New Online Course-Total Parish Development

By | September 10, 2019

hello this is Frank Donaldson I would
like to share with you an exciting opportunity for Catholic parish leaders
throughout the country working with the Institute for pastoral initiatives at
the University of Dayton we are now entering our third year of teaching
online for credit courses commonly called CEUs in Catholic parish
development and stewardship one of the courses we are offering this fall
semester 2019 is titled total parish development understanding organizing and
implementing your plan for an engaged Catholic community this course will be
taught based upon the textbook workbook that I wrote which is being released by
twenty-third publications this August 2019 there are 10 classes with the first
class beginning on August 30th students can attend the live class or they can
view the class on their own time in other words after each of the classes we
will send a recording of the class a copy of the PowerPoint all handout
materials and the homework assignment which usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to
complete if students simply wish to audit the course be sent the information
after each class and not receive the CEUs and certificate of completion from
the University of Dayton then they are welcome to do that
during the 2018-19 school year over 250 parish leaders meaning pastors associate
pastors deacons parish council members parish staff members development
stewardship directors ministry leaders and other Catholic leaders took the
course the response was outstanding during the course we cover what Catholic
parish development is all about and how important it is to formalize the effort
in your parish we teach how to set up the organizational structure for success
how to implement a total stewardship process best practices in power
communications how to welcome new families and affirm those who are the
backbone of the parish we share with you what hundreds of other parishes are
doing across the country as they seek to engage people in their mission and
vision I invite you to join us for registration and more information please
visit our website at and click on online courses we look forward to
having you in our class

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