only reason why they began to appear across the Asia-Pacific is because of Arabisation. Burqas and niqabs are part of Afghani, Arab and other Middle Eastern cultures, they are not part of Asia-Pacific cultures. So banning the burqa and niqab is not only protecting the public but also removing a foreign element from Sri Lankan society. People should also know that Sri Lankan Muslims have traditionally practiced a more liberal form of Islam.

  2. Lucky Sky Post author

    There is problem with Islam as a religion. Ones Islam followers are in certain majority in any country, demand for separate nation is common. Demand 4 Islamic laws and it being superior to other faiths results into chaos and anarchy. Lucky are those nations that does not allow Extremist Islam followers as its citizens.

  3. Seeker Post author

    Why to ban burqa?
    Ban muslims & your country will be terror free.

  4. A Vish Post author

    Good. Plus they also discovered a bunch of bombs and fake military outfits in a Mosque. Make ALL places of worship transparent. A government official should always be present during the religious sermons.

  5. Stuey Griffith Post author



  6. Manchester United Post author

    Burqa should be banned across all non_islamic countries

  7. loser Post author

    Islam is worst and dirtiest religion in the world…

  8. Spartacus Maximus Post author

    Banning burkha, so it enables / enhances ability to identify people??? Well, what a great idea? I would have never thought of that?

  9. LightShadow 49 Post author

    All jihadi take inspiration from pedo mass murderer Muhammad and quran to kill kafirs. So ban that terror manual quran.

  10. Manikant Sharma Post author

    Keep calm
    Islam is the religion of peace
    If you disagree , our peace loving brothers so called as terrorist will kill you.

  11. PoopToDie Post author

    If you do not dare to find loopholes and make reformation to your man made holy books then you are already the slaves of some people, who regulates your life directly and indirectly.
    Quran, Bible, Vedas (today's Hinduism) these three shit religions are totally shit where there is no scope for scientific reasons.
    Buddhism has everything and mainly it finds scientific reasons and also it is flexible which every religion should be.
    Go hardcore #ATHIEST

  12. Craig S Post author

    Maybe a tax should be imposed to pay for the loss of life and damages.

  13. Lincoln Osiris Post author

    These people sure are wearing out their welcome. How long will it be before some Socialist retards start screaming that the ban is against their rights?

  14. Lincoln Osiris Post author

    Get rid of all Socialist governments worldwide.

  15. pam4840 Post author

    Yea, muslims are given all the rights to practice their religion in the democratic country. But the same is not extended when they are in majority. So its a good decision to ban veil as its against security and being misused and should not be allowed under the guise of religious freedom.

  16. Narendra kumar Agarwal Post author

    Burqa( covering of face) does not have muslim religious sanctity, so if it is not needed in a society than it need to go
    muslims world-over is just following the tradition of desert and region having high temperature wherein covering of face and even full body is necessary for protection against heat wave, may view

  17. pranav kumar Post author

    Bangladeshi burka and technology lesson to Muslim like china .india should learn from china

  18. Street Sights Post author

    India Japan and all non Muslim countries need to do the same asap to protect their cultures and countries

  19. Nijesh Digital Marketing Post author


    Shiv Sena has once again brought forth its early recommendation to ban the burqa in public places in India alluding to the ban on face veil imposed by Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday serial blasts. In an editorial written in its mouthpiece ‘Samna’ urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against burqa considering the national security.

    The party asked to follow the path of the Sri Lankan government as an emergency measure as they believe that the attack has already come in Ravana’s (Sri) Lanka and the next might happen in Ram’s Ayodhya.


  20. SHASHIKANTH JAIN Post author

    Burqa ban : why n why not – A hot topic.
    Now a days it is common topic in channels/ you tube videos.

    Both sides are trying to polarise society by making more n more debate over it.
    One side is trying to justify in the of public security and other side is using this opportunity to project BJP and other right wing parties as monster to Muslim.

    Since Election compaign is on full swing either side do not want to loose this GOD gvn opportunity after Srilankan bomb blast on the eve of Easter ( A festival of peace) claiming more than 300 lives n injuring 500+ innocent mainly Christians .
    Where after Srilankan Govt. hs banned any type of face/ body covering for ladies so that no new terrorist activities takes place in the guise of Burqa like wise .

    Now let us make a fair analysis of the issue .

    a) Why world wide demand fr banning Burqa or any other form of face/ body covering is emerging now ? Why this demand was not so intense earlier.
    b) Whether western countries / Buddhist countries like China n Srilanka where it has been banned are all Non – Secular?

    In fact Muslim terrorist n their sympathisers themselves are responsible of using Burqa for terrorist activities n fleeing from the spot . Mute spectators , not raising voice against use of this lady garment rather defending it in the name of minorities traditions/ rights , pseudo Secularism by so called leftist/ neo Journalist/ Pseudo Secularist had added fuel to fire n increased worldwide anger on use of Burqa or like wise dress covering full face/ body .

    This is not an imagination but well covered by Video cameras of terrorist activities / bomb blast where terrorists has used Burqa as a cover to use their goal.

    Besides ,there are nos.of cases when Muslim women hs been caught red handed stealing / in theft cases, carrying banned explosives etc under the cover of Burqa.
    c) Many criminals hs been caught fleeing away under Burqa.
    d) Rampat use of Burqa fr false voting hs been revealed end nos of times.
    Muslims scholars has not raised serious voice against misuse of Burqa except some routine customary statements that " Islam does not permit misuse of Burqa" but about the loss of thousands of life.

    Burqa is not a dress code proclaimed in any of holy books of Muslim except that
    " Women shd cover their bodies" In other words " Their shd not be vulgar display of women body . But this is not only with Islam . All religions have the same version n are against vulgar display of women body.
    Burqa is used only / mainly by illiterate / semi educated / ladies of highly orthodox Muslim families.
    More they literate n becomes progressive they start abandoning Burqa or like wise dress which is evident that young universities girls , professionals / working women/ politicians in Muslim communities even in Muslim countries where Islam is a state religion do not use Burqa at all.
    This is time when educated n progressive Muslims scholars should themselves come forward for abandoning of Burqa within the Muslim community otherwise time is not far " when with every terrorist activities will push / encourage voices for banning Burqa which will enhance animosity/ wideb gap between Muslims vs others communities which not be a good sign for world peace.

  21. DJ Gandhi Post author

    Now we can see the face of 👹 devil great decision by Srilankan government for banning Burkha hope other nation shall also follow it. No Islam No Terrorism.

  22. DELILAH ROSE SILAS. Post author

    Clothes your self with CHRIST.
    Romans 13:14; COLOSSIANS 3:4;

    Clothes your self with LOVE. COLOSSIANS 3:13.


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