New Catholic Church opens as symbol of inter-Korean peace 남북합작 성당

By | August 30, 2019

It’s being touted as a new symbol of inter-Korean
peace. There’s a new Catholic church in South Korea
that was built with heavy influences from North Korea. This comes 16 years after a group of North
Korean Catholics living in South Korea… first bought the land for this place of worship. Connie Lee has more. It’s a Holy Catholic
mass… on a solemn Tuesday afternoon in northwest South Korea. In one unified voice… the faithful are praying
for one unified country,… exactly 63 years after the start of the Korean War, which divided
the nation in two. In front of about 15-hundred people,… Cardinal
Cheong Jin-suk leads the dedication ceremony of this new cathedral… built specifically
as a symbol of inter-Korean peace. The “Church of Repentance and Atonement,”
as it’s called, is built right on the South Korean border city of Paju. “Just as the name suggests, the church is
built on the premise of repentance and atonement. We want to be a church that repents for the
great number of people who were killed during the Korean War… and pray for reconciliation
of the two Koreas.” The church is modeled after two Catholic churches
that existed in North Korea… before the war broke out. So for those who used to live in the North…
the church looks all too familiar. “Every time I look at the cathedral, tears
come to my eyes. It makes me think of my hometown in North Korea. I have childhood memories
going to church with my mother.. before freedom of religion was lost in the North, and when
all the bishops were persecuted and killed.” Those who were persecuted in Pyongyang are
now honored inside the new cathedral… in mosaics — mosaics done by North Korean artists. Seven top artists of the Mansudae Art Studio
in North Korea were commissioned to create the mosaics, including the most noticeable
piece, hovering over the altar… of Jesus surrounded by eight Korean Saints who are
dressed in traditional Korean hanbok. “What we want to emphasize through this church
is peace — peace and reconciliation between the two countries.” “So until that time comes, the faithful here
say they will continue to pray for a one day unified, undivided Korea. Connie Lee, Arirang News, Paju.”

5 thoughts on “New Catholic Church opens as symbol of inter-Korean peace 남북합작 성당

  1. etrnlygr8tful Post author

    The Berlin Wall is no longer standing…keep praying & never lose hope, it might not be in our lifetime, but maybe in our children, children's lifetime the wall that separates North & South Korea will one day crumbles too.

  2. Ralph Mamea Post author

    We need a lot of people to pray for this beautiful country that one day they can find peace and live together as one country


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