No Boys Were Born In a Mystery Village for 10 Years

By | December 27, 2019

Something strange happens in a small village
in Poland. Local women sound the alarm. The mayor wants to reward someone who delivers
what’s been missing. Experts try to solve the inexplicable mystery
that’d gripped the place… Relax, nothing criminal going on there. Just a little demographic puzzle, but I’ll
get to that in a bit. It all began a while ago with a regional contest
for little firefighters. Many peewee teams competed, but one of them
stood out. Not only were those kids good at their jobs,
but they were also… only girls. Not exactly shocking? Just wait for it. Miejsce Odrzanskie is an old, cozy village
in the south of Poland. A little over 300 people live there now. Many of them have daughters, sometimes even
two per family. Just like in the rest of the world, you’d
say, except for one thing. Not a single boy has been born there in nearly
a decade. At least there’s no issue with baby girls. Twelve of them came into the world in 9 years. Impressive for such a small settlement, right? And they sure do rule in their village. Like I said, they’re especially interested
in firefighting. Since 2013, the girls have been learning to
help their neighbors with this difficult task. In fact, the children were the ones who insisted
on the creation of a youth fire brigade. Youth being a broad term, because its youngest
member is just 2 years old! During practice, they have fire drills just
like their fellow grownups. They put out the flames – not real ones
of course – and they assist “the injured”. And they never forget to put on their uniform
first. When there’s a competition coming up, they
train even harder than usual, at least every other day after school. And not for nothing. The girls’ team’s been bringing medals
from the main national contests for the past 6 years. Seems like the women in Miejsce Odrzanskie
(m’yeas-ceh Oj-dran-skyeh) have mastered many spheres which have been considered a
man’s job for a long time. They drive tractors to harvest corn and wheat. They run the affairs, as the head of the village
is Krystyna Zydziak. And don’t forget the fire department. Right now it has 24 women and only 8 men. But so what, you might ask. What’s wrong with the village having more
women than men, if everyone’s happy? Well, the thing is that, like a bunch of other
Polish villages and tiny towns, it’s steadily losing its population. There are nearly 900 inhabitants less now
than half a century ago. Many people moved to big cities. Not to mention those who emigrated to other
European countries. Each family that still lives in the village
today has at least one relative residing abroad. And even so, Miejsce Odrzanskie remains chiefly
an agricultural community. A big part of its territory is covered by
crop fields and farms that take a lot of time and energy to manage. Taking into account the steadily shrinking
and aging population, it’s not hard to understand why the locals are concerned, right? The shortage of boys suddenly seems to be
just the icing on the cake. But not all the members of the community are
upset about this whole situation. Little girls themselves seem to actually like
it. And it certainly doesn’t stop them from
pursuing their hobbies or enjoying themselves. To give you an idea, 10-year-old Malwina Kicler
said that without noisy boys, they can finally have some “peace and quiet. You can always meet them somewhere else.” What can I say, kids will be kids. Some people claim that they wanted to have
a son in their families, but now they believe that it naturally can’t happen in this village. Tomasz Golasz, head of the junior fire brigade,
and dad of two daughters himself, says that women just don’t “give birth to boys here.” But surely there must be something the future
parents can do to increase their chances of having a boy. Well, after the case went viral, doctors from
all over Poland shared their advice. They recommended that women trying to conceive
eat more food rich in calcium. And if that doesn’t help, then there’s
an old tip from the Polish highlanders. The couple just needs to keep an ax under
their bed, or at least so they say. Not sure that really works, but I guess it’s
worth a shot. You may wonder what would happen when a baby-boy
that everyone’s hoped for for so long finally comes? Rajmund Frischko, the mayor of the municipality
to which the village belongs, revealed that there’s been so much pressure concerning
this matter, that for a while, he seriously thought about naming a street after the lucky
newborn. Probably a little over the top, don’t you
think? Anyway, he promised that the kid’s parents
will receive a present, and maybe they’ll even plant a tree in his honor. In any case, this boy would be so welcome,
he’ll definitely get special treatment. He’d sure be an exceptional member on the
firefighting team. The interesting thing is that the residents
who’ve lived in the village for a long time aren’t so surprised about the situation. They say that while girls were born there
regularly, giving birth to a boy was pretty rare, even decades ago. What could cause this extraordinary anomaly? Maybe the place has a unique microclimate? Is there some genetic link that all mothers
in this area share? Or maybe it was something more mysterious? Unfortunately, there’s no way to answer
that now, but don’t give up yet. Professor Rafał Płoski, from the Medical
University of Warsaw, had already explained that to solve this puzzle, experts need not
only analyze the historical data, but also look into the couples who only have girls. If there are any connections between them,
it could prove useful for the study. Another important factor is the environment. To complete the picture, they’ll need to
talk to both children and parents living in the village. That seems like a lot of work, but many scientists
have expressed their desire to get to the truth. I’m sure they’re already conducting interviews
with the villagers and going through statistics. And as far as other parts of the country are
concerned, surprisingly, newborns are more likely to be boys. In other words, it’s about 1.06 boys for
every girl being born in Poland. In fact, this is the case for almost every
corner of the Earth. Of course, there are exceptions. For instance, in some Asian regions like in
India or China, the gap is even bigger because sons there are somehow more desired than daughters. But in most countries, approximately 105 male
children for every 100 female ones come into the world, and that’s how demographics have
worked for several centuries. From this point of view, Miejsce Odrzanskie
is a rare phenomenon. All the more interesting to know its real
reason. Or maybe it’s just a curious coincidence? And what do you think? Share your thoughts down in the comments. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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27 thoughts on “No Boys Were Born In a Mystery Village for 10 Years

  1. XxCuteFoxiesxX OrangeDorito Post author

    so first it’s no girls for 100 years. now 10 years without boys? makes sense

  2. Z Floyd Post author

    or… (warning , this theory is dark)
    Maybe they killed all the baby boys and claimed that they never existed.

  3. Patrick Schoenpflug Post author

    OMG that’s the ugliest cartoon characters I’ve ever seen😂😂😂😂

  4. Zenovia Smith Post author

    How they be looking at the females? What? Their X's are winning the male's Y's in the boxing ring? 🙄

  5. Marley Hampton Post author

    Why aren’t they adopting if they’re so antsy to have male children? 🤔

  6. Gilded Animation Post author

    Your talking about THE AMAZON WHERE DIANA(wonder women) LIVES!!!!😮

  7. Kelly Kelly Post author

    It's got to be something chemically influencing the gender. I moved to a small mining town of 1000 people. I tried for two years prior with my husband for our 4th baby. And within the first 2 months of moving there, I fell pregnant with my son. My four year old has 7 sets of twins in his class. 3 sets of boy girl twins and 4 sets of boy twins. Which I think is from the chemicals used in the mines.


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